Keep Rocking On Dick Clark

He helped bring Rock and Roll into my parents living room, He encouraged me to dance, I learned how to critique music from the spin offs, My collection of 45 rpm’s are special because of him.

Dick Clark,  you and American Bandstand were always part of my Saturday’s and  I’ll treasure those memories forever.

That’s my Dick Clark.

God Speed Mr Clark!!

©tjhelser 2012

15 thoughts on “Keep Rocking On Dick Clark

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  3. We have lost a dear friend, a mentor, and a beautiful person. I remember Dick Clark from the beginning; will always feel he was special.

    Blessings to you, Toni

    • He brought the top 40 to my life. I lived in a small town in Oregon and we had little live performances. AM Radio and American Bandstand was it for us. Our weekends were wrapped around the Top 40 charts and America Bandstand.

      I think of all the bands/artist’s we saw, really incredible.

  4. Thank you, Dick Clark, for all those memories of watching American Bandstand with girlfriends, dancing to the music, following Justine and Bob’s relationship, loving the music and being part of it all.

    • Oh my Carol, I can see the dance floor and the all the kids dancing in the most mod hip best. I can see the playlist and feel the excitement in my own living room. And I can see my mom roll her eyes and my dad move to the beat.

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    • I thought the same thing. that it sounded so peacefu;. And God knows the struggles hes dealth with since his stroke. But the man deserves special kudos for such grace and courage that he held, and an example he set for us all.

    • Yep. I’m sure you have heard by now. I thought of you too kate as I was writing this, knowing like me as a kid you had the rock and roll world in your home on Saturday afternoons too.
      What music would we have missed out on?

      • I know. And New Year’s Eve will never be the same. Ryan Seacrest has always been so very respectful during these transition years since Dick Clark’s stroke. That impressed me. God bless Dick Clark….The dance floor in heaven must be hopping now! I will think of Mr. Clark during the next thunderstorm, for sure.

        • “The dance floor in heaven must be hopping now! I will think of Mr. Clark during the next thunderstorm, for sure”

          I really love that! I too will be thinking of Mr Clark too when it the skies fill with those amazing thunderous clouds.
          Rocking on forever Dick Clark!

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