My Blog Lady Barefoot Baroness (this blog here) can now be accessed through MY new domain URL  which I purchased so I would not lose it to someone else. The URL is If you should take yourself there from this link it will bring you back to this page. Or my entire blog Lady Barefoot Baroness. There is no way to leave a comment here because I am trying to post this as a status so that it will remain t the top of my  page.

For a small period of time this blog may also be reached like it had been in the past which is http://www.tonij.wordpresscom.

My other blog regarding my journey for appropriate medical care is still growing into a full-fledged blog and may be found at: www.FullCircledMe.

I do hope to get to know you from either blog. Or both would be kind of nice too. Thank you!

9 thoughts on “

  1. Your link for your other site is not working it takes us back to this one. anyway My Lady, well done and continue to look forward to your postings. 😉

    • Hi Gerry thanks for the heads up. This is what I get for doing something after no sleep for 5 nights. There oughtta be a law.
      I corrected the links, all though my new domain name should bring you back to Barefoot Baroness cause that is the blog it belongs to. I was into keeping it my name, which I have been called since a toddler. I was afraid if I waited or ignored it I’d be out of luck as a domain for me. I had to go instead of .com because it was already taken. I did not want someone to come along and take this domain. I already lost out on the .com it belongs to someone selling cake jewelry. So I grabed while the grabbing was good, it has to be mine.
      I also fixed the link to my other blog FullCircledMe. I must have been dreaming with my eyes wide open when I did that post, Thanks again for the sharp eye.

  2. LOL 2nd Tuesday of the week! i wanted to comment on your post about getting your own domain but couldn’t find the comment box there. But congrats on the new domain!! love, hugs, sunsets, seashores, forest walks—and john denver and judy collins to you tonight~

    • I’m sorry Kate, there is no place to comment because the post is actually a status post. I;m hoping to find a way so that I can keep my blog URL’s posted at the top of my page on a regular baisis. Trimming it down of course.

      It is so funny you are the only one who has noticed, or at least said anthing aboit the 2nd Tuesday. Thanks always Kate for your loving support. I have been amiss lately in getting to those blogs I love, like yous, It’s not because I am not wanting to. Catcthing up is not something possibble everyday and I miss one day and feel awful.
      Much love , gentle hugs, folm music, soft tambourine, camp fire and God our Lord above this night and all holiday weekend long!

You are most welcome to share your thoughts, comments, and/or complaints here. Know though complaints are only handled on the 2nd Tuesday of the week.~ The Management

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