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Share Your World Sunday ~Week 22

It’s another awesome set of questions from our founder of the Share Your World Sunday. Cee is intensely busy taking her latest of classes and training in Energy Medicine. I just would like to take a moment to applaud the work this lovely person is doing. Many of you know that Cee has overcome incredible medical events in her life caused by Lyme Disease. A disease and events that almost cost her life. Three years ago could have made this a reality, instead this brave and courageous soul fought to hang on. I know she’ll forgive me for being so personal because my intentions are only in that I’d like you to know how much love and effort towards life Cee puts into this weekly challenge that we have so much fun with. It’s a fun writing challenge in front of us, for Cee I think it speaks of all that she continues to find fascinating in life. I personally applaud this.

Bravo you Cee! 

Now for this weeks questions and my answers:

  • Which do you prefer sweet or salty?  Or both at the same time?

I love salty and sweet together. French fries dipped into chocolate milkshakes. Beer, pretzels,  and a good piece of dark chocolate. Honey roasted peanuts. You get the idea.

  • Have you finished/started anything new or creative?

Funny you ask. I have about 15 new cards that I have created in the past month. I have yet to photograph them and post them which I will be doing. I am also in the midst of a new collage. I also made a sign for my read trip with galpals. A group of Red Hatters traveling together should carry a sign on their car stating so. So on 8.5″ x 11″ canvas I simply made a sign that said, “Traveling Bend Oregon’s Mountain Momma’s” Red Hat Society in a smaller font was at the bottom.  And of course I added the obligatory ( miniature) Red Hat with purple feathers on it.

  •   How do you want to be remembered?

Forever I have hoped to be remembered for my love and advocacy for children. I’d like my own grandchildren to be able to look back and see my work and passion with children as something they are proud of. My husband’s beloved late grandmother is one of the founding grandmothers for the Foster Grandparents Program in the USA and I am quite frankly so proud of her I bust a smile from one ear to the other when I talk about this woman. I hope when I am in my 80’s at the very least I am still rocking babies who have no one else to rock them.

  •  Name one thing you wish you could change about yourself

Does wishing for a pain-less life count? Okay, kind of cheesy. I wish that I could learn to say “NO” without so much struggle. I’d like to be able to say NO and walk away  and not be wondering if because I said NO I was being mean, un-thoughtful, and unkind. I wish I could accept its just a “NO”. That it means nothing else, there are no hidden meanings behind the answer “No”.

Thanks again my friend Cee. You are so awesome, getting this weeks questions out and having this coming weekends ready to be published Saturday night. All while gearing up and conserving Spoons for your classes.  Amazing Lady you are! Thank you and know I am thinking of you and sending you my love and wishes for a class with others who are just as passionate and devoted as you.~


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