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Maybe Just For Today!

Thriving despite the best of what tries to pull me down.

Not giving in to this day, finding calm on the seas even though this ship wants to rock me like there will be no more tide.

This being part of what moves me forward, this attitude of mine. This shall be my declaration today.

That I’ll move forward with grace, with aplomb, and with a smile planted on this face.

Maybe just for today… 

©tjhe;ser 2012

Share Your World Sunday Week # 20

It’s Sunday, maybe my most favorite day of the week. I mean what’s not to love about loafing around if you are so inclined?  I am. And I am also just cheeky enough to give myself permission to spend the entire day doing as I please. For me part of that has to do with attire. Or lack of it unless you count jammies. If there is something happening that requires dressing I’ll do so for said event, then once home again I’m back in my PJ’s.

Along with all the lovelies that Sunday comes with this weeks Share Your World Sunday Week # 20 is pretty good. I’ve no idea how Cee manages to come up with such inventive questions but I’m grateful she does. I am enamored with the memories they inspire and I like the way each question lets us peek into one another’s personalities.

If you are interested in joining us each week and allowing a glimpse into your world just click on Cee;’s link, copy and paste the questions and when you’ve finished answering make sure you link your pst back onto Cee’s blog which can  be found @

Here are this weeks questions from our founder and facilitator Cee. Another set of intriguing questions.


  • How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

I really love this question and so jazzed I get to talk about this.  I would be in my early 30’s. Before 35. The reasons for this have to do with good health. This would be before the Implant Disaster and if I could take hindsight with me into my 30’s I’d research many more options. I also loved my 30;s because my daughter’s were in their teens and what hoot that time was. Dirty Dancing and Flash Dance out on our red wood deck with our girls and all their friends boogying until each board to the deck was dancing with them too. I prayed that the support beams would hold them.  Such memories!

  • What is the kindest thing anyone has done for you?

This one is a bit more difficult, only because I have received so many kindnesses in my life. Remember, I have lived for over half a century. The times that most stand out for me are when someone acted out of random kindness not expecting ever to receive anything back for it. A young gentleman who has been part of life since he was just 2 years old and is now in his late 30’s will fit into this answer perfectly for me. His name is Troy and his dad is my husband’s best friend. For several of our first winters back in Oregon from Seattle wet Washington  we were met head on with so much snow we were shell-shocked. Troy, knowing my husband has had 3 failed back surgeries would show up out of no where, we’d find him outside with his own snow shovel clearing out our car and a place to walk safely down the 14 steps of our deck to our driveway. It seems the random acts of kindness in my life revolve around Snow Angels.

Thanks Troy! You are the best son I never had.

  • What was your favorite childhood television program?

It was a cooking show called Cooking with Chef Horst Mager. It could not have been any later than the late 1050’s, in Portland, Oregon. A local chef did a half hour show each week day. Before FoodNetwork was so popular or even thought of actually. I would line up all my cooking utensils, some make-shift, some grand versions of the same adult sized. I then would mockingly follow every step, every technique the Chef would do. It was my very first love affair with culinary television. and the slight forecast for my future of being a chef groupie,

The man on the right of the Chef is our then Mayor Neil Goldschmidt (1072 1979). Under President Jimmy Carter the honorable Neil Goldschmidt was our 6th Secretary of Transportation (1979 -1981) and  He then went on to become our Governor back here in Oregon ~ (1987 – 1991)  Does he look like he is saying, “No thank you Chef?”

  • Which cooking utensil (other than the usual pots and pans etc) would you miss the most?

This would be my bench scraper. I use it for everything. From scooping up diced vegetables for a soup to cutting up day old bread for bread crumbs with its sharpened edge. I find it my most useful utensil I own. Next to that would have been my bulb whisk. It’s nice and large and gets the job done lickety split. (I’ve been waiting to use that expression for some time.)

So that’s it for yet another week folks. Tune in next week same time, same channel.

©tjhelser 2012