Please Say It Is Not So

Please say it’s not so.

Please do not tell us that the news tonight regarding Isobel Celis was so awful. Please say that it’s not another parent being looked at as the only suspect. Please….

 This is not to say of course that I am wishing for other circumstances to be in place instead. I wish for this sweet angel to be home with her family. That is all. Is her family asking for too much?

Please scroll down to the copied post from a CNN Blog for information or an update to understand my bewilderment and outrage.

Over and over it’s a mom, it’s a dad, a grandparent, an uncle, aunt, cousin, or sibling that are taking our children’s lives along with the child predators that are strangers to the child. These thieves of our children’s lives are their family, who they should be able to trust.

What is wrong with our world? I don’t mean this as a rhetorical question. I really want to know. I want to figure out how to fix it. Are we just hearing about more children being lost by the hands of someone in their own family and family friends?  Or are we really losing more and more children to people who are suppose to love and protect them? 


God helps us.

From Nancy Grace’s Blog at CNN   Posted  by:

911 calls from Isabel Celis case released

In a 911 call released Monday, Sergio Celis calmly informed a dispatcher that his 6-year-old daughter Isabel had disappeared from her bedroom in their Tucson home.

“I need to report a missing child. I believe she was abducted from my house,” he said. Asked why he believes she was abducted, however, he responded, “I have no idea.”

On the morning of April 21, Celis called 911 to report that Isabel was gone when he went to wake her up and her bedroom window was open with the screen laying the backyard. “My sons are running around the house looking for her,” he said.

According to Celis, the family got home from his son’s baseball game around 10:30 the previous night and the kids went to sleep soon after that. He told the dispatcher he had been watching TV in the living room at midnight and “never heard anything weird.”

“I was like just on the other side of the wall from her,” he said.

Isabel’s mother Becky had already left for work when Sergio Celis called 911. “I just called her. I told her to get her butt home,” he said.

In a separate 911 call, Becky Celis sounded more emotional and at times panicked as she tried to explain what happened.

“I went to work this morning at 7 and I just, I didn’t even come in and check on her. I should have checked on her,” she said.

Becky Celis told a dispatcher she had put braided ponytails in Isabel’s hair before she went to bed. She said Isabel was wearing an Old Navy American flag t-shirt and navy blue shorts when she last saw her.

Isabel’s 14-year-old brother also spoke to the dispatcher.

“Someone broke in and grabbed her,” he said, adding that it looked like the screen was taken off her bedroom window.

Also on Monday, police confirmed that there has been a voluntary agreement between Sergio Celis and Child Protective Services that he will stay away from his two sons. They would not say what led to that decision.

Tucson Police Chief Roberto Villasenor cautioned reporters at an afternoon press conference not to read too much into the development and said it is not indicative of a specific path investigators are pursuing.

In local and national media interviews, Isabel’s parents have both denied having any involvement in her disappearance.

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22 thoughts on “Please Say It Is Not So

  1. After seeing this horror unfold for awhile now, what are your thoughts on the Dad? Terri 🙂 I hope she will be found as in the E. Smart case, but it is so tragic to think of what might have been. My daughter and I walked a lot when she was small. Out here in the middle of nowhere you just don’t think something can happen…..I trained her so well she was my shadow (I am talking 2 inches away from me) in public. One day she got ahead of me around the bend of the road on her bicycle. I got worried and for a few seconds I told myself not to worry and that I was just ridiculous. But I had a very strange feeling…I sped up and there in the dusky light was a guy in a gold van talking to my seven year old. It was one of those moments where the hair stands up on your neck and everything seems as if it is in slow motion. As soon as he saw me he put it in reverse back across the creek and into an odd angled drive and he got the heck out of there. She told me that she could hear his door click. He had asked her if she had seen “that snake” can you believe it? It was the only time I let her out of my sight growing up….Terri

    • I read what you are sharing regarding walking with your beautiful girl, and chills began running down my spine, hair standing up on every nerve end possible.Before I even get to you coming around the bend in the road. Gut instincts are there for a reason and bravo you for listening to it. This experience you had is proof positive that it takes nothing but a half second’s time for these evil creatures to grab a beautiful child. They make me ill.

      Although rarely done in those days it would have been interesting to have phoned the police and turn i his *** in. I wonder how many other reports they would have had on him.It was obvious he was up to go good by his behavior after getting caught.

      As far as Isobel’s dad its hard to say. Children’s Services has now a court order keeping him from seeing his other two kids. Him, not the mom. So he and the mom are living apart because she obviously needs to be with the kids. I pray he has nothing to do with it, filicides are mounting up and up in today’s history it seems.It’s making me crazy!~

        • OMGOSH!! I had not even thought of the dad. Do you still live in the same home as then?

          We know it’s not easy to shake those awful feelings from deep within, and some having a way of trying to minimize things like this. They have no idea~
          ~ Abundant Blessings be yours today Terri, thanks so much for taking the time to comment. You are always such a welcome sight to see.

  2. Whether the guilty party is stranger or family, the horror of what humans can do to one another remains the same. Is it really worse now than it was say, 50 years ago, or do we hear more because we have instant news and a larger population? I can understand survival of the fittest, but I cannot understand random, deliberate cruelty.

    • That’s my question too Carol, like the one you posed. Is it worse today, or is it that we hear about it more? Either way it’s so not acceptable for the people of this planet to be so cruel and without any sense of remorse. The moral temperature of this human race leaves a little bit to be desired.
      I just do not get it~

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with me.

  3. Another very sad story! The answer to your question “In the last days because of the increase of wickedness the love of many (or most depending on translation) will grow cold but he who endures to the end will be saved.” Gospel of Matthew 24:12,13 I will be praying.

  4. The first time I saw the dad on TV it filled my eyes. Last night there was a clip of the 911call. I’m not ready to condemn the father; everyone talks and acts differently under stress.

    Let us pray it’s a stranger, Toni.

    Blessings – Maxi

    • That’s where my heart is. Another child lost at their parents hand is too much. I pray every morning and night that we, this world will find a cure for this ill.

      I agree we should not judge. Did we not learn something about trying cases (parents/people in the media through the Caylee Anthony case?
      We need more people around like you Maxi.

  5. Well done again my Lady, another honorable and hopefully a resulting post. It is always a shame these events are happening. keep up the good posting.
    PS: My Lady, did you notice the one I done a week or two back now, and I now have put a widget in my sidebar linking to both a UK and USA website. ‘Missing Kids’. So any time it can clicked and checked for updates.. We can help conquer this, every little helps’ 😉

    • Thanks so much Gerry, I still give credit where credit is do, this is your baby baby!
      I did see the last one you posted (I think) if we are talking about the same one but if I recall correctly you had not found how you could post for both US and the UK at the same time. ????

      Can you share with me how to do it? is it possible or is difficult? I had troubles putting an award badge on recently. Its the user not the equipment no doubt.

      • If I remember rightly, find the header/picture you want / can use from the site, copy and save it to your hard drive, I have specific folder these days. Then use it for your post as header etc, like mine. Now the picture is being used in your finished post.. When you upload it from your drive the normal way, it will be shown when you go to your widgets panel,- open image, and an automatic URL should be already in the Image URL, (it should be your post URL) so it can be loaded in your sidebar. Also on this form it will have a line say URL when picture/widget is clicked. You have you go to the site you want it to link to, copy the URL, then paste it in the box on the form. Also add a caption ‘optional’. Save and finish..When your site opens your image should be where you placed, preferably at top of side bar, then if you click it, you should then go straight to the site want it to.. Good luck I shall keep an eye open for it…Sorry to be long winded.:) hope it works. get back to me if further help required,, Big hug .

    • Me neither Jules. I thought of you and the prior comments we have shared.
      Cannot imagine what this mom is going through. I cannot imagine not only not having my spouse to stand tall with me, but then to have him a suspect?
      God Forbid!

      • It is so horrifying and, even though the statistics show that most ‘cases’ are via spouses or other relatives, there is definitely now a culture of fear re predators. I don’t understand any of it – and it affects me on a daily basis, how an adult could hurt a child.

        • As much as I wish this not be something that affects you like me, I have always felt you & I have this in common. People in my world don’t understand me, they think I am fascinated with this subject. This disgusts me that someone would have a belief system that says any of this is entertainment.
          Although it’s an awful thing to have to share I am grateful to have someone to discuss it with. Thank you.

          I stay self aware for many reasons, none of them being for entertainment purposes. It’s rather insulting.
          I have a deep need to stay abreast of who is missing and where… etc… It;s all part of the same reasons that drive me as a child advocate in the family courts,

          I don’t pretend to understand why I have this need, I just accept it now.

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