21 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday Cinco de mayo~

  1. All us girls are jealous of your shopping adventure, Toni. Just know you had a blast; can’t wait to find out what you bought.
    Blessings – Maxi

    • I had such a time Maxi. Mixed reviews, But the shopping was amazing while exhausting. I must say I found the most incredible gifts for my family thpugh and that was a feat I thought not possible. I have some tough participants.

      Its good to be back in the fold, I am just realizing how much I missed so many of you.

    • Oh my gosh Doctor, I am so touched. Both by ending up as your 2ooth commenter and that you would think of me as a guest poster. I am doubly honored.

      I would love to, do you have anything in mind?
      I apologize for being so late in my relpy. I have been out of town and not as attentive to my blog as I normally am.

      Just let me know what you have in mind.

    • I think you should. I know you owe it to yourself. A little retail therapy is always so good for the mind and heart. Be good and kind to yourself and if anyone takes issue with it you tell them Baroness said to do so. : )

  2. Thanks so much Judith. You are sooo sweet to me.
    It was a weird one for sure. But not good, not bad. Just was. The last few days of retail therapy have been good for the soul. I even found myself a new red hat. I will take a photo and post it once I am home. So in my red & purple world when you buy a new hat it cannot go any where but up.

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