Share Your World Sunday Week #19

Note to Cee: { I hope you are starting to feel better and are catching up on your “spoons”.  Hitting the wall is a perfect example & expression of spending every Spoon from your stash as well. I like your expression of it. For different reasons I know this all too well and my heart is being tugged just thinking of you not feeling well. I know you were not complaining, just stating a fact. I’m glad you did. I just wanted you to know I care and am sending gentle hugs today. Sunday! Feel better and thanks so much for the questions~


( The story that goes with this is for another post to follow soon. )

Yeah for Sunday!! For so many reasons I adore Sundays. It’s a day of rest, and of reflection of the week gone by. It’s also Share Your World Sunday which has started to become part of my Sunday routine. Like the spreading of the Sunday paper all over the couch and living room floor there are just some things that help you feel cozy and all is right in your world. So it’s Sunday, a  Nascar Truck race is on in the background, the paper is partially read and laying all over the floor, and I am now sitting with said laptop writing the answers to this weeks Share Your World questions. And it’s Sunday! Oh yeah!

Here are the questions that our lovely Cee created for us this Sunday. If you’ve never joined in before it’s never too late. Check out this weeks questions on Cee’s post at her Blog at:

This has been great fun for me, but it also offers prompts quite often that touch something which then I’m often inspired to write about. It’s about getting to know one another, and it’s also about getting to know ourselves.

 My Answers:

• Do you believe in ghosts?

 I definitely believe in spirits that have not for whatever reason been able to move to the other side. Where that “other side” is I’m not sure. But I experience quite often a real strong sense of our good friend Jerry’s spirit around me and our home. It’s not the spooky thing that TV and movies have us thinking of. But more a sense, and then often a real physical presence such as inanimate objects being moved from spot to another. I know some would say it’s a coincidence, but I’m not buying that. That I am sure of, that it is not some coincidence. I do believe, just not in the sense of white sheeted looking ghouls.

Now you all know how truly eccentric I am. No more guessing!

 •What is your best recipe?

Aside from a happy life & kitchen?. My husband tells me it has to be hands down my mom’s pot roast. It took me years, I mean literally years to finally make it like my mom’s tasted. D. loved my moms as much as I did and it was always a disappointment when I’d attempt it. Finally about two years ago after still much research (my mom is no longer with us but even she could not figure out what I was doing wrong) and many attempts I got it! Now I when pop it in a sloooow oven I’m confident it’s going to be a perfect one dish wonder.~

 •What is your most favorite smell/scent?

Vanilla. I love this in culinary use and love it for personal use. I have lotions that are vanilla based that are perfect with the cologne I wear. Albeit rarely. My beloved D who is Chemical Sensitive cannot tolerate any floral notes. Years and years ago (almost half a century) he found a musk oil that he liked. He bought me a small bottle of the oil and I’ve been wearing only it since.  It’s always a Christmas gift I know I’m getting before I get it. It is complimented really nice with my Vanilla lotion.

•What subject was your favorite in all of your schooling? Why?

English. Anything to do with reading and writing. I loved it all. Even in classes I did not like as well – just add some reading and writing assignments to the curriculum and I was a happy camper who was able to learn more easily. Math & numbers are not my friends. It’s been obvious to me for many moons that I don’t work as well from the left part of my brain. Which may be why I have a difficult time critiquing my own work.

I’m convinced that My right side of my brain is the more dominant side.

©tjhelser 2012


20 thoughts on “Share Your World Sunday Week #19

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    • I wonder how many women just here at WP alone feel the same? I’d also like to know the generational differences along with the answers too, Feeling all along that had we been encouraged to do well in math and science we may have do so. What’s your take on this?

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  4. Such wonderful and touching answers. I do love our pot roast recipe story. It might be a good question to add to my questions. I just added to my list of questions…so one day it will be out there.
    Thanks so much for your note to me. I’m doing a little bit better. It’s just when I hit a wall doing nothing is the best for me. Thanks so much for your support. I so adore it.

    • I completely am able to relate Cee. I have chronic fatigue and pain from several health issues that all derive from the failed jaw implants. From Giant Cell Response/Reaction to Fibromyalgia. With connective tissue disease and arthritis added just for fun. It matters none what the nanes of the illnesses are, or where they come from. What matters is treatments. I know from some recent research about Lymes that there are no difinitive treatments and no cutre. Just managing symptoms. This I ca also relate to

      I sincerely keep you in my prayer’s daily. You are a sister fighting the same fight in many ways. I really needed to say all this, I hope you didn’t mind.
      Please take care of yourself

  5. I know exactly what you meant when you said “This has been great fun for me, but it also offers prompts quite often that touch something which then I’m often inspired to write about. It’s about getting to know one another, and it’s also about getting to know ourselves.” !

    • It’s so true, yes? I love that about doing this. I hesitated at first because I need my blog to not feel like an obligation to write. I have avoided all other types of writing challenges like this. But there was a pull from Cee;s blog, and that her questions are so good helped too. Now I’m hooked and as I said it’s become part of my ritual. The answers we share are a good source of inspiration I think.

      By the way I bought kindle version of that book you posted about. ” Not Quite What I Was Planning” Pretty cool book. I’ll find it useful for memory books and scrapbooking too. Thank you so much.

  6. I totally enjoyed your responses to Cee’s questions. I know what you mean by trying to get a “mom” recipe to taste just like Mom’s. The only one I ever got exactly is poulty stuffing and gravy. Most other things are almost but not quite.

    • I think we should have a question (note to Cee) about our Mom’s recipes, which one we do get right. Because I’ll bet we are not the only two that have this conundrum. There are so many things my mom made that I crave but cannot replicate.

      Stuffing and grace is quite a feat. I’d not even attempt that one. There is my mom’s Pork and Sauerkraut. And she was Irish Funny! It’s not ever hers and worse its always awful! Oh well, such is life.

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