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My Blog Lady Barefoot Baroness (this blog here) can now be accessed through MY new domain URL  which I purchased so I would not lose it to someone else. The URL is If you should take yourself there from this link it will bring you back to this page. Or my entire blog Lady Barefoot Baroness. There is no way to leave a comment here because I am trying to post this as a status so that it will remain t the top of my  page.

For a small period of time this blog may also be reached like it had been in the past which is http://www.tonij.wordpresscom.

My other blog regarding my journey for appropriate medical care is still growing into a full-fledged blog and may be found at: www.FullCircledMe.

I do hope to get to know you from either blog. Or both would be kind of nice too. Thank you!

Domain Name For The Baroness

Baroness Ravenna-Nelson-aaron-miller-Barefoot H,

New Domain Name and URL are mine.

The  URL for my new Domain name, which I just purchased is

After a really intelligent, and I think caring suggestion from my blogging mentor Maxi who you all might know from her blog “Maxi’s Comments.”  I have now purchased a Domain name for myself and my blog.

Maxi is a thoughtful and provocative writer, she’s someone who I, as a woman in her mid 5th decade looks up to. She is far more “hip” to things that I am just learning. Her blog is an eclectic collection of life stories. Hers, and about others she finds worthy of sharing their story. For me I have found a dear friend in Maxi who is in my mind a very classy lady.

Thank you Miss Maxi! Your suggestion again was a viable one for me.

It was Maxi who noticed through a couple private communications that I had a different URL for my blog than that for my blog name. When I registered my blog back in 2008 (and promptly forgot about it) it had never occurred to me that I could and would benefit from having my Blog’s URL be the same as the name as my blog. Or a derivative of my blogs name. In this case I dropped the Lady from my URL that is part of my blogs name.

Feelings that this is one of my best moves I have made for writing online I am beholding to Maxi. I remember when I first finally started publishing posts via WP I was really unsure of myself. I was not sure I wanted anyone I know being able to connect to my blog without my invite. Happening upon or finding it in a search engine. There were very few family and friends who I told about and shared the web site with for many months after first began publishing posts. Strangers reading me really was a unconsious test of sorts. The people I told did not even amount to a handful, and those I told for specific reasons to what I was writing about in most cases. There were two person alone outside my immediate family who I wanted to know about that I was writing on a blog, and how they could find it. One is my twin from different parents, the other my spiritual soul sister. I so wanted and needed these two women to know so much that somehow I thought I had told them at the very start. How really awful and odd I felt when I found out that neither had been told, and I’d been wondering why neither had said a word. With these two ladies I made the silly mistake of each time I would stop and think back, I gave her that URL didn’t I? – I always responded to self with an affirmative. However it was not so, I had assumed wrongly that I had told them, making again a common mistake with people you have a special connection with. Kind of like the mistake we make that our spouse; that they should just know all those things we as their spouse are thinking, need or want without the convenience of us telling them so. I felt really awful when I realized that my best Bud had to find out I went public from mutual acquaintance who I had shared with because I felt that she and her daughter would benefit from my writings about Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain & Fatigue. Thankfully my Best Bud is a forgiving and unconditional loving Bud.

Search engines will now lead anyone who knows my nickname in my non-cyber life to my Barefoot Baroness Blog. This just makes sense now that I am much more comfortable with just anyone I know and don’t know reading my blog. I am more confident in what I am doing.

I began this as part of a journey and when I began I thought it would be a private journey. How wonderfully surprising to find that the blogging relationships that I have been having the experience of enjoying are  nourishing to my soul. And to find that their input has been having a  positive effect on me is an overwhelming understatement. It’s been quite stunning to me actually, and I am not a newbie to online friendships. I have been an advocate for Chronic Pain & Fatigue for over 25 years. Of about 12 to 13 of those years also included online advocacy using the platform of forums. I built up a few friendships on those forums which today still finds two women I met in a forum and with who I created friendships with are still very much part if my life. We mostly communicate via snail mail today which is especially fun for the paper artist in me.

As I have said a time or two prior to this post that there are several bloggers with which there has been a bond of friendship right from the first few times we read one another’s blogs, and communicated with. I will not bore my readers or embarrass those bloggers again by repeating my adorations and fondness for them. I trust they know who they are by now.

This post just proves that if you give a writer a writing instrument they will write. Kind of like if you bring “them” to water they will drink.

I had no intentions when I started this post to write nothing more than a notice of sorts if you will of my new URL address for this blog. My new Domain name.

FYI:  My other blog: FullCircledMR can still be found at

My intentions runneth over with my random thoughts, that is what this blog was designed for.

How wonderful when a plan works out~

©tjhelser 2012

Wow! See what happens when you give a writer a weiting instrument