Beautiful Monday Finds Blogger Award’s….. x 2

Monday descended upon me with a bit of sunshine. And dripping with notes of friendship and warm support. Hearing from friends when I start my day is like salve on a wound.  It’s been a while since I have heard from some of my friends, and others I am blessed to hear from on a regular basis. And with those words of friendship  I am so blessed to hear;

Today, this Monday morning I hear this!

From my CRAFTY blogger friend Amy~

this she writes about my award:

“So here goes, in no particular order, 10 bloggers I think are awesome, for various reasons,”


I am one of the ten!

The truth is that I received this award before Saturday. But receiving it in the latter part the week, and so close to the weekend, I had planned on accepting it publicly over the weekend. Like all good intentions the road was paved this time with interruptions that would not be put off. So my weekend celebration now becomes my Monday declaration. The awards have grown with  my sense of anticipation.

Thank you kind friend!  You are so awesome to think and remember me in this way.

Sunny mornings, birds chirping, and Mourning Doves cooing their lonesome mourn are music to thy ears. I can smell the green lawn through my open window, and hear the rooster down the way waking the ‘Hood” for all it’s worth.

Opening my mail before I start my day and post an acceptance for my beautiful award above I find a mail box full.

I need more coffee please! Pullllleeze!!  This is what I get for leaving the computer closed,  and putting me on ignore over the weekend. .

I promised myself that nothing today would leave me feeling worse before I even began, so I put on my big girl panties, pull them up, and open the window to let the world come in.

Hello World!!!

This time is for being refueled and refreshed with an agenda to finish what I can do, and what serves my soul, Being quiet and at ease is not my thing but I am learning. I am finding that there are many things one learns when the body is not in motion and the heart and mind quiet down to accept life’s lessons which may be new.

I read my mail. Lovely emails from my bestie and brother, I find posts from bloggers I am most anxious to read, I have things I should be, could be doing. a lot of things that will not require a healthy neck. But here I sit, coffee brewed. I am in no hurry.

I should be so blessed every morning.

My morning has been blessed,   I read my mail down, flagging those I need to get back to, deleting those that are not necessary, and still putting others in folders where I know to find them for attention later in the day. And then I find a post from another kind heart,

Another Award!! 

{Yes BB, That is right. Two Awards in one week. Now what do you think of that? }

My beautiful friend and blibling sister of the soul Judith has award me the Beautiful Blogger Award! Judith can be found at her blog:

Judith says:

Barefoot Baroness – Toni has become one of my closest friends in the blogosphere; we have so many characteristics in common, you’d think we were sisters!

Thank you Judith!!

It’s the Beautiful Blogger Award!!

Two Awards in one weekend. How bad is that?

  I have accepted the awards here on this post that is obvious, and who they are from. But please know that more needs to be said.

OH!  Of course it does. It is me doing the writing after all.  And anybody that knows me, or  knows my blog, knows that there is always more that needs to be said. At least I think it does.

It is not that I believe the Awarded should have paragraphs written about her. You all know plenty about who I am. At leat from me. Nor do the awards themselves need written about. Trying to find original information or resources about said awards in almost impossible I have discovered anyway.

What that leaves me to write about is the awardERS. Those two giving women for which I received these awards from. I think that there is a lot that I can say about the two women who made my week. And I think I should. Please Dear “Givers of Grand Smiles” be patient with me, typing is taking me awhile lately. That which I could get out in an hour or two are now taking me twice if not thrice the times. It will get written though, so I can share with you how I feel, and also so this lump in my throat may slide down. 

Judith? Amy? Amy & Judith? Judith & Amy?

I thank you both. Separately and together. You made my weekend, made my week!!

Thank you kind ladies so much!


11 thoughts on “Beautiful Monday Finds Blogger Award’s….. x 2

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    • Maxi MY Friend where have you been? I was getting ready to email you because I’d not seen anything new from you in awhile. I know you are wicked busy but it seemed like one day turned into a week, then going in two. In my mind any way, since I cannot live full time on Maxi’s blog. And Drats to that!

      I am just grateful to know you are okay.

      Thanks so uch for the blessings and kijndess my dear blogging friend. Means the greatest to me because I someho know that what you say is what you mean.

      God Bless yoU my friend~

  3. Milady Baroness, You are, of course, welcome. I found the task very easy — to choose you was almost automatic! Thank you for your kind words — you are indeed a Beautiful Blogger!

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