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    • Thank you my dear kind friend for sharing this. I was having trouble but think I have it now. Non the less I am coming to check out your post to see if I missed anything~ Thanks again.

  1. Don’t know why that’s not working for you – I did that on my blog and that selection is no longer there. You don’t have the “follow posts by email” selection, did you perhaps remove the wrong one?

    • By George I think that was it Carol. Thank you!! I’ll check again but if you see that it still did not work please let me know again. You are my hero this morning! Thanks again.

    • I got it!! Thank you. I no longer should have any comment boxes to check at all. I am not seeing them on my side here now. It was the operator of the settings app, I had not un-che cked the right box. Now I just noticed I need to change my comment prompt, Makes no sense now.

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