Creative Wings Soaring Once Again

It was beginning to feel that being creative beyond a project here, or a card there, was not within my current grasp.

But alas; the mojo started to begin to drip the week before leaving for vacation. A trip out side of Dodge was always planned on being a creative week. It’s something my vacation pal and I both were intent on finding time for. It was an absolute delight to be able to do as we please that week, not having to account to anyone was a delight. Being true to our own arts, finding the time, was a gift that we gave to our selves. I kind of like and do need some structure in my world, even on vacations. Looslely structered time for practicing the arts that are at the core of my being.  And this one week of extreme bliss was all I’d looked for it to be, and then some things more.

Part of the some things more were that during that week away we found ourselves a few nights that week creating hand crafted greetings cards. It was part of the plan all along. After all we’d shopped for new and additional supplies and tools, we had to make sure everything worked okay. Right?

My newest addition to the inventory stash I’m trying to build up were easy coming. It’s never work and was not so even the week away. This is why when packing for a trip, any trip some kind of art supplies must have a place.  These cards below are a few of what was created at the coast. Our days were spent sometimes shopping for art and card making supplies, sometimes fresh food such as crab for dinner one night, drinking coffee every night,  staying up late,  and a talking all the time, day and night.

Here is the outcome of my week’s works:

Hope you enjoyed having a peek. I look forward to your comments and also look forward to you coming back.



32 thoughts on “Creative Wings Soaring Once Again

  1. You are so creative. I love hand crafts, but my special interest is glass painting. But here where I leave I can’t always find materials, specially paints – colors, to use them. And with small children no much time. But if I make something I will posti photo of it so you can see it and give your expert opinion.

    • Oh Gina, Thank you so very much. I understand the time thing. I managed to create 17 new cards but now finding the time to photograph them is something else.
      Your kind words have made my day, as soon as you post I look forward to seeing what you’re up to. I love to share, it’s inspiring.

    • You always brighten my day. And night. Thank you Ruby for your thoughts. Your comments bring such joy to the heart. I’m really glad you like them. I have some new ones to add as I’ve been very productive lately.

    • awww.. thank you kind friend. It’s good to be back in my saddle again.
      Just a mild slump which I blew into a huge air baloon. Wisking my creative energies away. It’s good to be grounded again.


    I won’t let myself loose in the paper goods aisle and I’ve resisted scrapbooking. I took a peek a few weeks ago because a friend suggested scrapbook paper for a decopauge project. I had to back slowly out of the aisle as to not stir the creative juices too much.

    I tend to become slightly obsessed/possessed by the things I love which by the way is why I am not sleeping. I am searching for a word. Yes, a single word. But it has to be the right word. Could you imagine what printed and patterned paper would do to me??????

    Lovely, like the Lady herself!

    • LOL.. I can imagine. Too many choices gets me often. I’m afraid it’s too late for me. I have an addiction to paper, almost any paper that attracts my eye, speaks to my soul, pulls my creative strings. It can be a piece a mail for all I care as long as its pretty or unusual. I have this thing with privacy business envelopes, they often come with really cool almost like hens tooth pattern paper inside. It’s become an obsession of mine looking for red. Red is rare.
      So you see I do really get it. I often refer to my medium as my crack. I have a room full of my stash, yet some new designer comes out with a new line and I’m counting my pennies.

      I justify it with; it could be so much worse, but what addict does not tell them selves the same thing?

      Thanks so much for your sweet critique. It is validating for me. Your opinion means a lot because you are such a talented woman~

      • Then it should be no surprise that I describe all similar creative addictions of my own as “crack”. LOL

        And the only joy I have in my daughter finishing school and readying herself to tackle Beverly Hills is I will now have an entire room as an office/craft room/crack storage facility.

        In your post about your trip you talked about going to Hobby Lobby. I remember thinking, “Oh thank goodness we don’t have one of those here.” Then this weekend I was watching craft shows on PBS and one of them was sponsored by this mecca and I laughed right out loud! Yep, good thing there’s not one within several hundred miles because as I was explaining one of the projects to my husband he had to remind me to breathe. LOL

        Yep, I get it too! The cards are gorgeous! Like you….

        • Breathe… just breathe.. I love it! (I like your giy, he’s smart)

          I watch PBS too and get so “high” just smelling the materials they are using in the projects.. Then if there is a new product segment I’m a goner. Too many ideas, too little energy. Not to mention the bucks involved.

          When is your daughter leaving? Such a bittersweet time. The empty room will be such a reminder so putting it in such a fun and upbeat use is really brilliant. Focusing your intent on creating a room where your wings can spread is an exciting venture. I’m still putting mine together to get it just so. Have fun with it and make your place to renew, reflect, and regain.~

          I love you lady and am still quite blown away our paths have crossed.

          • She’s not sure when she’s leaving…lots of details to work out.

            I’m sure as a mom and a wife and all those other things you have been and are you know it’s hard for us women to have our own space–heck I’m happy if I can go to the bathroom in peace! I’ve always wanted a space of my own and not just the corner of some room but my gorgeous baby girl (I see that girl with a huge blonde mane of curls not the woman she is) seems a price too steep. It’s just not fair! I think just knowing she has fibro too makes it harder to “just let go” because I worry about her in a way I never had to worry about my boys. In a way the room will become a tribute to her spirit–creative and determined.

            I love you too!

          • Both my girls are still a tug on my heart strings even though they have been on their own for a good 18 years (wow that long? gulp) it still has an affect on me today. It does not take much to bring on a bit of meloncholy. It’s just what moms do.
            Just keep an eye on yourself throughout, she’ll be fine.

    • You are so sweet! I like that one too. It’s really different from what I normally end up with. So if for no other reason I like for that reason. But I have a thing for daisy like flowers, daisyies, mums, sunflowers, zinnias, anything with spikey type petals.

    • Thank you kind lady! I have found that creative mojo somewhere~ I have even been working on the painted background to a collage I’m creating, building upon I should say since it’s layering that has me so obsessed. LOL..

      I think of you and Michael while working on it, hoping I can channel you both. Thanks again for your encouragement Terri. You have been great support.

  3. Kudos, Toni. Your creations are delightful, to the eye and the heart.

    As for the one who revealed her affair, it was clear she wanted approval. Best to let her move on.

    Blessings – Maxi

    • Thank you dear Maxi. Your kind words always make my mornings. You are so right about the confessor in the group. She has moved on as they say, tool some people out on her way but she has hopefully found where she feels happy and content.

    • Oh Cee, thanks for the WOW lady! Coming from you this is a compliment that not only is a kindness to receive but your words carry weight in my eyes. Your photography is such a fantastic art form that you being impressed at all pleases me.

    • You say the loviest things! I would like to think that those who receive my vards think as you would. If you would be comfortable with this idea send me you addy in a private email and maybe you’ll be a tester for me.I could have an honest opinion of someone objective. Just thinking out loud here and this may sound crazy, so please know that I’d understand perfectly if it feels weird.

      Thanks again for your kind comments. Means the world to me.

        • I highly recommend doing anything like this that puts us in touch again with that little girl that each of still needs to nurture. And nurturing includes play, right?

          When we have done this up with four if us occasionally we have just opted to change out the food for big girl foods, the activities for more big girl activities, Such as pedi’s & mani’s, even just sitting and playing an adult version of truth or dare.
          The critical thing I believe is those attending are at least familiar with one another’s belief systems in life. This is not the time for surprises. Like the lady who in 2009 on a beach trip slumber get away chose then to confess to her roomies (none we close intimate friends) that she wass having an affair with her beau from high school. Both are married to other people. Okay, this was so not the time. You could literally hear the bottoms falling out of the other ladies tummy’s. Awful. It was hard to move past that so that night everyone just went to bed early and very quiet. Not that this could have been expected, yet this lady is renown for her antics. My hostess said her guest list would be rethought for the next year, and it was.

          I mean, what do you say in that kind of situation. I’m still unsure all though many not so nice options came to mind.

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