Archive | May 25, 2012

My Blog Lady Barefoot Baroness (this blog here) can now be accessed through MY new domain URL  which I purchased so I would not lose it to someone else. The URL is If you should take yourself there from this link it will bring you back to this page. Or my entire blog Lady Barefoot Baroness. There is no way to leave a comment here because I am trying to post this as a status so that it will remain t the top of my  page.

For a small period of time this blog may also be reached like it had been in the past which is http://www.tonij.wordpresscom.

My other blog regarding my journey for appropriate medical care is still growing into a full-fledged blog and may be found at: www.FullCircledMe.

I do hope to get to know you from either blog. Or both would be kind of nice too. Thank you!