Share Your World Week # 27

It’s true that I am late this week with my entry to Share Your World and its also true that I have been lax and neglectful of my blog and my blogging buddies of late. For this I am not offering up some lame excuse. Not today. I might some other time, but today I am able to just shake it off. This is what it is. I have not intentionally ignored anyone, but I have intently stayed off-line. I needed to.

I’ve been writing though. And I finished a whole chapter in less than a weeks time. That is unheard of for me. So whatever happened I am thankful for. It’s was a strange week in many ways. Not bad, and in many ways good.But where my mojo came from I have no clue. Like it or love it IT just came.

This chatter is meant only as a way of saying where I’ve been. I know I am losing readership because of it and for that I am sorry. But as I said in the beginning of this blog and need to gently nudge myself in reminder:”I started this blog to write”. The readership and followers is a bonus I never expected. I’m not sure if I lost sight of what was meant to be, or just found a path less traveled on by me.

Cee who I have found a unique friendship with, and who for so many reasons has enriched my world in ways I never knew and who is the creator of this charming ritual of what we now as SYW. And the plus that she lives in my home state is pretty cool. Cee & her partner in life Chris are on embarking on a journey of long-awaited dreams. Can I ask that if you are reading this post today that you say a small prayer. along with positive thoughts and energy.

In spite of getting this week;s post out late I am dedicating this week of # 27 Share Your World to Cee & Chris in celebration of life.

Dear Cee & Chris, This week we here at WP Worldwide, and people you don’t even know but who know you are celebrating both of you!!

Come and join in the fun each week of sharing parts of your world with us. All you need to know can be found at here on Cee’s blog:

She is both founder and creator of Share Your World (SYW) Week, and I know she’d love you to join us.

And here is this weeks questions:

  • 1. If 100 people your age were chosen at random, how many do you think you’d find leading a more satisfying and joyful life than yours?


More Than Mine?  Not many. I am not sure that there are those whose life is more satisfying. Or joyful. This is a tough one. I just don’t know how to answer this one.

[Note: This is why I don’t read your answer’s first. I know that when I find myself stumped I could get something conjured up in my mind if I read others responses. But I want my answers, even though they may be lame, to be authentically mine.]
  • 2.  Which would you rather have, 100 million dollars or true love?

No question. True love! I’d rather be stone broke, not a penny to my name as long as my the love of my life was my asset. I have been having a blessing of my life by having My True Love in my life for 42 years now. Working towards 43. I have to say that there is not a dollar sign in this Universe that could persuade me to trade-off my True Love. No Way!!

  • 3. If you had to cancel one month of the year forevermore, so that period of time no longer existed, which month would go? And Why?

The month would be March. The reason is it is my birth date month. I’d much rather not have to count those months as they go by as my age. Not because I am bothered by age or age bias, but because I really have no sense of age. My sense of my self age wise feels no different from I did at the age of 30, or 35. I would rather not be bothered by these monthly reminders that this specific number matters to some.

  • 4. You’re given one million dollars, what do you spend it on?

The first expenditures would be homes for our two daughters and one for our granddaughter. Then in trust monies for grandson’s home when he becomes age appropriate. I would also want to ensure all their education as well as any that our daughters wanted was taken care of. Then dependable cars for each of them. I’d like a medium size motor home for my husband & I  to tour the US of A. Our homeland which I have seen little of. The balance then would be split between a local children’s foundation for Child Abuse named The Kids Center, and for Autism Awareness.



18 thoughts on “Share Your World Week # 27

  1. Hi Toni, thanks so much for celebrating both Chris and I. You have truly touched our hearts in more ways than you can imagine. And you will never lose me as a member your blogging society. Love Cee

    • Thank you so much Cee! I somehow was ot worried about you & Chris, not to sound smug. And not to take you for granted. I don’t. But there is a tust I sense and so I somehow knew that even if you never heard from me again on our blogs (never happen) I would still have the blessing of contact with you my Oregon Bud.

      I meant what I said about you, Chris, You & Chris and your individual and combined dreams. I suppose not everyone realizes or knows that you two had no choice to not make future plans. You were just trying to get through one day at a time. I maybe have the treasure of being more privy to this than most..
      I cannot even spplaud loud enough or woth enough expressed passion about ow much I admire what you’ve been through and yet you still smile and push forward. You both are my heros.
      I love you Cee, sending you gentle hugs and sunshine from the high desert.

    • You’re so good to me. Thanks for such a REAL comment. I love that you don’t ever reply with a form reply, that it’s always real and thoughtful to what you are commenting on. Love that!!

  2. Terrible to WORRY about followers. Lately I’ve been absent (life has been busy)and frankly I think one can catchup if that is your fantasy. Mine is to write odd things and have some interested parties tell me I’m living or dead, good or bad, should continue or just shoot myself. That’s all it boils down to for me. Selfish or trying to do better–I vote for the latter.

    Nice to hear you in the conversation, Baroness.

    • Eldy can I borrow some wisdom from you? I have to let go of this riduclous belief that I am doing some kind of injustice to other bloggers and my blog. I am realizing that if this starts to feel like a job I am doing this for the wrong reason. I could burn out.I started writing it just to write. Then the community of bloggers blew me away that actual virtual friendships grew. What? That was my surrprise.

      I think that I like Share Your World and Six Word Saturday. because I know I’ll have contact with those that participate which have become an even smaller community. I like the weekly contact that I’m pretty certian is going to happen. I look forward to it.

      But what you say has so much merit and I am taking it to heart. My issue has been just that, trying to keep up with reading everyone;s blog that I connect with. And when I don’t I feel bad. That I have to let go. Thank you for such sage advice.

      It’s good to be back in my saddle again. See? I wote a whole letter! 🙂

  3. You will not be forgotten, Toni. I am delighted that you have been writing. It’s my addiction so you have my full understanding. Kudos!!
    Blessings – Maxi

    • Dear Dear Maxi, Thank you! You are such a love and I am so humbled by what you said. tears….of goodness.

      Writing is also my addiction, my therapy, my need. I may have started to get cross wired there for a bit. I could not get even a paragragh out of myself for my book project.That was disturbing me so I had to pull back and look at what I was doing. Amazing what happens when you quiet down your world.

      How are you?

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