18 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday ~ ….And Yours?

    • How awesome yours is M! I love it. Surprises can never be topped in my world.

      I am doing so much better than even I had thought so earler in the weekend. Isn’t writinga and sharing an incredible surprise to life?

      How are you Luv? Okay? It’s been awhile since I saw your lovely name. Was it me? Or have you been MIA?

        • I’m so sorry that pain is taking over. You know I so get this. I’m a migraine sufferer as well. Writing is next to impossible during I know well too.

          Wishinng I could send soothing music and calming scents. Hang in there buddy of mine. This world needs you.

          I’m hanging in there. Goiing to post (like you, needing to feel well enough) a huge piece in my Pages category soon about the new treatments I’m under going in trying to find a better way to cope with the pain than just drugs.
          I think coping skills are key and I’m learning as many as I can.
          Gentle hugs friend~

    • Thanks friend. I’m struggling this weekend. Not even sure why my body is refusing to go along with the program. But it’s what it is.

      How about you? And your mom? Are you home for the day? I want to think of you in front of a big window of natural light, blindfolded with brush in hand. I’m so inspired by this tip.

      • Tell me what happens with painting no matter how you decide to tackle the project. My mom is fine she just was worried about who was there. It wasn’t a problem but she thought it was…. problem solved for now. Lady Barefoot Baroness and struggling can’t go in the same sentence… it doesn’t sound right! Hope you feel better!! Terri

        • OMGosh… do I feel silly? I should scroll up before I make a comment. Strike the one below friend.

          I’m so glad Terri that all is okay, I know some of your days must have panic embedded in them. It’s not easy parenting our parents. Thanks sweetie for not feeling I was prying. Just concerned.

          I actually laid down a wet wash this afternoon on a 8 x 10 wrapped canvas. It’s still watercolor – but I am striving to do a complete back ground for a collage I have been thinking of for sometime.. This is a start for me. I want the background to give the essence of an English garden, textured with a pattern fence much like mortar and brick. This is where I usually stop, before starting, I get an idea in my head and if I think I will fail at succeeding I’ll not even start. Today I did as you suggested, my Knight blindfolded me (much to his chagrin when I told him it was not for play) and with just the intial wet wash I then added a dip here, a dip there, a stroke here, one there, all from the same palette. I am not horrified just pleased is not the right word.
          I just feel really good Ter ~ Because as down in the mouth as I’d been feeling, doing something so new, something I had zero confidence in… WOW~~ Thank you my Muse and mentor.
          I’ll share when the whole thing is done, along with proof positive of Truman to be seen. I’ve warned him of his up and coming debut. I know you thought I’d forgotten.

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