Walking Barefoot in the Forest

After thinking a lot about an affectionate suggestion from a friend who knows I am dealing with a writer’s block I have decided to take heed.

This lady is going for a walk, barefoot on the cool forest floor. I am taking some reading material with me and am planning on using the quiet to read and think. I am not writing. Although I have a few drafts saved of pieces that came across my mind in fleeting moments, I am opting to set back and let them and all writing thoughts take a nap.

They need it.

I have not taken off for good, just a few days in the forest to clear my mind of all the fussiness that has been going of late. I just need you to know I WILL BE BACK. This Barefoot Baroness just needs a break.

So please don’t desert me. I would miss you all too much. I look forward to getting caught up on your blogs during this time, so though I will not be posting for a few days I will be seeing you on your own blogs.

I look forward to meeting up with you there on your blogs,  I am wishing you all days of delight, with much love and laughter that fill those days and nights.


22 thoughts on “Walking Barefoot in the Forest

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    • Thanks so much Angie for stopping by. I agree, it was the best advice and I am still having the benifit of doing so. The gift that keeps giving.

      It’s always so awesome to see your smiling face on my blog~ BB

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  3. Being in the forest can be so restorative…I was in the redwoods this week..and it was so special….I hope your time in the woods is soothing and nurturing and special for you, too…wishing you well, kathy ( the post from “reflections” actually referred to going to the redwoods… http://reflectionsfromafriend.wordpress.com/2012/06/22/62212-so-many-opportunities-to-sit-reflect-and-enjoy-the-mind-and-its-potential/ And here was my little afternoon in the woods, the one referred to on that reflections post… Redwoods..my little corner of the world…. http://pocketperspectives.wordpress.com/2012/06/20/an-afternoon-in-the-redwoods-my-little-corner-of-the-world/ )

    • Thank you Kathy for your kind and relative words. I can tell you have shared a sense or two with me Taking time out to engage with the redwood trees is something we all should take the time to do. Sitting amongst the trees in a forst is restorative on so many levels. You inspired me to take out the photo of my now two adult daughters (then about 6 and 8 )standing inside the tunnel of a redwood, How enormously huge the trees were, and how tiny and almost miniturized the trees made my girls seem. I’ve decided this photo that has been safely tucked away in an album, that only gets pulled out now and again, should have it’s own shining light. I am going to collage a shadow box – 12 x 12 – and use the photo as the main focal. Finding the most perfect poem is now my hunt.

      Thank you for the inspiration. Without you sharing your own experiences with me aI would not have thought about and gone to find this sheltered photo. Now we’ll have it sheltered, but in a way we can embrace it. Thank you for that!

      • OH, how special….can you take a photo of it and add it to this post?…I wonder if shifting “mediums” of expressing…from written words to other forms…like the shadow box…might loosed things up a bit? And of course…forests are magic too! 🙂

        • I’ll do that as soon as I accomplish the project. I added to my To Do List in my art room today.
          Thank you for suggesting the photo postingof it.

          I adore your analogy from shifting meduims expressing…. written words, paper, woord of course *how awesome if I can find a sample of redwood) Oh see my creative wings are soarung ver that magical forest now as I write this. Thank yoU~~~

  4. I didn’t notice any writer’s block but I did notice an absence. I was wondering if you were in too much pain, & how you were. I really hope you are well.

    Thank you so much for coming by today. It is truly lovely to hear from you after so long. You know, sometimes people just drop out & that’s life, but I’m so glad to hear form you.


    • Hello my Miss N~
      I’m grateful to hear from you here my friend Noleen. It’s been a combo of reasons that I have been shy lately on my blog. Pain has been a biggie since the cervical procedure, and life in many others ways has opted to step in my way. Not anything I cannot handle, just finding creative ways to do so. I’m not one for allowing things out of my control get me, instead for me its about finding the alternate path.
      All is good.~

      I so love what is starting to take shape in your and my little buddy’s lives. There are alot of people who may make the most of what they are offerred, but not like I beleive you will. Just my gut feeling… and I have really good gut intsincts.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words of support. It’s something different for me to do but it’s freeing. Just allowing myself to rwad blogs and comment for the next few days when I visit WP is a gift. I’ll not lose the days but gain the insights.

    • Thanks Cee. You know so well how important things like this are to us. I think saying so upfront that this is what I am ging to do helped me so much feel free. It actually has brought up many thoughts which create ideas. I have decided to have a notepad is okay as long as I write nothing more than a reminder of the idea.
      It kind of feels like playing hooky. tee… hee… hee….:-).

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