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When I Grow Up I Want To Be Just Like….

I first published this piece on November 16th 2011.  This morning after reading a tender & most loving piece by our own Miss Jules. (Julie, jmgoyder at her blog:  I was very quickly reminded of this piece I wrote some time ago.Because I had just TWO  follower’s back then , I thought it might be fun for me to repost a piece of my own again. How does that work, Repost and again in the same sentence? Anyway…I hope you’ll enjoy meeting my Miss E, and my bestie here in my non-cyber world.
 When I Grow up I want to be just like…


This is a tribute to a woman in my life who I want to be when I grow up.  She will never read this. But it makes no matter. No need. I think she knows how I feel anyway. Along with telling her that I want to be just like her when I grow up I also share with her just how much I love her, and why.

Miss E is in her mid 80’s and I had the blessing of meeting her when I joined one of the most unusual and incredible journey’s of my life. And I am so blessed to have her and my journey’s cross on the same path.

I became a RED HAT SOCIETY member in 2004 at the age of 50. Had I known at the time that there is a young group in this society of women also for ladies under 50, called Pink Hatters, I would not have waited. I had much to learn., including that there are few to no rules in the Red Hat Society. One of the aspects I adore.

Another thing I was very quick to learn was that for the most part these are the most unusually kind and compassionate women who become Red Hatters, My world was soon to take on a whole new color.

I have also met another woman who has over time, albeit we’ve been friend’s from day one, who has become my best friend. We are one another’s “besties” and have an amazing friendship. One that is based on so many likeness’s but also without being needy that I’ve watched happen in so many close friendships. We’re both married to our best friends forever and time with our families always come first.

And then I have met Miss E. This beautiful graceful gentle spirit of loveliness. Having lost my grandmother many years ago I am often attracted to older women who I believe hold the truths and wisdom’s that are meant to be shared with the younger ladies in their lives. Generations of women passing on to other generations of women.

When I first met Miss E I knew that I had met someone of great importance instantly. I knew right away with no questions that this woman would be a key influence in my life. Whether she knew it then was not important. What was important was for me to absorb and be influenced by everything about her. Just sitting next to her sharing a meal is a calming and healing experience. Spending any amount of time with Miss E is a gift. Ones that I cherish maybe more than I cherished even those with my own grandmother; only because I was so much younger, and so much more ignorant than to the facts of life that she could have shared with me. I see this now. Funny how much more open we become as we grow older to the idea that our elders just may have something to offer us,. If only we listen. Ask questions. Engage.

So I am soaking up as much Miss E as I can. I have a chronic illness that often has taken me away from my regular meetings with my Red Hat chapter. One of the many thing living with a chronic illness has shown me is that I am not often fun to be with, to talk to. To say that all of my family and close friend’s have been able to deal with me and my diseases’ over the last 27 years would be a silly untruth. It’s true you know, what they say about really finding out who yours friends are…

So today I get a phone call from Miss E. Actually I received a call from her last week but was asleep and was only able to try to return her call today. I missed her. I was quite bummed but not as shocked as I was that I was bummed. I did not realize just how much I was looking forward to speaking with her. I left what I’m sad to say may have sounded like a forlorn message. So not like me. Even if I am not feeling well. I don’t usually feel sorry for myself, finding pity parties for one complete bores. I walked away from the phone feeling a bit lonely What was this? I went about my day doing what little I was up to. To feel productive . Read a bit but soon my eyes were tearing up so I laid the book down. My thoughts went back to Miss E.

This woman has lost a husband, a child, two grandchildren and has lived more in her 80 plus years than anyone else I know. And yet she never looks at the negative, she’s a strong woman of gentle faith, and she is someone I’d like to grow up to be like. To this day she stays incredibly busy which is why I did not find her at home. She was giving blood. Miss E does not have a cell phone, would not have a cell phone and this is just one of the vast many things I love about her. She also makes no apologies for it and why should she? She has taught me that I have little need to be tied to my land line phone and I don’t have a cell any longer either. Miss E knows there is nothing that important that an answering machine cannot pick up. There is life to live. And if you are so tied to a device that you feel you HAVE to carry, and always HAVE to answer, are you living it to the fullest?

As I was recalling her telling me one day how much a card I had sent her meant to her. I was stunned. This is a woman who on her last birthday received either more birthday cards than she is young. And here she was making a fuss over a card I’d sent her? She did not just say to me, “gee it was nice of you.” Nope! Miss E took the time to tell me that the things I’d wrote in the card had meant so much to her, and why. That she really liked the hand crafted card and she’d pull out elements to talk about, to tell what she liked about them.

I think there is a lesson there. No, I know there is a lesson there,…..and as I was doing my homework my land line rang. I answered it. It was Miss E.

We talked, we laughed, we cried, we shared. We both have adult daughter’s who have moved back home. She has so much to teach me, so much wisdom, so many lessons.

I want to be just like Miss E. when I grow up.

7 x 7 Valid Awards, Points & Random Posts

One of the most talented poetess I have had the honor of reading here at WP is Lone Wolf Poetry. If you are not familiar with her work you are definitely missing out. Her prose reaches the heart  and gently tugs.

Her blog can be found below:

Ms Lone Wolf, who was named this cool name by someone in her life has awarded me this coveted 7 x 7 award.

I have seen this award around, read many of awardees’ posts. I believe I may have played this one a time before.  However my attempts to find any reliable source as to where this award began came up empty-handed. So on the wings of the encouragement I was sent from Lone Wolf I shall play respectfully. And with some passion.

Thank you Lone Wolf for thinking of me. I hope your faith in me is with justice.


The rules for the 7×7 link award:

Rule 1: Tell everyone something that no one else knows about you. –

Hmmm this is getting more difficult with each posting… I have to think about this…. well if I told you that you’d likely never read me again.. so let’s try again… OH! I know!  I’m a spoiled brat! It’s true. I am the only girl in my family. Two brothers, all male cousins, When my husband met me my two brothers old him he had to keep me spoiled because that is what I was used to. That’s been 42 years ago and both my brothers feel my husband made out okay. And me? I never want for a thing.

Rule 2: Link to one of your posts that you personally think best fits the following categories:

Most Beautiful Piece,

Most Helpful Piece,…e-ribbons-2012/

Most Popular Piece,

Most Controversial Piece,

Most Surprisingly Successful Piece,

last hurrah


plural ∼ -rahs

Most Underrated Piece,…es-aka-normals/ ‎


and Most Pride-Worthy Piece.…-years-the-man/

Whewww.. that was not easy. Go ahead, you try.

Rule 3: Pass this award on to seven other bloggers. Daily Sweet Peas, Cee’s  Life Photography Blog , Diabetic Redemption,  Maxi’s Comment, It’s A Real Pain, and Chris Donner, Mystery WriterI am cheating a bit and twisting the rules to my own liking. Always the trouble make, the rabble-rouser. I’d like to name an 8th blogger. She is new to my world and I find her, and her blog incredibly delightful. I think this is a perfect way to get to know one another. An Ice breaker as my dear friend Cee would say. So as is said,without further adieu please meet my newest blogging friend, Caddo Veil. 


©tjhelser 2012

Share Your World Sunday Week #21

 Alas; It’s Sunday Once Again My Darlings. Do you dare look out your door this morning? Oh Do! You will be kindly rewarded with many riches…..

…… the Sunday Paper For Instance~

“Here of a Sunday morning

 My love and I would lie,

 And see the coloured counties,

 And hear the larks so high,

 About us in the sky.”

Sunday Morning In My World.

This weeks questions from my hero Cee. If you by the way have not found her new blog, her other blog. please do.

It’s a great day to be reading a new blog, and a fantastic day to follow Cee’s challenge here and answer this weeks probes.


  • If you were having difficulty on an important test and could safely cheat by looking at someone else’s paper, would you do so?

Nope. Who would I be really cheating?  Me. Who would lose out on the purpose of the lesson? Yep, that would again be me. So no way.

  • Since adolescence, in what three-year period do you feel you experienced the most personal growth and change?

The three years between our oldest daughter being a toddler and our baby daughter an infant. I went from young wife to wise woman.  I never knew how brilliant my mom was until then, or how much I had yet to learn. My girls have taught me so much about life, and continue to do so to this day. Now I have lived to see the day my girls have found me to be so brilliant. My grand children teach me much as well. They all have taught me to see how Blessed I am.

  • If you could change one thing about your home, what would you like to change?

I’d love to have new screens put in on the windows, my kitchen slider door removed and French doors instead. I’d like to put a deck off the Master bedroom and put a hot tub there. And I’d as long as I am dreaming, I’d like to have a water feature put in that I could hear from my bed. Not much. Maybe $35,000 or so would do.

  • If you were given a yacht today, what would you name it?

  mes baronnes expédier ~



 Millions long for immortality who do not know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon ~

©tjhelser 2012

We’re In Search Of….

Speaking with a brother blogger it came to our notice that an entire, albeit sad demographic ,could be benefited by our blogs. Missing Children. Just think about how if I post,repost or “Reblog” the face and facts about a missing child and my brother blogger does the same (actually he started this) and you do the same, and then so and so does so on his/her blog etc etc…. Can you imagine?

Tonight how many babies and children are not asleep where they belong? How many faces of children did you see today that are strangers to you?  Is is possible? Could it be?

How would we even dream it possible without the facts and photos?

So here is my challenge today, this Sunday April 30th 2012. If you know God forbid, of a  missing child share with us. And if you don’t know one thank God and now help us spread the facts and shining faces of those we do know about. Blog it.  Post it. Repost it. Reblog it!

We can be force folks, if we put our energy together. Ever wanted to be a child advocate?

You just start here.

With little Gabriel

Gabriel Johnson / Elizabeth Johnson

Posted: 04/16/2012  • By: staff, wire reports

PHOENIX – Jurors won’t get to hear a statement by the mother of a missing Arizona baby in which authorities say she told a police detective that she killed the boy in Texas, a judge ruled Monday.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Paul McMurdie issued the ruling regarding the upcoming trial of Elizabeth Johnson, 25, saying her constitutional rights were violated when a San Antonio detective interviewed her in a Phoenix jail without her attorneys being there or even knowing about the interview.

“It was inappropriate, and I would go so far as to say an un-American-type of thing to do,” Johnson’s attorney, Marc Victor, told reporters after the hearing, which Johnson chose not to attend. “This is a real slap in the face of the Constitution and our justice system.”

A San Antonio police spokesman did not immediately return a call for comment about the ruling.

McMurdie declined a request by the lawyer to dismiss all the charges based on the constitutional violation.

Johnson has pleaded not guilty to child abuse, kidnapping and custodial interference in the case of her missing son, 8-month-old Gabriel.

Investigators said Johnson drove the boy to San Antonio from Tempe in December 2009, stayed about a week then took a bus to Florida without him. She was arrested Dec. 30 in Florida and returned to Arizona.

Gabriel has never been found, and police still don’t know if he’s dead or alive.

During an hours long interview with San Antonio police Detective Jesse Salame in a Phoenix jail, Johnson said she killed Gabriel, authorities have said.

Victor said Salame used coercion to get Johnson to make the statement and that his tactics included getting her shackles removed, comforting her throughout the interview by patting her shoulder and leg, and saying that her defense attorneys weren’t looking out for her and didn’t have the same kind of power he did.

Victor also said Salame only recorded parts of the interview and at the time, Johnson was still viewed as mentally unfit. She has since been found competent to stand trial and assist in her own defense.

 “This is the kind of thing you would

expect to see in a Third-World

country,” Victor said. “This is not the

kind of thing you would expect to see

in the justice system in Arizona.”

Johnson has provided conflicting stories about what happened to Gabriel. Police say she texted the boy’s father that she killed Gabriel and put his body in a trash bin. She later recanted and said that she gave him to a couple in San Antonio.

Johnson’s statement to the boy’s father, Logan McQueary, could be used at her trial.

McQueary, who detectives do not suspect in the boy’s disappearance, also was in court Monday in a separate case. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of theft and was sentenced to a year of probation.

Tammi Peters Smith, a north Scottsdale woman who had been seeking to adopt Gabriel from Johnson, is set to be in court Tuesday for opening statements in her trial on charges of felony forgery and conspiracy to commit custodial interference related to Gabriel.

Associated Press



Detective Says Elizabeth Johnson

Admitted Killing Baby Gabriel

In an audio recording obtained by CNN affiliate KPHO, a San Antonio police detective reportedly told missing baby Gabriel Johnson’s father that the boy’s mother admitted to killing him when he interviewed her in jail last summer.

According to KPHO, Detective Jesse Salame called Logan McQueary and attempted to explain why he questioned Elizabeth Johnson without her attorneys present—an action that the defense has tried to use as a basis for dismissing the kidnapping case against her.

In the recorded call, Salame reportedly states that Johnson said she killed the 8-month-old child because “she was frustrated with everything and frustrated with you and frustrated with Tammi [Smith]” and she didn’t want either of them to get custody of Gabriel. KPHO also reports that Salame claimed he was close to getting her to tell him where Gabriel was when her attorneys interrupted them.

On Monday, Johnson refused to attend a status conference in Maricopa County Superior Court where a judge scheduled arguments for March 1 on her attorneys’ motion to dismiss the case. A supplement to the prosecution’s response to that motion was ordered sealed, along with their objection to Johnson’s waiver of appearance at court hearings.

Johnson has been charged with kidnapping, child abuse and custodial interference in connection with the disappearance of Gabriel, who was last seen with her in San Antonio on December 27, 2009. Though she initially told McQueary, her boyfriend, that she had killed Gabriel and thrown his body away in a diaper bag, she has since maintained that she actually gave him to an unidentified couple in a San Antonio park. Authorities have found no evidence to support that claim.

Also on Monday, a letter that Johnson wrote to Judge Paul J. McMurdie in December was entered into the record. In the handwritten letter, she acknowledges that contacting him is probably “inappropriate” but she is “against conformity,” and she does not care if her attorneys disapprove of her behavior “because I believe in myself and my case.”

Johnson complains about the “dreadful mugshot” that “’they’ love using” and the “great negative ‘stigma’” that the media has placed on her. She says that she hopes the judge—who she hears is “not the best, nor the worst judge I could have”—will give her a fair trial despite all of that. Still, she states that she believes that the legal system is “corrupt, unfair and unjust,” based on her experience so far.

Johnson closes the letter by telling McMurdie that “I am not what ‘they’ say I am. Not in the least! I will tell you what I am; I am love! And not one drop of cowardice runs in my blood! I was not born in vain, nor will I die in vain. (I may have lived in vain)”

Two other letters were filed with the court on Monday. In one, a former San Antonio telecommunications official claims to have evidence of criminal activity within the San Antonio Police Department that he says taints anything they are involved with, including this case. The second letter is from Elizabeth Johnson’s “Religious Advisor” at Maricopa County Jail, who says that Johnson has been “completely cooperative and responsive,” has “manifested willingness to learn and grow” and “manifests a spirit of genuine kindness and concern for others.”

Read more: