Sowing Seeds of Truth Seekers

This morning in my mailbox I find:

“Take it from the farmer in me, Barefoot Baroness…
The more seeds you sow, the more plants we’ll grow.
I love wearing overalls”   

~ The Universe

I have stopped being amazed at the incredible serendipitous things in life. I also have some time ago come into the wisdom that there is a reason for everything, and that there are no coincidences. Agreed this is just my belief system, and I have no need to try to convince anyone else of it.  I am not, as one close friend puts it; “Dummy-ing Up” for no one when it comes to my faith and belief system.

In the message received from The Universe this morning the meaning for me could not have been any clearer. I get it. And the timing is the most perfect aspects of it all, How affirming this message from The Universe. 

Sowing seeds. It’s what I try to do each day in some way. Touching in some aspect the world around us, and living in it. The life skills it takes to be successful at living in our world do not come without great education. In the form of seeds we plant education filled lessons regarding skills needed to be a thriving member of this Universe.

Seeds that are sown one by one, each planting one garden of knowledge after another. Growing  a new skill set, one, after another.  That’s pretty amazing don’t you think?

We share and teach one another what works for us; and how it works for us. Are we not always asking one another questions which we are hoping will divulge the answers to some of life’s most serious questions?  And then there are also the silly, may seem unimportant to everyone but you, and the other person questions.  Questions like; “what kind of shampoo are you using that makes your hair so shiny and soft?  And smells so good!”

No one listening will hardly care.

We have seeds of other kinds that get planted. Seeds planted into fertile soil  that almost go unnoticed, maybe even spread by the wind. Seeds of random kindness, seeds of caring for the neighbor who was always so kind to your children while they were growing up.

And with grace the seed that the neighbor                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   planted with the kindness shown to your children will be paid forward once again by their very own act’s of caring towards others, even the same neighbor many years later. Acts of kindness paid forward in the name of love.

Another seed planted.

Those little seeds spend quiet periods of time which to us may seem dormant – loving the dew drops as nurturing life-sustaining moisture that will germinate those tiny seeds of seeming nothingness into gorgeous stand up tall and proud seedlings.

Seedlings growing tall and fine.

Seedlings of human nature filled with random acts of kindness, care and concerns. Kindness and Concerns for no other reason than we are human and we tend to be loving civilization.And the Truth is we need to be kind and to be concerned and caring for others. It is our Nature, It is our Truth

These tender seedlings have the makings of becoming The Seeker’s of Truth through their ground breaking of peeking up from the earth. We are the wiser for paying tribute to The Seekers. It is in the Paying It Forward that the Truth brings with it The Love that will keep us carrying forward through the Universe.

Seedlings of The Truth Seekers

And so…The Universe tells us this…  “We the people shall be called The Philatelist   “The Lover Of Truth “

©tjhelser 2012

…and then just for some humor and a post script”

“Bet you’re glad I wasn’t wearing my dentist’s hat today, huh, Barefoot Baroness?”       

18 thoughts on “Sowing Seeds of Truth Seekers

  1. So many wonderful phrases come to mind when I read this. I will keep the cliches and platitudes to myself but I am grateful to have been reminded of them. Especially during the receiving of this rather challenging “gift” the universe offers me. I will remember to thank it by sowing a seed of goodness and gratitude.

    • Thanks so much Michael for your imput. Frankly I may have enjoyed a few cliches and plattitudes tiday. (~&~)
      Somtimes I have to look those “gifts” in the eye and have to scream, ‘Mountain? Get out of my way!”

      Abundant Blessings friend~ Thanks for taking the time.

    • Thanks so much Terri, it’s so wonderful to see your words here, kind of like running into that old friend who you have always been comfortable with. Its apparent that some old blogging friends from the beginning have moved on. Its nature, but truth be told I miss them and am so much more grateful for those who have been faithful and devoted ll along. You are an amazing friend. Thank you again~

      • Your welcome! I do live in the same area, but keep up on child abuser alerts. Several have been moved out that way. One living close to where kids congregate was evicted…Terri 🙂

        • This is a perfect example of the power of the people. I’ve heard it said that they have to live somewhere. True, but By God it best not be near to anyone I hold close and who is near and dear to my heart. I’ll be out in front with a picket sign in a flash, Maybe flash mob picketers, yes?

          • True. I had a relative that only thought sex offenders lived in rural areas. It is in every socio-economic area, and here we have a list available to check who is living around you. Five years ago, I drove by and showed my daughter someone on the list sitting in their yard on a swing smiling at everyone passing by. He looked old and harmless. I wanted her to see a picture that was not scary, and to realize danger doesn’t look so dangerous at times…you know what I mean. She got it, and he got the boot from his landlords. He lived next to a church. Terri

            • Next to a church even? My God. That;s like a speed freak who has a bumper sticker that says he supports the drug abuse program. Seriously!

              I love that yo showed your daughter what a rapist looks like. The image children tend to have is of some scraggly looking scumbag. They never know that its the guy next door look alike. I think what you did was brilliant. It also puts creeps like thous on notice that they are being watched. You are one smart momma and I like it~

  2. I’m not much of a farmer, but I know a thing or two about sowing seeds. Your post today is just what I needed… the Universe does, indeed, provide just the right amount of rain & sunshine to get those little buggers sprouting all over the place, doesn’t it? I’m finding lately that many seeds I’ve planted are now sprouting & blossoming. And I’m loving sharing stories with you over the garden fence! Blessings to you, Fair Lady! You’re certainly a blessing to me.

    • My dear friend and Lady of Great Wisdom..I was really praying you would be inspired to comment on this so I could tell you Valerie that you were so much part of the words I wrote above.
      I mean this as genuine as I can make it via comment here that while sussing this one out the seeds you have been planting apparently were picked up by the wind and carried over our mutual fence. So much of what I was feeling and needing to write last night was influenced by what you & I had spoke of. Thank you so much and I have to say: It’s so good to have you have back my partner in crime~
      Abundant Blessings~

  3. Wonderful post. Each passing day is a tribute to the powers and wisdom of the universe, and it only requires an open mind to see and appreciate it.

    • Why thank you kind Sir! I am so delighted that you get it it! How wonderful that we have the freedom to explore and deeply absorb the wonders of the Universe. Thank you so much Barney, you are a welcome sight for this Baroness any day~

  4. You have once again, in your kind, gentle way, shared with me a lesson I’ve been in need of. I am not a sentimental woman, but sometimes I am moved to tears by the love with which you write. And always, I feel as though you are writing solely for me, (how’s that for self-involved 😎

    Love you, my bloggy sister!

    • Oh Judith I am tear soaked from the kindness you give of me.Thank you dearest friend~ I am writing solely for you when you feel that way. The connection from my heart string through to yours is as genuine as the tears that fall upon our faces. Love you sweetheart!

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