So Tired of losing 3 Year Olds.

Jahnisha McIntosh has been charged with manslaughter in the accidental shooting death of her son, Julio Segura-McIntosh, who shot himself with a gun found under a car seat.

TACOMA, Wash. — A mother who authorities say left her 3-year-old son unrestrained in a car after she placed a pistol under the driver’s seat has been charged with manslaughter in the death of the boy, who shot himself in the head while the woman went to get food.

The woman’s boyfriend, who is the gun’s owner, was also charged.

“Nothing is sadder than the death of a child, and when the death is the result of criminal negligence, there needs to be accountability,” Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist said Wednesday. “Guns are inherently dangerous, and the law, as well as common sense, requires that guns be handled responsibly, especially around children.”

The mother, Jahnisha McIntosh, 23, and her boyfriend, Eric Vita, 22, made their initial appearance on the second-degree manslaughter charges Wednesday afternoon in Pierce County Superior Court. They both pleaded not guilty.

Julio Segura-McIntosh’s death on March 14 was the third child shooting in Western Washington within three weeks. On Feb. 22, an 8-year-old girl was critically wounded by a gun that went off in a classmate’s backpack in a Bremerton school. On March 10, the 7-year-old daughter of a Marysville police officer was killed when her brother found a gun in the family car.

In Julio’s case, Vita and McIntosh had stopped for gas in Tacoma. Vita, who has a concealed weapons permit, removed his gun from his waistband to avoid alarming the clerk and placed it under the passenger seat, the prosecutor said.

Julio had unbuckled himself and climbed into the front seat to ask his mother for candy. McIntosh moved the gun from under the passenger seat to under the driver’s seat so Julio could not reach it. Then, she went inside the convenience store for food, leaving Julio unrestrained, the prosecutor said.

Julio found the gun and shot himself in the head. McIntosh’s 8-month old daughter was in the car at the time and was not hurt.

Friends and family told detectives that Vita routinely showed off the gun with a laser sight and on one occasion offered to let Julio hold the gun before another adult intervened.

Vita’s attorney, David Gehrke, told KOMO that that shooting was a tragedy that has left everyone involved in shock. Vita acted reasonably, he said.

“I think he was being very careful. He did not just leave the gun there, without another adult present. And I think if the mother had stayed in there, this probably would not have happened,” Gehrke said.

“My understanding is that the child went from the back seat to the front seat, got the gun, the mom took it away and said, `No, leave that alone,’ and then put it under her seat. And then inexplicably she got out and went into the convenience store to buy something,” he said.

Gehrke said he’s not blaming the mother.

“She lost her child, and that should be punishment for any parent in a circumstance like this,” he said.

The child shootings have raised questions about Washington’s gun laws. The state is one of 23 that doesn’t have a specific law to prevent child access to firearms, such as mandatory trigger locks or criminal penalties for adults who allow children to access guns, according to the San Francisco-based group Legal Community Against Violence.

Washington state law is specific about carrying loaded pistols in vehicles, however. A person with a concealed weapons permit must lock the gun and conceal it from view if it is left in the car.

In the Bremerton classroom shooting that nearly killed Amina Kocer-Bowman, the Kitsap County prosecutor charged the mother of a boy who brought the gun in his backpack and the mother’s boyfriend with felony assault for allowing the boy access to the .45-caliber handgun. Jamie Lee Chaffin, and her boyfriend, Douglas L. Bauer, have pleaded not guilty.

In the Stanwood shooting, the Snohomish County prosecutor’s office said Wednesday the shooting is still under investigation by the sheriff’s office. When the case is sent to the prosecutor’s office, it will decide whether charges should be filed against Officer Derek Carlile, who left a loaded gun in the car.

Snohomish sheriff’s spokesman Kevin Prentiss said Wednesday that investigators are wrapping up loose ends and finishing interview transcripts, and the case should go to the prosecutor’s office within two weeks. Detectives used child interview specialists to question children.

Personal note: This is not something that just happens to someone else. For far too long these kinds of “accidents” have been happening. Tragedies like this have awful and life long impacts on the families. From parents to siblings this kind of horrible mistake takes the trust and faith of all involved away forever. The trust that one should have in a family has been shattered forever. Secrets will build around the event and the facts will become altered so as to minimize the horrid truths. Siblings will forever be changed and their relationships messed with despite no involvement in the actions taken by others. Even siblings not born yet will be effected by this heartbreaking tragic crime.

I know that “the right to own” gun owners are going to disagree. That is their right. I am not debating the subject. That is for another day. Today let’s put our heart’s together for the loss of not one baby but many at the hands of more  guns left unattended. Just as this toddler found his mother’s gun, so will others. Like with him, guns have taken the lives of other babies. Sometimesit’s as sad a case as the child has done nothing more than any other child, running by and knocked into a gun standing against wall .This is enough to take another 3 yr old’s life.

More than 58 yrs ago this kind of “accident” was happening. Not much changes sadly.

If you own a gun you are now on notice.


11 thoughts on “So Tired of losing 3 Year Olds.

  1. My niece, when she was seven, had a little friend that was searching her parent’s closet and found a loaded gun. She died. It is amazing to me that parents don’t realize that children are not stupid. I read an article once that stated how most kids know exactly where the guns are hidden and parents had no clue that this was true. It is terribly tragic to see any of this sort of nonsense happen when it shouldn’t have at all. Terri

    • I understand this must have a decastating effect in your niece. I’m so sorry this has also affected your family.
      This has a personal side note for me as well. My late 3 yr older sister was killed in a hunting accident, just because she was near where the guns all stood. Like some soldiers standing at the moat I;ll always visualize it. I was not but a mere embroy unknown to my parents at the time this happened. My older brother though and two make cousins were very much there – they have been damaged beyond their years. –
      Kids make it their full time jobs to know what we don’t want them to know. It’s negligent to think any different.

  2. I don’t like guns. You’re right. Too many accidents with children involved. If you own a gun, for heaven’s sake, take extra care. It doesn’t matter if you have small children or not. You never know what can happen.

    • Touche! I think about all the times a gun is used in fights; when if that gun was just not there in the first place a good right hook instead of a gun shot would come into play. I get people having no restraint, why don’t gun owners?

  3. I still can’t get to grips with the carrying of guns. In this country the woman would have been done for leaving a child unattended, but gun as well, beyond belief and for me beyond understanding..;(

    • Will never ever make any sense to me how this justifies itself to gun owners. And even though I have an adversion to even hunting rifles these are not the guns I mean here.

      WILL always break my heart,

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