Share Your World Sunday Week # 24


It’s that time of the week I look forward to. (although late this week brought to you by Headache) Share Your world Sunday. I will not be boring and repetitive by sharing why I happen to find it a cool time of the week, but suffice it to say that your postings of your own Share Your World Sunday (SYWS from here on out) is all part of what I look forward to.

 I have recognized that like most things in life I have developed a bit of a routine for myself when it comes to SYWS. I just realized that I have almost a compulsive way of doing my part of SYWS. I wonder if any of you who participate by adding your own SYWS to the mix have structure for how you go about it, or do you ad lib, doing what and how the mood may strike you? And you commenter’s too, how about you?  A certain routine to reading and commenting on the posts for SYWS?

 I’m really curious. I find it fascinating how we are such creatures of habits and how soon we build those habits.

 Sharing with you my routine:

 It took me a couple of weeks to find my own groove when joining the rest of the bloggers who had been participating in SYWS for many weeks ahead of me.  I came into it somewhere in week 14 or 15 I believe. The really nice thing that I think should be pointed out is that never did I feel like the newbie, or the new kid on the block from Cee, or any of the participants in this great weekly challenge. Joining anytime will be met  by a welcoming force.

 Finding that before I dare read any other participants answers, even Cee’s, I need to do the challenge of answering for myself first. I found oddly enough that if I wait to create my own responses to the weekly questions after reading all your answers first I was not feeling my own answers were genuine and authentic. I found myself editing and censoring myself because of how someone else  might respond. Or how I thought my answer might affect someone else. I am certain this would damage the point to all this. Right? At least it does so for me. Knowing your answers ahead of responding with my own somehow feels a bit cheeky. Nah.. I am not saying there is cheating going on, how could there be? There are no right or wrong answers. This is no test. However; words from others can influence anyone, over anything, even unknowingly. And it’s for this reason that I have noticed my own second guessing is causing my responses to be less genuine and less authentically me. I cannot have that.

 For what ever reasons, I am letting myself continue on with this routine I have created for SYWS and myself. It works for me.

 It goes something like this:

 I first receive the questions from Cee’s blog email alert.

In a word program I create my answers and my shared narrative.

Once posted I then post my link to Cee’s SYWS Post on her blog.

Now I read Cee’s answers first – hers comes first always, because I believe we all read Cee’s first.

Now that I have posted my responses and linked them to Cee’s blog, read Cee’s answers I now enjoy each and every one of your answers. Thank you for sharing

 It may sound a bit obsessive for a weekly challenge, but I like very much how I find it work so well for me.~

There is one more benefit I have found in reading all of your & Cee’s responses last. I usually find that almost all of the participants, if not all, have finished their responses by then as well. It helps keep me from leap frogging back and forth to Cee’s blog and then yours all week long. Once you’ve all posted I go directly to Cee’s post, find your links their, visit each persons blog for their response. Then I back track to back to Cee’s blog for the next persons in que. I do this ovet and over until I am done.

Speaking of being just the absolute opposite of feeling like the new kid in school, or that no one was welcoming, this was not how I felt by Cce, or any of  her party of weekly SYWS participants. Because of all of you, & Cee, you helped me feel so very welcome right out of the gate. And I know that you did as well. Just as I know anyone new will also feel welcome. With all the steam and vigor I can muster up today I encourage you to join us in this weekly challenge of Cee’s. It really is about learning something new about one another every week, and nurturing friendships that may have some significance. If you only would put the walls down.

And I happen to think that is pretty special~

 Cee’s blog and details regarding the weekly Share Your World Sunday can be found here:

 Here we go my darling blogging family~ My genuine and authentic sharing with you.

 Are you left or right-handed?

 I am a strictly right-handed Barefoot Baroness. Strictly and only. There is not a possibility that I can be anything else. I have tried. Last time was while in a cast after having Carpel Tunnel surgery on my right wrist. I was in a position of needing to run a 10-Key Machine daily with my left hand. I was trying to count money from the tills, run a 10-Key, type to do the daily books… all this when I could barely brush my own hair with my left hand. I’m not sure there was anyone else having more fun than me I’m still not the least bit adept.

 What is one thing you love about being an adult?

 I enjoy being taken serious. This may sound strange to some, but if you were a very small girl, short, and kind of a quiet person as a child than it’s quite possible that you as well did not feel take very serious. Even as a 21-year-old I was most often not believed when my age came into question. It was not until I reached my mid 30’s with my two children under my belt that I was taken half way serious, and not treated like a kid. This despite that I was still asked for identification when attempting to purchase alcohol.

 What do I need to unlearn?

 This is an easy answer for me this time. I need to unlearn carrying my shoulders shrugged up to my ears. I am serious. Shoulder shrugging has its place. Doing shrugs as art of relaxation exercises, as part of stretching for yoga, even to convey a thought to someone else: ” I don’t know what to think about that.” [shrugs shoulders]

In my case though chronically carrying myself with perpetual shrugged shoulders has its detriment to my body. And no doubt to my mind as well; as the body language of shoulder shrugging speaks volumes about stress.

 What is success for me?

 Thriving. Thriving and walking the talk. These two aspects would spell out success for me.

Thriving: I work daily at Thriving with chronic illnesses that seem in their own ways to want to blast my body on a daily basis with fatigue and pain. It’s on my agenda daily to get through the day with a smile for all I meet. I rarely allow myself the selfish indulgence of pity or feeling sorry for myself. I have no intention of changing that. I have found that if you allow a spec of it in it multiplies into a full-blown pity party for on. So Borrrring,,,

Walking The Talk:  I am woman of deep and strong faith, I do not wear it on my shoulders although it is my way to Praise God and The Universe. I believe that there is a reason for every season in our lives, and that staying true to one’s self and God helps guide through the trials and tribulations this earthly world lies in front our doorsteps. Lessons can be gained through the trials of your life if you look at them as opportunities for gaining the wisdom needed for walking the talk. It’s not enough to just walk, or to just talk. I need to have the gentle guidance of learning how to walk the talk authentically and with genuineness.

That would spell S. U. C. E. S. S. for me.

©tjhelser 2012

17 thoughts on “Share Your World Sunday Week # 24

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  5. Your write-up on SYW is just so awesome every week! Thanks. And your answers as always are entertaining and informative…it’s like I get to know you even better each week.

    • Thats why Iove this challenge so much, its that exactly. Thanks to you.

      Thank you so much for your sweet words regarding my SYW. I hope i did not step on your toes by making an acronym out of your creative title. I was repeating it so often in my post I just needed it shortened for this post. Has a bit of a ring to don’t you think?

  6. Wonderful answers Baroness! Thank you for sharing your routine with us. I’m like you in that I try to answer the questions before reading anyone else’s, so I won’t be unconsciously influenced by others’ answers. Sometimes after I write & publish my answers, I read other people’s answers and think, darn! Why didn’t I think of that?

    Thanks for your super positive attitude. You’re a great inspiration!

    • I know! I think the same thing many times which reaffirms not reading the others frst is a good idea, right?

      I am just making my rounds so looking forward to what everyone has to offer up this week.

      You are the kindest person. Thank you. You know its real easy to stay upbeat with people like you as part of my tribe. I so love the positivness in you, just that you have it on your radar says so much.

      With Grace~

    • Its become something oddly enough I look forward to. Mainly reading others but I like the writing challenge. I know its coming so I look forward to it, and can even kind of plan the time to set aside. I would do 100 of these SYWS versus awards. No offense anyone.

  7. Hello, milady. Thank you so much for your detailed description of the process with which you approach the Share Your World Challenge, which along with your answers, give me some real insight into the way you think, (as if I needed that, considering that we think so much alike!) This is a great post!

You are most welcome to share your thoughts, comments, and/or complaints here. Know though complaints are only handled on the 2nd Tuesday of the week.~ The Management

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