Tree Of Hope Blooms in Blue Ribbons~ 2012


KIDS Center Tree of Hope Event

Event begins at 3:30pm in front of the Bend-LaPine School administration building Downtown Bend

On Friday, April 2nd, KIDS Center will kick off the Blue Ribbon Campaign for National Child Abuse Prevention Month, with our annual Tree of Hope Ceremony, this year held in downtown Bend.

The Ceremony kicks off a month dedicated to both raising awareness of the thousands of victims of child abuse in Central Oregon and focusing on what we can do as a community to make a safe and healthy place for all children to grow up in. High school students from the Second Chance program will be tying thousands of ribbons to the trees in front of the Bend LaPine Schools Administration Building, across from the Bend Library during the week leading up to the Tree of Hope Ceremony.

On April 2nd at 3:30 pm, volunteers from KIDS Center will complete the Trees of Hope by tying hundreds more ribbons, to illustrate the 2300 suspected cases of child abuse reported in Central Oregon in 2009. Ribbons will be available to guests to tie onto the Trees of Hope as they arrive. Agencies involved in preventing and responding to child abuse will also be on hand to provide guests with information on how they too can become involved in preventing and protecting children from abuse. Refreshments will be provided by the generous donation of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

At 4:00 pm, the ceremony will begin, with singing by the Bend Children’s Choir, a proclamation of April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and speeches by Bend-LaPine School Superintendent Ron Wilkinson and County Commissioner Tammy Baney. Youth winners of the Blue Ribbon Art Contest “What it means to be safe” will also be announced and their artwork will be displayed. For more information about the Blue Ribbon Campaign, child abuse prevention and other events in April, please visit or call 541-383-5958.

Please don Your Blue Ribbons for the kids who have no choice but to wear the blue and purple bruises of abuse, and the hidden scars of neglect, that often does not show its ugly head until much later when little to nothing can be done to change the facts.

It costs us little to wear a Blue Ribbon for a month. How many children can count on you?



16 thoughts on “Tree Of Hope Blooms in Blue Ribbons~ 2012

  1. It is nice to see someone caring a bit. That is one thing I that infuriates me beyond belief is someone hurting a child. I just about came unglued watching the casey anthony trial. If she had been very unatractive, I think the results would have been different! Do you agree?

    • Absolutely I agree Terri. It would have been different from the get goo. I think even the investigators were a bit enamored by her good looks.
      I am on board with your anger and frustration. That sweet angel grabbed my heart from the start all the time knowing her so called mother was guilty as hell.

      It’s so good to see you here, I’ve been thinking about you and was just starting to get worried. See what happens when you have a friend in me, I worry when I don’t hear from you.~
      Hope all is okay dear lady, just missing you a bit.

      • Everything is fine, and thanks for asking. We would have had some kind of time watching that trial together. Whew I just about came unglued. When I was a teenager, my Mom and I walked into a store right after it was robbed at night. The grocery boy said he hit the floor.. we asked him what happened after that and he said,,, Lady I was glued…… He was so bug eyed poor guy. In that case I was glued to the screen and unglued in my mind my goodness. But these people may escape the four walls of a cell, but she is in another prison of sorts. Good to hear from you!

        • So happy to know my prying was not too much. It’s so good to know all is well. We would have been so wrapped up the trial, blogging, and emailing because you know blogging would not have been enough, when would we have made meals, bathed, and saw family members. I was not much fun to around during the trial. I was anxious when the Court was dark,and argued passionately with commentators like Nancy Grace. Who I am a closet fan of. LOL…
          Oh Terri we must find us a trial… LOL…

          I’d not deal with armed anything well… I so have a problem with guns that are obviously not used for hunting. I’d be glued too.

          • I like many have watched Nancy Grace since her days at Court TV an an anchor. I like her passion and as far as I am concerned she is putting herself out there for the victims. Those who have a problem with her no doubt are some that will be the last we’ll ever see serving children or the easily threatened.

            I know some call her a bleeding heart, well.. at least she can bleed.

  2. A lovely thought, and nice to hear someone following it through to the public stage. This is beautiful, your Grace, and a project to which you bring nearly-unlimited gifts. Congratulations. 😎

    • Aww Judith I know this touches you deeply too. It’s a great way for me to feel part of the solution. Just wearing a piece of blue ribbon during the month of April which is Stop Child Abuse Awareness month can have a loud voice. Think of what all combined voices would say.

    • Thanks so much Gerry. As a CASA I see these kinds of campaigns truly magical. The interest that is inspired by our communities is how training to spot the secreted scars is made a reality. So many people see times like this next month as ways to empower themsekves. Learning how to be proactive when it’s a child’s life involved is the most expensive gift we can give to our kids. And the ironic thing is it really costs us very little.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to add your feelings to this that I am most passionate about. Means a lot.

        • You are so awesome to have looked into this further. Says so much about who you are. It’s an awesome part of who I am, what I do, it’s the one thing I know to be true that I give part of myself to.

          • Bless you too, BaronessI have Asthma and just two months ago diagnosed diabetic, high blood pressure. So am trying to get to grips. similar groups here hopefully, thank you..;)

          • Gerry I can say without any doubts that you are in good company. Without discling names because it’s not my place I can say that there are several if not groups of us dealing with and coming to terms with life altering circimstances.

            God bless you Cobbie, My heart is tugged anytime I discover a friend has been diagnosed with anything. But you have some biggies here sir. Please tell me you are taking care of you?

            For me when I learned some 20 plus years ago that the implants surgically placed in jaws to reconstruct the joints iinstead had altered what the rest of my life woud be like was not easy to swallow. I’d been a chronic patient at that point for about 6 years that was not managed well at all so being told that I also have a foriegn material that my body will not absorb alter my immune system was a mind blower. Just as diabetes I imagine. There is thing that alters our medabolism which we have no say or control over. Managing by lifestyle choices, medications (that are sometimes worse than the cure) and acceptance is what gets us through.

            For me acceptance was and maybe still is the most difficult part of it all.

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