Hello Good People,
I wanted to share this post from Insode Out Care’s blog that she posted yesterday. Apiece that she wrote a couple years ago that is so worthy to be reposted and to be reblogged. My intent to make this reblog so was run aground yesterday, but MargeKatherine’s message got me to thinging AGAIN.Her message that we make every day a special day that our thoughts and prayers are there also for those who have served, and are serving our country & world; I’d also like to add a personal prayer request, that the families, the spouses, the kids, the parents and siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, who all are serving their tours for this country and world too as the support systen back home to please be included in your thoughts and prayers.
Thanks so much and please enjoy this beautiful tender post.
Thank you MargeKatherine!!

Happily ... after retirement

I wrote this in May 2010 and decided to share it with you again:

Instead, Every Day the American public should express thanks to our veterans and soldiers.  If we were more caring and appreciative on a daily basis instead of squeezing our thanks in between a cold beer and a softball game, NASCAR race or Bolder Boulder on our day off, then perhaps veterans would be more honest with us about their experience and the stress they are dealing with each day.

What is it that is capturing their souls and leading our soldiers to commit suicide in record numbers? In the past five years the suicide rate among soldiers was the highest since 1980 when they were first recorded.

Military suicides make up 20% of all suicides in the US.  And for every death, five members of the armed forces tried to take their lives and were hospitalized instead.


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