Archive | March 14, 2012

Mea Culpa Dear Judith

I am so sorry and a bit embarrassed.

You see I was awarded The Very Inspiring Blogger Award by three people in one day. I thought that when I was writing and posting about such an incredible blessing I’d not left anything I wanted to say out loud.

Ironically I am finding comments going into a pending file waiting for my approval before posting. I’m not sure why now when I don’t recall seeing anything like this before. For the record I’ve not changed any settings of late and what I believe these comments were held pending because there were URL addresses in the comments. But I could just be making that up.

What I’m not making up and feel so awful about is that while writing about this very cool award, at the time of wriitng and thanking these two lovely women I rattled an and about and failed to leave out one of my Awarder’s names!!

So, Dear Tolerant Judith, This Bud’s for You~

Dear Judith,

Mea Culpa Girlfriend! Not only was your name foolishly left out of the original post I also finally found your award (although I knew about it somehow) in this stupid $%&#@% Pending file.

Your nomination for this award for me is something that set me back. I am always blown away when I learn someone finds value in wht I do, and in who I am. That little girl in me tends to shy away thinking this cannot be true. The fact that I left you out of the original post ]thought] and not getting back to my award to follow through on the award for a few days. All the time believing I’d said your name sinceI was writing first about your & Dr Sherry’s nomination’s. Hence the title about coming in twos. It was only after posting did I realize I’d been blessed by a 3rd nomination for the same award by a 3rd person! Hence the correction made on the post.

It was after re-reading it myself when I found your comment in my pending file that I realized your name was inadvertently left out. And I feel like a awful.

I would never ever intentionally set our to hurt, snub, or leave a friend out of anything, but especially someone who is as kind to me as you are.

I hope you’ll forgive my major blunder and still think of me as friend.

With my gentlest of hugs, sending happy glass half full.

Your friend in blushing embarrassment, BB