Just For you Alone ~

Happy MAY Day 

To you My Friend~


What potent blood hath modest May.” –  Ralph W. Emerson

And because I love this next quote; my wish for you today…

 “Be like a flower and turn your face to the sun.” – Kahlil Gibran

©tjhelser 2012

15 thoughts on “Just For you Alone ~

  1. When I saw the words May Day it reminded me of younger times; we would dress in a fancy bodice and full, ruffled skirts to dance around the May Pole. It was such fun.

    Flowers reach toward the sun to bathe in the light; thanks for the memory, Toni.

    Blessings – Maxi

    • You are so vert welcome. I love Gibran too which is why I could not pass posting this quote today. Iys one of my all time fave’s of his and I thought it a perfect May Day sentiment. I’m so glad it touched you too.

    • Hoow awesome is that Harry! Thank you for telling me so. I hope to someday reach that number but as I just published my 200th post a few days ago It could take some time I suppose. But having followers like you make it no matter the number I have. Good to see you~

  2. Your lovely photo reminded me of May Day when I was but a young thing – we used to make May Baskets, leave them at the front doors of friends’ houses, ring the bell or knock and then run. So much fun! My face is turned towards the sun this morning, just like the faces of the daffodils outside my windows.

    • Oh Carol you got it!! I was hoping someone would remember those days. I did the same thing, sometimes still do because I think its such a lovely ritual.
      Do you remember the May Pole dance in school?

      I adore your sentiment, Gracuous you! Lovely daffodils

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