Six Word Saturday May 26, 2012

This week’s Six Wird Saturday is coming later (Sunday) than usual for me. Finding this weeks words was not hard, they have been with me all week. I appreciate the creativity in this challenge more this weekend for the different way I am able to express what has been a trying week. One which at times seemed to feel quite overwhelming these last few days. Not happening though. I will not be conquered by pure frustrationed. Sometimes a great motivator, other times a mountain in the way. 

Tomorrow will be different. 


Here are my six words:

Patience was not my virtue today~

Thanks for stopping by and having a look-see. I always feel much gratitude for your time.

©tjhelser 2012

20 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday May 26, 2012

    • Thanks so much Cee for the energy, My energy. I am not sure where I’d be without it. Seriously. I think it is holding me up. I am just not good at patience this last couple days ~ but I refuse to be “got” by anything, this is just a small hurdle,

      Your support in so many ways means the world to me, I am really blessed by having our paths crossed this way. Write only when it’s the time to do so, don’t feel forced ever.

    • Thanks so much Tess, its been a trying one indeed. It has to be one of the nicest things here knowing that people like you have my back.
      Like I saidl I had the 6 words all week at the ready ~ Just needed the Saturday

        • You are so kind and loving towards me that I tear up as I read this Judith. I am ashamed that I get so bitchy and snarky with thise I love that I take to staying alone.
          It;’ been a tough week and I sometimes don’t know where to turn next. Thank you so much for the shoulder and ear, I do need to be able to just vent with those that not only do I trust, but in this case those that have a clue how medical stuff can be so trying at times.
          You are the best!

          • You are never bitchy and snarky — you just think you are because you’re on the inside of those feelings. From the outside, you are just sweet, lovable Toni! 😎

            • Oh Judith.. you are so sweet and refreshing! ….bring me tissues please, sniff..
              I hope my family, D especially feels the same way, but I winder…
              This past week has not been best in terms of me being my best. But ts a new week Thanking the heavens, for the time that I can mve forward with. I’m sometimes a little disappointed in myself, its like” Really Toni, you could not let that just fly by and feel no need to say a thing?”
              Thankfully family can be unconditional loving. And friend too~

              • I know you know this, but we never get to decide how something makes us feel — we feel it, and choose how we want to react, and that makes the difference. You have this skill — it’ll keep you on track!

                • Are you ready for a novel?
                  You know Judith you are so right, I do know this. What happens is I get derailed by being self-centered. I cal look back in hindsight and see that when my expectations of some particular aspect of my life goes awry I become so disappointed I want everyone who loves me to feel it too. If they don’t then I will make them miserable some other way. I want them to feel as disappointed as I do.
                  I have not quite figured out yet how to own those feelings of disappointment and that be just enough. Feel it, Own it.And then just let it go. That there does not always need to be a reaction is something that I have not moved past yet. Not 100% obviously.
                  Sweetie, can I tell you just how much your absolute constant support of everything I share here means to me?
                  To know that when I have written something I can usually count on some honest input and loving comments from you is a source of such comfort to me that I am wondering sometimes what I would do if I did not have the COURAGE & SUPPORT you give to me to continue writing if I would continue to blog. I was very nervous at first, have been writing all my life but once out of college rarely was it seen by anyone out side my family and very close friends. If I paid attention to whims of my stats and found the only value for blogging in them I’d have had to quit sometime ago. The Gemini personality of the stats board & I so do not get along. So I looked else where to see if there was worth in continuing to post. It came in the most outstanding form, people!! Live people, and they were kind. Some moved on, needing something different than my writing topics gave them.. That’s cool, I do the same. But the few that have ben my constants are the people I owe so much too. You being at the top of that list. I like that we keep bonding deeper and that neither of us moved on. I find in your blog things I have not managed a way to say. But feel. I learn from your blog things that are of interest to my husband, (TED) that feel over my head, I have little to no interest until a post or two on your blog. I tell D about how I seem to absorb the same thing but differently, he says: “please continue on with that blog!”

                  I just had to say, with much love & a loving Thank You Kind Judith!!

                  • Dear Toni,

                    You have just named all the same doubts that I have all the time, and you are the person from whom I receive the most positive input and support. We are very lucky to have found each other here, and I’m not going anywhere, and neither are you, so we can count on getting closer and learning more about each other all the time. You are a gem — thank you for being so steadfast! I love you, my bloggish sister!

                    • It’s an amzing friendship that is being created by the energy we put into that intial spark. We are incredibly fortunate.
                      It’s incredible to be able t say something and have it understood because someone else knows. Not because they want to and are trying. (which I can appreciate, however, its not the same)
                      Having one another to bounce things off is a gft, one that I will never take for granted, but find I take great comfort from. Thank you sister bibling!.

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