Hot Potato Award For Me.. For Me….

Yep, you are reading that right!

And my Irish Grandmother would be so proud.

I mean that. She would think this is the greatest thing since Soda Bread. My maternal grandmother was very proud of her heritage and she was also proud that I was quite fancied writing. So although she’d never get this blogging thing (I can hear her now) let alone the computer she would appreciate being acknowledged. And that I was acknowledged, especially with anything to do with potato in the soup mix she would be dancing  a jig for me.

This very original award is founded and created by a sister blogger who is an Aussie. I say this because she is my connection with another culture than mine. And other cultures fascinate me. She is also a women married to a man her senior.  I cannot recall the years difference but do remember the difference between her husband and her in years are a few more than the 9 yrs between my husband and myself. My sister blogger also is dealing with a husband who is severely disabled and ill. He and she are fighting Parkinson.Disease. This Superwoman (she’s going to get me for that) deals with everything this entails, and so much more that it would take the best of any of the female gender down, Men don’t even get to be brought into this mix because there is not a fair paling field for several reasons I’ll save for another show. And I know there are days it takes her down. But we watch her in awe keep getting back up, pull her big girl panties back up, and move forward. I am not so certain I could.

For those of you who have not had the privilege of meeting our WP resident Bird Woman please let me introduce you to the woman I hold dear to my blogging heart and admire more than anyone else I know here at WP for all that she copes with. I know that is a big deal to say and I do not say in just in passing. I would never be anything less than real and honest with this person I am sending you to see.

Please meet Julie at:

I thank Julie deeply and with weepy eyes. Yes, she made me cry twice today.

The above words I spoke about Julie are words that she is now cringing over I have a feeling. ( I am sorry Jules) This was not my intent, and although I realize she hates to be acknowledged so publicly, if at all, this is something I could not keep quiet about, When a person Rocks your soul I believe it’s what you should do, tell them so.

So Jules, You Rock my soul! You & son. I think of you everyday, and thank you daily for the proper perspective I gain from your powerful sharing on your blog. I am learning so much about myself, and this life, through you. Even though you are unaware it’s happening. Thanks again so much for literally making my day.

See this upside down frown?

 : )

There are no rules to this award and it so freeing that I have decided to use this again and again. As in Julie’s own words”

I have decided to respond to any nominations I receive by rewarding the nominators with the HPA. If you have received nominations for awards you already have, or if you are like me and don’t want awards, please feel free to use the HPA!”


Again Thank you Julie. You are the best!


10 thoughts on “Hot Potato Award For Me.. For Me….

  1. Love the name of this award; you are a “Hot Potato,” Toni and so deserving.

    Prayers to Jules and her husband; they are dealing with a disease that is emotionally and physically draining on both.

    Blessings – Maxi

    • Thanks so much Maxi Dear. Yes, so Hot Potato and Cheeky Cherub all in one post I get nicknamed? I prefer to think these are lovely sentiments and not attempts to try to tell me something,, long as the names seem to be hanging about I feel I may as well embrace them.

      Yes our Jules has more on her plate than others in my small world. I cannot even imagine, and pray God forbid if I am faced with something of this nature I cope with as much grace and dignity as Jules does. I know our support is meaningful to her. I suspect it’s also appreciated by her husbnad and son that she has this outlet. Amazing Love at work there!

    • I did not know this is where you are from. How awesome! More than half my nationality heralds from Ireland. I even love the way it feels on my lips to say it,
      My maternal great-great grandparents immigrated to the US during the potato famine. I grew up hearing repeated stories only changed by the vernacular of who was doing the telling.
      Potaoes were and still are a huge part of my husbands and mine’s diet. Its only been in the last 5 years or so have I tried mixing it up with grains and pasta.

      It’s so good to see you dribblingpensioner.thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

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