Share Your World Sunday Week #17

I find by the time Sunday rolls around the mental and emotional fatigue of living with a health condition that is not managed tends to get the best of me. NO! That is not true. I tend to let it begin to get the best of me.

 { I do not mean to be whining even though I am}

The thoughts that I typically never see on my radar start rumbling along Saturday afternoon and into evening if they are going to rear their ugly heads.

By nature I am a pretty up person, finding life easy to navigate despite stumbling blocks in the way. We all have them and I try really hard to not let the moments that I struggle internally with to show on the face of my relationships. I have never found any comfort in letting others find my own trials and tribulations, knowing intimately they have their own they as well. I feel no need to share my own.

Yet by some Sunday morning’s- only some- I find myself just too burned out to put any more effort into trying to keep the upper lip stiff. This had been one of those weeks, and by the week’s end one of those thankfully rare Sunday’s. Thinking negatively I’m more than aware is life draining energy. Not something I have much room for.

This is one of the best reason’s I have for participating in Cee’s Share Your World Sunday. Not only do Cee’s questions take me away from the hum drum downward smile of my inward view, they also take me out side of my self, and outside my world which lets me focus on other people. In a positive way I have come to be rather smitten with this quiet time on Sunday. it’s becoming ritualistic for me.

Thanks again Cee , for not just a healthy way to turn away from negative thinking, but a fantastic & creative experience every Sunday!  I need all the good and positive energies I can muster.

Here are my answers to Cee’s questions:

  • At what time in your recent past have you felt most passionate and alive?

Just in the last year I have come to search for a particular personal quest. These last few weeks I have found that answer for myself, and it’s truly liberating. I realized that by my own actions and choices I was opting to continue to let myself be drained in a way that does not re-feed me. Finding the guts to let something go that for so long did in fact did feed my soul could be frightening as I have nothing yet in its place. Just the hole right now. But the hole feels better than the “thing” that drained me for all the wrong reasons. I feel most passionate about the time it leaves open for more, for that which will feed my soul.

  • What individual item of food would you not eat, even if it was served to you at the Queen/President’s dinner table? (Something ordinary.)

Cooked spinach, I mean cooked to the point of being slimy. Ewwww…!!

  • If you could choose between Wisdom and Luck, which one would you pick?

Wisdom it would be. Luck I have no way to manage, wisdom is manageable and something that can be duplicated over and over. Luck? I’m thinking maybe not so much.

  • What was the last time you went to a new place?

Great Question! I am not as good about doing this as I’d like to be. I actually went to a new spot in an old place not long ago. I recently wrote about being turned on to a magnificent spot called Crafter’s Warehouse. It’s in Oregon’s capital city, Salem which is an old place for me. I’ve been going to Salem since a young child as a school student visiting our state government, and as an adult when I worked for the state PTA Governor’s Board. Seeing Salem through the eyes of someone who did not grow up knowing our capital city as a child is one of the coolest ways to also see new spots. Thanks D. so much for that!

awhhh..feel so like I have quieted the loose tiger in me..



22 thoughts on “Share Your World Sunday Week #17

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  5. Your pain is there in every line, Toni, breaks my heart. On Sundays, I get a cup o’ coffee, my favorite crossword, get comfy in my recliner … and turn on Lifetime.

    No work, no phone, no world. Just me and leisure, aaah. Come Monday, I’m ready for another week.

    Blessings – Maxi

    • Oh Maxi I am so sorry for tugging at your heart. This is side of me you’ll not see very often if ever again. It disturbs me that I have created heart strings being pulled. It’s just not my norm.

      The Sunday ritual you have created for yourself feels very special, like a gem in rows of hay Setting time up for myself like that is something I’d enjoy. I have the chair, I’d replace the crossword puzzle with my art sketch book. I would treasure a desiginated time with it. Thanks Maxi for the inspiration.

  6. Wow! A wonderful answer, and a great explanation of what is happening in your life and your heart. I will try to be a little less abrasive! Sleep well, my good friend. 😎

    • You are so thoughtful, not abrasive. It’s called me wearing my heart on my sleeve and is not necessary or productive. I know that, knew that, it’s just a place I was in. I’m climbing back in my saddle again this morning and starting new. No more whining!

  7. When my son was little, he loved Popeye. OH he wanted spinach. Please buy me spinach he would say over and over. When he saw a can of spinach with Popeye on the label well that was it. The can was his. He was so excited and couldn’t wait to eat that green pile of goodness. Even the sight was appealing to him, and I thought I saw Christmas lights go off in his eyes as I sat the plate in front of him. We all waited for that first bite. Oh MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY !! He looked at me like I had poisined him. He was horrified!! He cried!! I wish I had taken a picture of his face. I don’t think he cared too much for Popeye after that….hilarious!!!! GET BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You did poison him girl!!LOL How hysterically funny! That’s a great story to keep telling over and over as they continue to grow. I am just in the last 12 years getting an idea how truly wonderful little boys. excuse me, young men are.
      Watching and being a part of our grandson whose 12 is my first boy experience. Having our two girls, plus a niece almost full time and a foster daughter, a whole brood of all their friends…I was immersed in little girls. I didn’t see a boy until they were about the age my grandson is now.
      He is a pure delight to my heart. Always yanking my heart strings and bringing smiles. He was just here for Spring break- almost as tall as his Papa who is 6;2″,
      (Thanks again for your kind thoughts and energy)

  8. I’m usually doing a lot better by Sunday. Friday is my low energy day. Unless of course I have a packed weekend…then the next week is my slow days!! So I totally understand.
    Oh what a wonderful write-up on your Sunday morning and how this uplifts you. I really try to keep this uplifting and fun. Maybe I need as much as you do, but have been able to put the words together as eloquently as you do. I’m glad I started this fun little thing. I would love to visit Salem with you. Being a newcomer to Oregon, I get lost in Salem and really don’t know that much about the town. It is so fun to see something fresh from new eyes. Sometimes that is even more fun and exciting than doing something new yourself. I always love your answers. Once again thanks for all the kind and uplifting words!!

    • Cee what will I replace you with on Sunday’s when you go on vacation? LOL..
      With my complete sincerity; I have seen Sunday’s challenges as always fun and interesting. Yet It was just this weekend, even as early as yesterday that I found myself looking forward to what the new questions would be I had no idea why until the full of it hit me this morning. I have that feeling too. The one where you know something has a hole in it but not sure where.
      I suspect Cee there is a writer on one shoulder, and photographers on both. What you say in photographs leaves no reason for word. In fact if I may; words could alter your depth of field so much if it were me I’d be tempted often to leave them out. When the adage” a picture is worth a thousand words” it was written because of you and your camera’s. .With you in mind.
      By the way, it’s a date in Salem. I’d love to show you the capitol building where I spent years as a state PTA lobbyist.

  9. I understand how much effort it takes to do things when you’re down. Hope you feel better soon. I’m glad to hear that participating has taken your mind off for a while.

    Hope the upcoming week is better than the last. I enjoyed reading your answers to Cee’s questions. Interesting how different / alike we are about some things.

    • I am so grateful that you were not put off from a atypical day on my range. I honestly would not hang around much if I found a person so bummed. Thankfully this is not my norm, as I said.
      And even more to be thankful is that a woman like you knows this to be so. I value people like you in my world, Thanks so much for taking the time and sharing your thoughts. I love learning about one anotehr’s likness and not so alikeness,

  10. You say your health condition is NOT managed? I wish something could be done.

    I’m sorry you were on a downer yesterday, or as the week closed. It’s great this share your world Sunday. I love reading about others’ lives. It is infinitely interesting, really. I love autobiographies, films based on true events and the like.

    I’ve never had spinach cooked to a stewiness – has to be only slightly cooked or nothing! Great read 🙂 & HERE’S HOPING FOR A BRIGHT WEEK.

    • If you are seeing a second comment in this place it’s not you. It’s the user here on this end. Somehow several comments have been wiped out by me. Not sure but I know I did it.

      So this may be a completely different reply, or a new one. I’ve confused myself royally. No laughing please. ; )

      I too am an auto–biography fan. I love life stories. I’m working on a writing exercise that has the student start out drafting the very 1st home and neighborhood remembered. Make the draft/sketch. Collage/painting as elaborate as desired, or simple. Then once done move on to the narration about this first home. It has been adding lumps in my throat as I am recalling more and more. When I first sat down I thought, ‘This is absurd, I’ll have a paragraph if I’m good. I’m still adding to it a good month later.
      Hmmm, sorry, got all caught up in that.

      I’m feeling better; don’t know what got into me. It’s not a norm for me,
      Thanks so much for your kind wishes.

      • Hey BB. I did get a weird message from you that was actually a post of yours! It was VERY weird because it didn’t appear in an email – only on that tiny tab on the top right which has numbers on it. I thought it was a WP quirk. That project you did sounds fantastic. Choking up? A lot seems to be going on, BB…

        • I still have no idea what happened. It was there, my comment and yours. I think; Gone. They were there, and then they were not there/ I know I am tired but I’m not that tired.
          Bed time cannot come soon enough for me tonight.

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