As most of my readers know I am a CASA. This is where my true passion has always laid with children.
This stiry, this beautiful smiling precious angel’s stort needs told. It needs to posted here, on your blog, even print it out and post it at work.
The pwer pf the press is amazing yes? Just think what the power of WordPress can do?


26th April 2012      Check their website.

I presume we all know the story of Madeleine, (if not please check their parents web site) the police in UK have just updated a picture as shown, and her parents are pushing high profile publicity again. And because of our blog sites, Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. We can all help by publicising,posting or re-posting what ever, and if Madeleine is out there someone might see, and report. And we can only try to repatriate parents and daughter. Hope my little bit will lead to bigger and fruitful results.  Thank you.

Madeleine McCann

This is a new age-progression image of Madeleine, commissioned by the Metropolitan Police.

Madeleine was born in May 2003 – a long-awaited and very much longed for little girl. She lives in the village of Rothley in Leicester, with her mummy and daddy…

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    • Me too Maxi. You & I tend to these chi;dren. Caylee Anthony comes to mind.

      It’s kind of sad that of all that may see this either just pass it be, or don’t bother to comment even if they bother with reading. I do hope they at least see her face.

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