Archive | June 7, 2012

Am I Still Who I was? Reposted from FullCircledMe

The above link is to my latest post on my other blog FullCircledMe. I am not going to try to pull some sheep over your eyes by saying that I am posting the link here for altruistic reason.

The truth is that I am just trying to build up readership on FullCircledMe. I thought maybe you dear readers who come here on the baroness’s blog may be interested in the newest post on FullCircledMe. It would be my hope.

And please know and trust that if it is not your thing I understand, and would never hold it against you or our blogging friendship. Some people find these kind of topics unsettling for many reasons which is why I created FullCircledMe in the first place.

What every your choice may be, please enjoy today and know that I always come to your blog with peace and love. I trust that you are here in that same spirit.