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Mea Culpa Dear Judith

I am so sorry and a bit embarrassed.

You see I was awarded The Very Inspiring Blogger Award by three people in one day. I thought that when I was writing and posting about such an incredible blessing I’d not left anything I wanted to say out loud.

Ironically I am finding comments going into a pending file waiting for my approval before posting. I’m not sure why now when I don’t recall seeing anything like this before. For the record I’ve not changed any settings of late and what I believe these comments were held pending because there were URL addresses in the comments. But I could just be making that up.

What I’m not making up and feel so awful about is that while writing about this very cool award, at the time of wriitng and thanking these two lovely women I rattled an and about and failed to leave out one of my Awarder’s names!!

So, Dear Tolerant Judith, This Bud’s for You~

Dear Judith,

Mea Culpa Girlfriend! Not only was your name foolishly left out of the original post I also finally found your award (although I knew about it somehow) in this stupid $%&#@% Pending file.

Your nomination for this award for me is something that set me back. I am always blown away when I learn someone finds value in wht I do, and in who I am. That little girl in me tends to shy away thinking this cannot be true. The fact that I left you out of the original post ]thought] and not getting back to my award to follow through on the award for a few days. All the time believing I’d said your name sinceI was writing first about your & Dr Sherry’s nomination’s. Hence the title about coming in twos. It was only after posting did I realize I’d been blessed by a 3rd nomination for the same award by a 3rd person! Hence the correction made on the post.

It was after re-reading it myself when I found your comment in my pending file that I realized your name was inadvertently left out. And I feel like a awful.

I would never ever intentionally set our to hurt, snub, or leave a friend out of anything, but especially someone who is as kind to me as you are.

I hope you’ll forgive my major blunder and still think of me as friend.

With my gentlest of hugs, sending happy glass half full.

Your friend in blushing embarrassment, BB


Good Bye Fifty-Six

last hurrah


plural ∼ -rahs

 [count]  : a last effort, production, or appearance  ▪ The movie was his last hurrah. [=it was the last movie that he appeared in]

Saying Good bye to 56 was not hard.  Looking 57 in the eye hard, yet still my last expressions of 56 was spent doing what my 50’s so surprisingly have delighted me with. Turning 50 was a gift, one that each year I celebrate with passion. It’s not an easy thing to reconcile with when your mind, heart & soul,  feel no less than the 30 and yet your body screams it’s not as easy as it seems.
I’m a young spirited person, believing that age is a frame of mind not some chronological state.
It’s a bit strange this saying “so long” to 56. Should there not be whistles and horns? I’ve now been married longer than I was ever in my parents home. Does that not count for something?
 But so not necessary when the “so – long” being shared is one including a welcome and a goodbye. I’m having the best hurrah of my life.
Saying hello to 57 is the sureness of myself. If not now, than when?
Taking command at 57 is not too late. It comes with more wisdom than I’d have had at even say 56.
My birthday day is the 14 of the month.
I am becoming more and more confident that sometimes I forget about the people around me.  If I have to be on one of the two teams, I will choose to be on the winning team. On the other hand, I am kind and caring and above all I care for all the right reasons.
My imagination is unique and often gets implemented shortly after the thoughts. Not trusting in second guesses I move forward when I can.
I love fiercely and passionately. This is who I am and I make no apologies for this.
Birthday’s signify that you are born again in the new entity the following year. A year when Spirit can guide you to a higher place. A place where honoring Him, and a time of grace has filled my heart of 57 years with much grace & overwhelming

Be Positive and Add 7.5 Years to Your Life: They Say~

Research shows that how you perceive aging affects how long you will live. In a study of 660 people, those with more positive perceptions of their own aging lived an average of 7.5 years longer. This effect remained after other factors such as age, gender, income, loneliness and health status were controlled.

So  I have this down it seems. I’ll gladly take the additional 7.5 yrs. Relieved that my annual doctors visit was met with good results and nothing this 57 yr old body is choosing to do is getting in my way.

Good bye 56. Good morning 57!

Still rocking out today~


Nascar Doing Vegas. Week 3 into The Chase.

#14 Tony Stewart brings it home in Vegas.

Tony Stewart did it last Sunday. He was able to hold off all contenders and grab that checkered flag. After the Sunday before at Phoenix when Stewart ran out of fuel coming into the final lap the Vegas win was revenge. Sweet Revenge,  Sweet 45 wins of revenge.  His first on 1.5 mile track.

What a race! Vegas always has an air of excitement around the track that other tracks just don’t have. Maybe it’s the roulette table, the poker games & possibly the shows. Whatever it is, it put a fire under the hoods of the stock cars and blood thirst in the throats in the drivers on Sunday at The Las Vegas Speedway in the Nascar Sprint Cup Race.  .

The cautions happening one  after another were what helped put Stewart pull out in front of the field. He seemed to excel on restarts where driver Jimmy Johnson #48 could not.

“Every time the caution came out, I’m like, ‘Not again,’ ” Stewart said. “You wonder how many times you’re going to give them a chance at it on a restart there, and when they’re going to be able to capitalize on us.

“But, that was our strong suit [Sunday]. We were really strong on the restarts. Just proud of the Hendrick engine department; making great steam with it. That was the key to our restarts was the power that we had. We could go without spinning the tires, and we could get a really good lead into Turn 1 and just haul butt down the backstretch.”

Tony Stewart

Jimmy Johnson #48 was not as good on restarts. Often flat spotting his tires on a restart just after taking on new ones. Johnson’s season last year had to have been a real downer after coming away from 5 years in a row taking home the championship. This seasons start not faring him any better. In fact, at the beginning of the season with a controversial penalty much like his crew chief Chad Knaus & himself faced in 2005. Their hope is that this year’s appeal will result in the same favorable way.

Chad Knaus, #48 Jimmy Johnson’s Crew Chief goes before the appeal board again Tuesday this year because of a more serious infraction – the illegally modified C-pillars that was confiscated from the #48 race car in initial inspection for the Daytona 500. On March 1, NASCAR fined Knaus $100,000 for the violation, and suspended him and car chief Ron Malec for six Sprint Cup events. Johnson was also docked 25 championship points. Knaus and Malec have worked the past two weeks pending the appeal, although the points deduction went into effect immediately. (and Chad was allowed at the track on Sunday, but could only observe)

The appeal will be held at NASCAR’s Research and Development Center in Concord, N.C. It will be heard by three members pulled from the 44-person National Stock Car Racing Appeals Panel, an independent board composed of several track operators, industry leaders, and former competitors. The appeal board has the power to uphold, reduce, or even increase the penalties. Robby Gordon experienced a little of both in 2008, when he had a 100-point penalty for an unapproved front bumper at Daytona overturned on appeal, but his $100,000 fine was increased to $150,000.

Although I personally would like to see anything put a damper on the #48 cat, that’s the bad sportsmanship in me. I’m just getting bored with Jimmy taking the championship one season after another. Five in a row. The Jimmy & Chad show got old real fast! I take no prisoners, and wish them no ill. Best of luck guys.

My driver, the guy I am a fan of no matter where he finishes did not fare well. Although a finish in the #12 spot could be worse it’s so not what Kevin  Happy Harvick is looking for. I’ve not mentioned a non-race issue before that I want to mention here now because as agrandmother I’m excited. This is a family oriented sport like no other.  I believe although Kevin’s head is always in the game he may be just a bit distracted for a bit this season.

Kevin & his wife, his partner in everything including racing are expecting their first child. Delana Harvick & her husband Kevin are the team I adore. And I do mean they are a team. I had no clue when I became a Happy Harvick fan that it would include being a fan of his wife too. But it does.  Who knew? But let me tell you this young woman just speaks to my heart. She is gorgeous whether in a darling smart sporty outfit, or if she’s in a stock car racing firesuit. I’m so happy for them both. I suspected last year when the couple sold their own team to Riichard Childress Racing that something was up.  I told my husband then, “They are either going to have a baby or they are trying. We can expect to hear about them being pregnant soon.  And sure enough, they announced it at the begining of this season.

Congratulations Kevin & Delana Harvick!

 Stewart has just two tracks now that he has not taken on the Sprint Cup’s Series. Two tracks he has left to conquer. Not bad for a guy who years ago was booed every time he stepped out of a winning car. He has yet to win on two tracks in the Cup’s circuit of tracks it visits each and every season; Darlington & Kentucky.

But it’s not Darlington, nor is it Kentucky. Nope.  Instead Smoke,  It’s Bristol Baby!

Bristol MotorSports Speedway 0,533 mile oval track