And His Name is Truman ~

I’ve been asked about this guy in my life by a couple of people. (Note to Terri OA:  here it is – as promised) I apparently am not hiding my affair with him from people very well despite my attempts to keep my undying love for him a secret.

This handsome face who I adore wakes me up the morning with light kisses on my nose, delights all my senses with games of chases around the house, and curls up beside me for cat naps several times throughout the day.

I’m sure that those of you who know me could reason this is just not me I am writing about. Not the me you have come to know. But I promise you that I have enough passion  in my life to afford this love affair. It’s not taking a thing away from the love I have for my groom of almost 42 years. I have enough passion and love for all three guys in my life, without either one of them distracting from the other. In fact just the opposite. These three guys know each other very well. My husband D, my grandson T,  and the 3rd guy; who has my heart. They are all three really good friends too.  It is the only way I will have it.

So with this post’s intent I’d like to introduce you all to the one guy in my world who really asks the littlest of me.  I thought you’d enjoy meeting him~

 His Name Is Truman~

He has a real Red Eye issue that no matter what I try to do I am unable to edit it out.


Loves hardwood floors. Nothing makes skating as much fun.

Truman’s favorite place to be is on the down comforter when he can get away with it. Just like in this photo he’s snuck away and no one notices he’s n a room he is not supposed to be in.

Again with the red-eye. And he insists he drinks just milk.

Truman knows what a Cool Cat that he is. I dig him probably more so than any other cat in my life.

©tjhelser 2012

12 thoughts on “And His Name is Truman ~

  1. You will have to move over!!!!!!!! Truman must be all mine! 🙂 🙂 No really he is cute though! I am so glad you posted about him. This is the first day of reading posts in a week, and I really shouldn’t be reading now but I am trying to squeeze it all in. Pets are wonderful there is just no way around it. So uncomplicated, and you can’t hardly mess it up the love thing… feed them talk sweet and that is it. My cat was gone for two months and finally showed up Monday quite a bit skinnier. She likes the wild side, but I think she gets lost in the woods and can’t hear or smell her way back as quickly as she used to. Thanks for posting Truman to the world. Little does he know that his admiration society has been multiplied. 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Terri!
      Tru. is so happy to know he has captured your heart. He knew he would.

      I agree pets are what makes the world go around so smoothly. They take the bumps out of life. I’m so happy to hear that your girl came home. I can imagine the woods must call her name. It’s just so cool that she has the woods to roam and play tiger in. Truman would be beside himself with so much freedom to just split. His first 3 yrs he was raised in a high rise, in downtown Seattle. Not a good place for outdoor cats. When we moved back home here to Oregon we decided that Truman was just too trusting, he has no idea he is a cat. So although he a full time indoor cat he’s adapted to a harness and leash. He goes outside to garden with me, a great companion in the flower beds. I’ll get some photos of him outside gardening and post here in the future.

      I miss you when you’re away but at least know that you are most likely overwhelmed with life, but are okay(?) It’s always so good to know when you’re back.

      • I have never seen a cat on a harnes and leash. You are a great lion tamer!! I didn’t know a cat could respond that way!! Thanks for the kind words. 🙂 🙂

        • He really loves the spring and summer when we let him out side on his leash. He also goes on road trips with us. Not in his carrier albeit that is the way he gets to the car. Once we’re all settled in out he comes and rides on the dash where he can see where we are going. He’s a great traveler! You should see people’s smiles when they spot him in the cock pit with us on the freeway. He loves, loves the attention he KNOWS he is getting. He is just a ham. ~

          [not kind words, just the facts missy]

          • Hilarious!!! Most cats go bonkers in the car. I guess Truman has all of his brain cells and then some. A true leader of sorts. I have never seen that…my goodness taking a cat to the vet… nightmare. Even in a cage. You do not want to know! 🙂

          • LOl I can see the fur and your hair flying. Going to the vet muct remain a secret until just before the time I take it. We somehow lucked out with the Truman, he just has no idea he’s a cat and as long as he doesn’t know how to act he’ll mimic people.and dogs I guess. That;s what he sees and what he knows. He is a dream to travel with. I’ll have to dig out the cd that has his photos from his long road trip in 2010. He did so good being in the sat for up to 7 hours. Then made pals with everyone he met at the hotel where we stayed. He’s a riot!

  2. I LOVE cats. When I was young we didn’t have animals. When my daughter was three, I bought our first cat. It’s been cats ever since. Everyone we’ve had in the past 30 years has been special and an addition to the family.

    • This is an interesting relative point. I also did not grow up with animals as pets per se. My dad had a beagle names Sebastian Sam that who trained as hunting dog although my dad no longer hunted. But Sam was not welcome in my mom’s home. So he really was not part of my life. And to this day I can hear my mom about cats. No way!

      Since I married very young and started a family with my husband we have always been a cat family. During the years our girls were young and at home there were many years they each had their own kitten/cats. My husband & I have never been without from the day we rented our first tiny little home. It was so little I called it the playhouse. My first kitten there was Poindexter. Then we adopted Noname who lived with us and our neighbors for almost 15 years. We’ve even had an all white, deaf cat. He was our first 100% inside cat and since Truman was born and his first 3 years were spent on the 14th floor in ahigh rise in downtown Seattle he too in 100% inside.
      Gosh, sorry. Listen to me. Its as bad as talking about your children. good thing I’m not adding more photos.

      Thanks for commenting friend. You inspired a whole lot of memories there.

    • I’m reading Truman all the comments he’s getting, that’s how he rules the roost
      Oh yeah he is King. He knows he is much adored and he expects it. He is as I said the coolest cat I know and have had the pleasure of being a guest in his home and his life. He is quite the charachter to be certain.

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