Wonders Never Cease.

That call came through!

After a good week of pure frustration I heard from the doctor’s office finally late yesterday afternoon. Seems there was a cancellation on the doctors Emergency Room schedule and it was offered to me. I gladly jumped on this offer with both feet before the elusive scheduler could even tell me at what UnGodly hour we would have to be at the surgical center in the morning. It didn’t matter. We were going to be there with bells on. I am at least.

The bells will be only temporary of course; as all jewelry must be removed, sans my wedding ring which I make them tape up every time. It’s been off my finger three times in our 42 years of marriage to date. I am extremely sentimental and believe strongly in symbology; meaning in this case that the ring staying on our fingers represents to me the unbroken circle of our vows. Of our marriage. I was not into taking my rings off any time I chose, willy nill.  I recall seeing aunts and cousins take their rings off for a number of reasons. Sometimes that reasons being out of anger. Seems like arguments were worth removing their rings, or leaving them beside the sink to wash their hands or dishes, often rings ending up down the drain getting knocked in accident. Sometimes not. My rings have come off once on our 20th anniversary when we renewed our vows, we had our rings cleaned and an engraved inside. Then on our 35th anniversary my husband D. took his grandmother’s ring, which she left me, and had the diamond removed from its center stage. My original wedding band was split in two, (I know the engraving is still there albeit altered now) and a third band added to it so there would then be a wide enough base to hold 6 prongs. The third time I have had the ring off was to have a prong fixed that I had somehow bent. I cherish this ring even more. Now because of its added financial value which is huge (now I know what they mean when they say a diamond is girl’s best friend) but the sentimental value is priceless. My band alone which we bought as a matching set back in 1970 held its own unique value, now with D’s grandmother’s diamond (which I never owned before) makes it a family heirloom. That to me makes it the most valuable materialistic thing I own. There is so much love in that small circle that it’s value lies out of this world. 

I digress. I’m sorry.

Obviously some nervous energy shining through the story about my rings.

I am to arrive at the surgical center at 9am this morning Pacific USA time. I am a tad nervous and am feeling grateful that I am set up for  light sedation this time. No arguments from me. The first test injection I thought despite being nervous I’d be tough and not need the offered sedation. By the time they were actually ready to take me back to the OR room I was not doing so well. Despite using mediation and prayer which usually is enough for me I had worked myself up so that even my blood pressure and heart rate were both racing up the scale. Dr Swift popped in again to se how I was doing and talked to me about the sedation. Told me it meant nothing if I needed it. It did not make me less than because I used what was obviously going to help in this situation. I told him it honestly had nothing to do with trying to be tough, not really. Just that if there was no need for more chemicals why automatically accept taking them just because. But in my own anxiety I had lost sight of my own rationale.

I accepted the mediation which after a very short time entered my blood stream. I could immediately feel the warm blanket of its chemical effect and immediately relaxed. I realized then that they had bumped another [patient ahead of me to allow time for the medication to work that it was not just about me. That I was affecting the running of the operation rooms systems. I will not make that mistake again.

Checking in, putting their gown of the latest fashion on, Tied in back please. Thankfully D will be with me to help tie my gown, to hold my hand, to talk with me and side track my focus of attention. I am no way as nervous as I get when I am being given a general anesthesia, being given just a local, light sedation means that post procedure the recovery time required before being allowed to go home with my driver D. They make sure you have a driver, know their name, and make eye contact with them. I was recently in that role for my husband D,  he had his arthritic thumb operated on.  And is doing well thank you.

Shall I just bring my sleeping bag and teddy bear?

The nurses at the surgical center were laughing with us last time we were there,.Teasing me. Between D and I we will have been there at the surgical center 5 times in less than a month’s times, so the nurses were teasing me by laughing and offering us a Family Rate; and why did I not just bring my sleeping bag and stay. Thy all are beginning to feel like friends. I’m not sure what that means.

Ring of Fire.

This morning as I enter the actual cold sterile operation room where will be the two nurses I know now, and an anesthesiologist,  And Dr Swift.  All dressed in matching attire, Dr Swift wearing his rad looking glasses that are magnifying glasses at what strength I have no clue. The music in the background has already been requested. Not by me. But by my Johnny Cash loving doctor. Today the entrance song has been promised to be Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash.


I fell into a burning ring of fire

I went down, down, down and the flames went higher

And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire

The ring of fire

~lyrics: Johnny Cash

Gotta love his sense of humour!

Thanks again for all your support everyone. Know that I will use it in medication and prayer. Between the power of both those very meaningful showers of love and the use of chemistry I am going to be better than fine. I am in Good Hands by being in God’s Hands the entire time. This is what I have been needing to have done and from here on out my life that has felt in limbo comes out of that cocoon to life full force again.

I can hardly wait.



23 thoughts on “Wonders Never Cease.

    • Oh Angie thank you for such a lovely and perfect scripture. In His Hands I have known and felt all along. Such a loving and safe feeling. I am truly blessed. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me such a perfect comment. I’d not thought of that in some time.

    • Thanks so much Tess! You are so kind. I am feeling better and have really positive feelings about the prognosis. Just some time now. Thanks again for your support and kind wishes. I have posted a update since.

    • Thank you Jules one of my absolute Fave! I’ll be posting an update. just doing but by bit for a couple of days. Things look really good though! Thanks to well wishes from my friends here at WP like you. You’re one of the best!! And don’t tell a soul Jules, but I heart you much!~ : )

    • Pond full of water non the less – your good, good, good vibrations have reached me~ Thanks so much Gerry, you have no idea how much this means. It is because of those good vibrations that the hand guiding the instruments during my procedure never flinched. Not once!
      I have to say how very grateful I am for that. You are very amazng blogging friend.
      Hugs Gerry!

  1. I’m so thrilled and excited for you!! You are going t come through the other of this experience with so much more strength and freedom. Blessings my dear friend.

    • I can feel the same that you believe Cee. It went really well, I feel really good about it and even knowing I have the hurdle of the nerves dying off (said it could take some time) I am looking forward to the days ahead with new founded energy and freedom. Just as you said. Driving again is one the most urgent things I am looking forward to. No more being dependant on others for rides. Yeah!! I can imagine!

      I love you friend for all your devoted friendship and help.An update and PM will be coming soon.~

  2. Of course, you have my love and my prayers for success in the operating room, and the result you desire! I admire your courage. I also admire that you went with the sedation. In all of my day surgeries, I have found that if they offer me sedation, that means I should have it. I have even asked before they offered. The benefits are enormous!

    Can’t wait to hear how you are. I’m sending love and good vibes and hugs your way. XOXOXOX 😎

    • You are so right Judith about the sedation. I could not ave done it without. Posts update coming soon. Thank you my sweet and loving blogging sister, for your prayers, energy, and and good vibes that saved the day. As I have mentioned a couple times in comments already but mean no less the more I repeat them, having an angel sitting on each of my shoulders looking on as my surgeons hands were guided by a powerful source had everything to do with you!
      I love you, I thank you!

    • Thanks so much you kind and loving friend! How blessed am I to have such support.
      Thank you for those prayers and thoghts I could feel as the procedure was going on, like an angel was sitting on each shoulder. How cool is that?

        • Because of the prayers and energy sent from family & friends like you I am doing pretty well. It is a healing and recovery period of course but for now I am holding my own. Coping quite well,
          i have posted an update so I’ll let that say the rest.

          Thanks again kind friend for all the loving support. I am honestly quite taken by the support and love shared from my blogging family!

  3. Alleluia!!! Praying for a very successful and miraculous surgery. May God guide the hands and mind of your surgeon, and may your recovery from surgery be rapid and uneventful. will be praying for you!!!

    • Ahhh My Katiie.. one of my support team cheerleaders. It went really well, I activily drew on the prayers and good thoughts being sent my way. The actual procedure was for me like I had angels sitting on each shoulder looking on while God guided my surgeons hands.
      Nothing could have gone wrong under those circumstances!!

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