16 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday April 21, 2012

    • OKAY CEE! I am feeling incredibly better. Even went to Joann’s bought some supplies. Came home planted some plants outside, and weeded the front yard. Felt so good to get my fingers in the dirt. I love to make mud pies. That’s what D calls my gardening time.
      And no nap!

      It’s been an awesome day and I am feeling especially loved and cared for too. Is that weird?

      I hope you day with Chris was a really good one. Tell me later about what you did when you write. I look forward to your novel, your turn. (only if a novel is there, don’t worry if it does not happen tonight. Sometimes the days become long all of a sudden and just want you to know I’ll know that is what it is)

      Special hugs for you today my hero!

    • You’re so kind to me Terri, and I love you for it. I have to say as corny as it may sound I am sensing so much positive energy from my blogging family I have been feeling the power of healing.
      Thank you dear lady~

      It’s really been an incredible couple of days.

    • Yeah I finally gave you one. After the inspiriations you always give me it’s nice I’m able to inspire you

      Hope you are well and there is sun shining on you today, hugs from me here working through the day with smiles and perserverance.

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