7 x 7 Link Award For Me?

Each time I’m awarded by fellow and sister bloggers I am shocked, This time is no different. Gerry & I have just recently found our way to one another’s blogs. The friendship upon which I hope to build into a full bloom is just now budding.

The only requirements of this award is..as below.

  • Thank my benefactors.
  • Tell one unknown thing about me.
  • Link to seven of my previous posts.
  • Award seven other folks.

My Award is presented to me by a very talented man and artist. Partly why I follow Gerry’s blogs are he is a writer of all things, including lyrics and is into Folk music too.

This fellow blogger, musician, artist in photography and I’ve a feeling the more I get to know I’ll discover a whole lot more to be liked is from Gerry’s blog’s. He is someone who speaks to my soul in ways that is often hard to reach.(Thank ou for that kind sir) He is also a lyricist with stanza’s that are likely to pull at  your heart-strings as they do mine.

An excerpt from Gerry’s “about” from his blog below because I think he says it better than I ever could:


“In my early years I played the guitar ( and still do) for several bands, covering various styles, rock and roll, country and middle of the road.I played as a soloist, writing my own songs, lyrics and poems, and started in folk clubs. So I thought this might be a good way to express myself and hope that I can pass on to other people. While I have been doing this I have also discovered other people whose writing I also like so am learning as I travel this road to discovery.”

I encourage you to visit Gerry’s blogs. I blogs as in plural because as you will find access to two different blogs of Gerry’s. Both are brilliant!

Now onto my part…..

 My most heartfelt thanks goes to my benefactor Gerry, for his faith in that I have something worthy of sharing. My hope is that his blogs will entertain and be as thought-provoking as I find them. I thank you so very much

One unknown thing about myself:

I still have every one of my 45 rpm vinyl records from the 50’s & 60’s. I started buying all vinyl albums in the 70’s. My 45’s range from The Drifters to The Beatles.

Okay..links to seven of my own posts….. seriously? How does a woman ever choose? 

And now for a favorite part of mine when any award has the requirement of nominating other bloggers for the award. So…. drum roll please….

And the awards go to….

http://fibrobulletin.wordpress.com/  Because this blogger does more for research and documentation on chronic illness, Fibromyalgia, medical information we should all know. Can you read the latin on a prescription? Do you know what bid means?

http://wordsfallfrommyeyes.wordpress.com/ Noleen is awarded this by me because I think she is a talented writer, maybe even a phenom. But even more important to me is that she is a single mom. I enjoy her journey in raising her son, her witty observations as a mom. If you’ve not read her blog you are really missing out. I think she may be one of the bravest women I know.

http://dragoneystory.wordpress.com/  This single Dad (I know it seems like a theme but promise it is not) Andy always has something new each morning to brighten your day. He is up- most positive and has an unusual eye for photography compositions. I like Any’s attitude towards life and about being a dad. Go on and check him out. You’ll be delighted you did.

http://maxiscomments.com/2012/03/16/irish-wishes/ This blogger is someone who I believe has such variety of topics on her blog I find myself quite at home when visiting. A lot of things we share in common such as our disgust for took place before and after the Casey Anthony Trial. If you like current events she’s your gal.

http://diabeticredemption.com/ Judith is another blogger I feel akin to. She makes it so easy to like her and to enjoy her blog. Judith writes about whatever comes to her mind, her life, and that around her. She’s maybe one of the most upbeat person I know. All this despite dealing with diabetes.

http://eitheory.com/2012/02/29/mano-po-must-live/#comment-1793 Dr Michael’s blog is unusual. That’s what I love about it. I’m reluctant to even say more so that you’ll remain curious and visit his blog yourself. I can hardly keep up with his posts because I devour most of them. almost as they come in.

  http://ceeslifephotographyblog.wordpress.com/ Okay ladies & Gents. If photography is your thing, or gardening with flowers is and you need a muse, this is your go to blog. This incredibly delightful woman has an eye for color, texture, contrast, sharpness, and beauty. I am often left breathless when I open almost anything that Cee has touched. .. or ahem that would be shot. AS in taking a photo of anything.

So that is it friends. I once again thank my fellow blogger Gerry. This is a fun and kind thing to have turned me on to.



21 thoughts on “7 x 7 Link Award For Me?

  1. Pingback: A 7×7 Link Award for me…Thanks Meg! « Marcia Clarke–La Chica Writes

    • Oh, I am here, always, just got caught up in some real life things I needed to do. 🙂 Took advantage of it being nice outside and WENT outside. 🙂 How are you doing? Is everything ok? YOU ok? You can always send me email too! In case I don’t login to the blog. Welcome too, ANY TIME! HUGS!

      • Hi there friend, I’m so happy to know you are Ok. I want to thank you too my dear friend for the invite to email you anytime. Knowing that you are “playing” outside gives me great images of spring & you togther.

        I’m okay too, at the coast with a galpal and am only checking in periodiodically.Having a blast creating hand crafted greeting cards, talking non-stop, shopping & eating. It’s just what my doc ordered. Feeling rested (for once) sitting here typing with the great pacific outside my window.

        I’ll be back in my saddle full time starting on the 26th.

        • And… am always available via email so please feel free to email, even comments here at the blue, have no context to the post but is a way to commnicate. I’d love it.

          Have an awesome day my dear friend.

  2. Dear Toni,

    Thank you so much for your kind words, and for choosing me for this 7 x 7 award. I agree that we are sisters, somehow — “akin” is a great word for what we share. I think most of my family, and people I knew before, would nearly die laughing to read that you think I’m upbeat!! Thank you for recognizing the change I am making in my life.

    With much love and affection, Your Grace,


    • Oh sweetie, if only they could see you as I do. Yes, uplifting without any hesitation on my part is what I sincerely see.

      It’s an amazing wide world out here and yet so small. I’m just so grateful that you & I are grounded in the same soil. You rock my days with your posts that never cease to leave me smiling. And sometimes actually giggling.

  3. Baroness, I thank you for your very high praise, I am humbled, but it very pleasing to see someone talking from their heart
    PS, I have a crate full of vinyl LPs also. have tried to put them onto CD, but now I have a problem as in no turntable. Well i have a separate turntable but nothing to connect it to. You are very welcome…

    • Good morning kind sir. What I said was from the heart. I may say something silly, even contrite at times, but always, forever from the heart. Life & those I care about are just too precious to be anyting but sincere.

      I think vinyls are making a come bacl. I see more and more turntables being added back to componet sets. I don’t currently have a turnntable either. Funny how techmo;ogy dictates HOW we listen to our tunes.

      Thanks again Gerry for your kind words and the award. Did I tell you how big my smile is?

  4. It’s great when you “find your way to another’s blog” & you realise you may be land upon sea distanced apart, but have so much in common – either the story of your life or your thoughts on things. You know, this WordPress community… I’ve only been part of it since August last year, but I’m loving it.

    Thank you SO much for the award, Toni. I am honoured. I will really have to move my butt & get a response to it. I’ve been a bit slack & have a couple up my sleeve, but it’s time to give back that recognition!

    Sincere thanks 🙂 N.

    • Sweetie, you do what is most important firts. Taking care of you so you can take care of that beautiful boy. I think writing waxes and wanes. Sometimes I’m prolific, sometimes not so much.

      I just enjoy finding your name in my email box, knowing then that I have something awesome I’m about to be shared with.
      You are a delight and so happy we have crossed paths.

    • Oh Happy Day Jules. I’m so touched that you may rethink the award thing. It’s totatally up to you how you would handle this concept. I really have been waiting for the blog police to drop a shoe that I’m not following requirements exactly as laid out per award. So far? I’m still waiting and in the meantime doing as I please. LOL…

      Have a beautiful day with yourself, feathered friends, and family.

  5. Congrats on your award!! Also, thank you so much for passing it on to me, but more importantly thank you for the wonderful write-up. I’m so glad you enjoy my flowers!!!

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