What Am I Missing, Mr. CEO?

This blogger does not share only his thoughts on current issues of our days important discussions that should be happening. He has also come up with some very well thought out Creative Solutions which I fell smitten with immediately.
You all know I rarely reblog, but this post has me so inspired. Inspired again, after the 3rd time reading it.
I thought I’d share.~

Are you up for a challenge?

I have a challenge here.I’m interested in passing this essay of Barney;s forward because I think what he proposes is ripe for some really galvanizing discussions. Would you not love to be part of it?  There must be a point that is not being made that you would like to share with us.

So how about reblogging while adding your comments, your nickle or dimes worth.

And here is the real challenge for fun. Even if the post is something you’re not much interested in I’d like to ask you to reblog it anyway,  unless you have diabolical differences in what is being said. If so how would you say things differently? This is not about agreeing, or disagreeing. It’s about discussing.

How would you like to be part of a very different human nature, and social media experiments.


12 thoughts on “What Am I Missing, Mr. CEO?

    • Thanks so much for sharing on FB. This is a fabulous idea!! I’m so pleased!
      To bring in other social media to get this passed forward ia a brillant thought and I hope more people will pass it along via FaceBook, Twitter, etc.. Thanks so much for such an awesome idea.

    • Is this not such a powerful force of passing it forward we can create here through social media? It’s even free! Someone also posted it on FB which I thought was pretty cool.
      Thanks so much Kate. can I ask you a big favor? Please. Could you keep an informal count on how often it’s reblogged from your post,? I would like to be able to at least come up with an average count of how often in total its being reblogged from all combined blogs. If possible. [shoulders shrug]

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    • I think this is great and since I cannot take credit for the outstanding coverage of this piece I have rebloged it.

      I am going to edit my reblog message and challenge my readers to reblog this. I know! Oregon’s General election is tomorrow, I like the relationship between.

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