Archive | May 8, 2012

Behind My Behind~

Sitting here blank faced trying to get past the blurred eyesight I am experiencing while reading my New Mail folder I realize that being behind is something at times that must just be given into.

Being Behind my own already “BEHIND  LIST TO DO” is a daunting feeling. Especially if, and when it comes to the use of words in my world. As a writer I of course believe that what I want to read is a need, and that what I want to write, to comment on or say is a must. Whose must I am not certain but there you be.  So being behind on the Blogs I follow and on comments from other bloggers on my own blog’s, and even emails is unnerving for me. Something that is causing me great frustration because I am realizing I am unable to go back these past few days I was away to now catch up. It’s not a possibility for me. I cannot choose who to read, and who not to.  All comments I will respond to, no matter the time it may take me. And it’s not quite the same thing I am looking for. I am wanting to read what you have new to say. I miss it.

 For me today has been;  How in the world will I ever catch up on over the couple dozen blogs I try to read on a regular basis?  Some of these bloggers do not even blog every day, which normally gives me pause. But it just so happens that has not been the case these last several days.

Between blogs I want to read, awards and tags I want to acknowledge beyond the mere thanking the person who recognized me, my own posts that I have in the works, (three of them) emails, snail mail *yes I snail mail)  I am more than behind on “Behind My Behind” List than ever.

The real point to this post, aside from idle chatter from a really weary traveling shopper, is that I want you all to know I am not by cruel or neglectful intentions missing your blog. If you have posted in the last several days belive me when I say I want to read your blog. I hate not knowing what is going on with you, or that I may have missed out on something going on in your life. This is true for my non-blogging family and friends as well who are also my faithful followers. I miss you all and  I am going to be caught up soon. It has taken me a couple of days to start restoring my spoon inventory and now that they are being restored I will be able to start catching up as well.

You that touch my life with your words and postings, are my true stats. So I will continue to not pay attention to any kind of numbers, good or bad, and carry forward from the support and courage I receive through your very own comments. Those which make my days and continue to inspire and create some of my own random thoughts .~

In the mean time let me say:

“Thank you for your devotion and patience this week.”

©tjhelser 2012