Good Bye Fifty-Six

last hurrah


plural ∼ -rahs

 [count]  : a last effort, production, or appearance  ▪ The movie was his last hurrah. [=it was the last movie that he appeared in]

Saying Good bye to 56 was not hard.  Looking 57 in the eye hard, yet still my last expressions of 56 was spent doing what my 50’s so surprisingly have delighted me with. Turning 50 was a gift, one that each year I celebrate with passion. It’s not an easy thing to reconcile with when your mind, heart & soul,  feel no less than the 30 and yet your body screams it’s not as easy as it seems.
I’m a young spirited person, believing that age is a frame of mind not some chronological state.
It’s a bit strange this saying “so long” to 56. Should there not be whistles and horns? I’ve now been married longer than I was ever in my parents home. Does that not count for something?
 But so not necessary when the “so – long” being shared is one including a welcome and a goodbye. I’m having the best hurrah of my life.
Saying hello to 57 is the sureness of myself. If not now, than when?
Taking command at 57 is not too late. It comes with more wisdom than I’d have had at even say 56.
My birthday day is the 14 of the month.
I am becoming more and more confident that sometimes I forget about the people around me.  If I have to be on one of the two teams, I will choose to be on the winning team. On the other hand, I am kind and caring and above all I care for all the right reasons.
My imagination is unique and often gets implemented shortly after the thoughts. Not trusting in second guesses I move forward when I can.
I love fiercely and passionately. This is who I am and I make no apologies for this.
Birthday’s signify that you are born again in the new entity the following year. A year when Spirit can guide you to a higher place. A place where honoring Him, and a time of grace has filled my heart of 57 years with much grace & overwhelming

Be Positive and Add 7.5 Years to Your Life: They Say~

Research shows that how you perceive aging affects how long you will live. In a study of 660 people, those with more positive perceptions of their own aging lived an average of 7.5 years longer. This effect remained after other factors such as age, gender, income, loneliness and health status were controlled.

So  I have this down it seems. I’ll gladly take the additional 7.5 yrs. Relieved that my annual doctors visit was met with good results and nothing this 57 yr old body is choosing to do is getting in my way.

Good bye 56. Good morning 57!

Still rocking out today~


30 thoughts on “Good Bye Fifty-Six

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  2. Happy Birthday Dear Sista Friend!!!!

    So about this positivity equals 7.5 additional years of life…I’m in!!!

    Even if those years are filled with pain–oh wait they already are–then I would love them.

    One of my favorite things about you is your zest, your zeal for life despite all you’ve been blessed to endure. Sure from time to time you’re frustrated but such is the human condition.

    I love you because you live!! And because you are uniquely, wonderfully, exclusively you.

    I am exhausted today! I took a few moments to snack on some Cuties before heading out to do more shopping–it’s grocery day–but I am also on a mission to find a maxi dress or two so when my ankles look like the melons of summer I can leave the house in disguise! I’m hitting up a couple thrift stores and then….ahhhh, Starbucks for an espresso-laden vat of sanity and some over-priced something or ‘nother to nosh on. Then I’m off to knock my young puppy therapist down a peg or two. The “hit” I’ve been talking about came from him and happened when I read my file before handing it over to my attorney. I haven’t seen him since so today is the day o’ reckoning.

    I just wanted to pop on and see what you’ve been up to and say thanks for being on my team!

    I hit 40 smack in face and I am looking forward to 50–mostly so I can be a Red Hat lady, wear obnoxious purple outfits and sequin and feather embellished red hats. I have 6.5 more years to wait…oh look almost as much life as I will add by be positive about growing up (I rarely say growing old…gah that sounds so final and boring, doesn’t it).

    Sweetheart, thank you for being you! Thank you for being my friend. Oh and try to remember not to say anything about my therapist on my own blog. He’s one of my readers and if I knew which one I think I’d have to block him–in the head…lol

    Love ya lady!! I hope your day was wonderful!

    • Hi Luv! You rock my world today. And I love you for it. This life in pain or not is what it is. I think its far better than the alternative, right? LOL

      I want you to know my friend that I AM YOUR CHEERING squad, now and forever.
      I;m also going to be sending you that 1st Red Hat when you reach the golden age. Did you know that Pink Hatters are allowed?

      About the hit you took in the hearing? Please, please let me know how it has turned out. I need t know, I worry about you as weird as it may seem. But I do.
      If you’d not like to put it here on my comments than you do know you are more than welcome to email me. There are just a few, very few people I encourage to email. You my Luv are one. I just want to know how you are doing. Okay?

      I’m so wanting to know how it went for you ~ Will you please let me know?

  3. Our birthdays are just a few days apart. Fifty was a wonderful birthday for me. It was a wonderful, glorious year for me. This birthday I turned 55 and have to say this is the first time I have not embraced it. Hopefully, I can stir up some of your grace and charm and get over it. Happy Birthday. 😉

  4. Happy Birthday is right! I love what you said, and I love how you said good morning to the next year! That is what I perceive about you. Just lively, warm, and youthful really!! I could tell that you enjoyed life even though you have to deal with chronic pain. I hope your “good morning” year brings you more goodness than you have ever known before!

    • Terru you bring tears to my eyes. In an heartwarming way. Thank you for sharing with me what you read between the lines. I love that! You are right in that I am a lively and warm person. I could not against my own nature and be anything else. Staying mindful of not feeling old is an important weapon I beleive as an arsenal in the bag if weapons that are necessary for not letting life and what it brings you completely down.

      Thank you too for getting 0 for understanding what I meant by “good morning 57” Means a lot to me.

  5. Baroness Toni~~

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a magnificent day. You deserve all the wonders and joys the day and year have to offer and then some! You amaze, delight and uplift me and all of us. Thank you for your gift of self that you share each time you write. I wish you a day filled with stacks and stacks of old records playing, beautiful birds chirping, crocuses peeking up their springtime blooms, joyous times with your dear hubby…and happiness….Eat dessert first today! Love to you~ as ever, Kate

    • So love what you wrote Katie!!

      How did you know? I have my Bose- CD’s,& a DVD of PP&M’s 25th Anniversary concert (Oh Yeah!) and a gift of 15 film noir movies on two DVD’s from a friend.
      Who has more fun than me?
      Thank you for your gentle kindness and empowering love. You are a gift my friend, one that I’m grateful for not having to wait for annual birthdays to receive.

  6. Again…Happiest of Birthdays to you my Twin~ Though we’re on opposite coasts of our great Country, our hearts reside close together. As always, I’m wishing you a bodacious birthday worthy of the Beautiful Barefoot Baroness that you are! Loved your poignant post and again I see yet one more aspect that we share…being positive…and knowing that we’ll have 7.5 extra years of friendship to share certainly warms this heart. Happy Birthday Kid!!!

    • My twinzie girl I do love you!! Doodling in my Smash Journal while having coffee, already have the cover decorated with the embellies off my card. Too cute. I’ll take photos and send you.

      I feel no distance berween us until I want to hang, then the two oceans are in my way. Having finally found you I will happily, gracefully, and gratefully take whate ever time we have. Maybe next year we’ll celebrate there instead of apart. I have told D he needs to figure it out cuz one way or another my twin & I are meeting.

      Listening to Adele and rocking out with Stevie three days in a eow. Whose more blessed than me?

      I Love you Girlfriend & Lil Sister and am sending you tightky held hugs.

  7. Happy Birthday! and Happy Many More! I so agree – the years mean little (except in those physical changes we all experience) when your mind and your heart remain young. Age also affords some benefits – I say take advantage of any senior discount you can get – you’ve earned it!

    • Oh Yeah!! I had not even thought of that benifit. I love being taken serious, when I’m serious. And enjoy a great belly laugh when I’m not.
      I could barely wait to reach 50 to become a Red Hatter, not knowing then that even prior to 50 is excepted, Read: Pink hatters.
      This fabulous fun & silly social group has opened the door to women of a dozen ages, and even more life stories.
      Who knew that the 50’s could compare with my 30’s ?

  8. Happy, happy, happy birthday you young thing (well you’re a little older than me but we are in the same young decade!) I wish you all the very best for your next year and glad we now know each other (well, sort of!) Bravo to you.

    • You are so funny!! I too am glad we have met even sort of. Won’t you be surprised if one day I don’t say Jules I’m on my way, build me a nest. LOL. It’s on my bucket list to visit iut of the states, but only BC Canada has been a conquest. One day I’ll leave North America.

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