20 thoughts on “Six Wod Saturday June 2, 2012

    • Is it not? I love the way it washes over me as I say Peace. I love the way it feels in my mouth to say the word Peace. It is also thesame with the word Grace I have been blessed to discover. Grace washes over me, Fills me with Grace. I love the way it feels and sounds.

    • I think you understood the essence I was feeling. Thank you for that Tess. I was actually in abit of a funk when i first awoke. I refused to buy in to it, so immediately popped out of bed,(I never do that) opened up the bedroom window and let sun light flood in, washed my face, brushed my teeth and it was as I was standing there brusing my hair when I thought of it being Six Wword Satyrday. Those six words just flooded over me. I have a norepad I keep by the sink, cause I have one in every room being a writer
      So when you wrote that the words blended so nicely, and that they give off an aura of peace I knew immediately you got it too.
      How absolutely in wonder this leaves me…

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