My gratitude, thanks, and sincere love

People amaze me still!  You amaze me!

I am still being blown away by how kind and full of love people are. Even in the throes of feeling put on “IGNORE” by a professional’s office regarding something that is affecting my quality of life; I am touched beyond the moon and stars by the loving words of support from my family and friends. I think they know it because I have the great opportunity to be near them in person and can tell them with my words and touch.

I cannot do that with my blogging family, or as one sister blogger refers to us as Bliblings

So My Dearest Bliblings I have a short message.


To those of you who are my Rally Squad;

You who continue to cheer me on despite whether my mood is one of grins and giggles, or one that is whiny and crabby –  you have stood by my words and not given up on me.

To those of you who visit and read my blog even though the last few posts have not been my upbeat self – you still cheer me on and lend me your hearts.

I need you to know how important those short messages and long emails have helped to keep my head afloat. It is because of friends like you that I am coping, and not giving up. Or giving in.

I need to be able to thank you and send you my heartfelt hugs

Please know that as I do I still have a lump in my throat, and tears n my cheeks from your gems of supportive words.

I will cherish you and your words you share with me,…. forever.

This is a time in my life I shall not forget,

  O shall not forget friends like you

who bring me so much Hope & Sunshine.

I love you MY  WP Brothers & Sisters

I thank you all!



15 thoughts on “My gratitude, thanks, and sincere love

    • Marvelous people who blog, comment, and help smooth the rough edges around our world are the gems in my life; and I think you should know it.

      You are a true gem Tess, and my world and life are brighter now because you have been added to them.

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  2. You are loved that is for sure. Every time you reach out for support, and granted it is not often, it shows your real and human side….and that is always lovable even through pain, disgust, lack of patience and kindness.

    • Oh Cee, you pot such a loevly spin on things that it will make me have it easier next time I have a need for friends like you. You say things that make such sense to me, ~ Thank you my friend and champion!

  3. Milady, we all have times when the lights seem to dim almost to darkness. If I have done anything to help you through that, I am very happy. And I know, when my time of trial comes, that you will be there for me as well. You don’t have to be all grins and giggles for me, or any of us, to love you!

    • You my Grace have done more then I’ll ever be able to express. Thanks so much my dear frind and sister for being here for me. I have been able to have the courage and freedom most of the time to be myself in my posts. Thanks to women especially like you. Love you my cherished friend!

      • Dear Toni, I hope you got through your surgery okay — will you be posting about it? I think you are full of courage and freedom, and kindness and love; you pour it out with your words, even when you feel unhappy. I hope all is well! Love you, my bloggy sister!

        • Will be posting some time today with updates. I so wanted and needed to get caught up on posts and comments I missed the last couple of days. I hope that those with multiples will “forgive me” there are those words again. How fuuny!

          Big soft hugs and mucho love my dear friend, You are the best! I love you more than I can say~

          • You sound like you feel pretty good, so I’m really happy about that! Don’t worry too much about catching up, though you’ve already done it with me. We readers love you and have no expectations, except that you feel better after the surgery! Love you, bloggy sister!

            • Seems like I have the urge to want to know how my blogging family is. And I am doing really well. I have some pain still, but its all expected as the nerves die off over time, ot as instantly as we think when we think :”burn’ Atleast that is how I thought of it until told different,
              Thanks again MY Bloggy Sis , you are such a champion to have in my corner. I am really in such good shape its marvelous. And that is not drugs talking by the way… lol…

                • Have I said thank you to you too much of late? does my rambling love you’s loose meaning? I so hope no, but it does feel like I am repeating myself alot. Oh! I know why! That’s right I have so much and so many to be grateful for.

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