14 thoughts on “Pair Up: Thank You

    • Thanks so mcu for your sweet words. I believe in being passionate about the things you believe in. It;s what moves me and keeps things real for me. If that makes any sense?

      Take care and again, Happy Easter to you~

  1. Love the expression “fear of the brush.” You can do it, Toni, light yourself up inside and go for it. What is the worst that can happen? One day…

    Can be today. Blessings – Maxi

    • I, I, love One Day… Can Be today.

      I have watercolors out today for a tiny, tiny canvas I want for a greeting card. Maybe the next one may be acrylics. Thanks so much for the support and encouragement. It’s one of the awesome things I love about women!

    • I’m hanging in there. How about you? It seems to me you have been MIA but must admit there was the week I was away that I got behind on.
      It’s just good to see your smile.

      Have you been well?

        • I knew you’d not been well. I WAS missing you. I know how much a fine balance it is trying to keep up our basic responsibilities, take care of those we love, take care of the house, the yard, the meals… I’m tired already. So when is time for the cool things like checking on on our blog, our friends, and doing what feeds our passions.

          It’s all too exhausting some days.. but so much better than the alternative.

  2. This is another generous post reflecting your love of humanity. As someone who qualifies for all three criteria, may I thank you from the deepest part of my soul for helping to make the world aware of these crippling conditions. With much love — Judith 😎

    • You have made my heart swell with great emotions. Thank you Judith. I could not have had the childhood that I did and not be proactive as an adult. It’s something I prommised myself I’d do if I just got through it all. Make it my life’s passion.

      We all have one small voice, yet when we put them together it’s a wonderful chorus to behold.

      Much like many of the people in my life who mean the world to me, it’s that kindred spirit kind of thing.

        • Oh sweet friend right back at you. It’s a magical thing this wonderful power of friendship. I am thinking about your post about taking risks; isn’t it amazing that we took a risk of friendship and look at the great gift! Sometimes like we say, a risk is so worth it.

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