I’m Just So Angry!

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Just a few words because if I don’t vent I may explode.

I’m embarrassed, ashamed, and angrier than I know what to do with it.

What is wrong with the man who single handed wiped out 16 people in a rage?

I wish we knew.

Although there is not going to be an answer to that question that satisfies me. I have no heart left for someone who can walk in, look a child in their eyes, and shoot!  And again and again. 4 children dead. 12 adults gone. 16 innocent people wiped out in seconds!

It’s all too much, I’ve been hardly able to absorb.

There is no explanation. Nothing makes any sense. I cannot stop thinking about this. And, knowing I have a very good friend right now in this same country that  I am frightened for does not make it any easier to ignore. [Retalliation is sure to come]. I  continue to pray. God what is wrong with some people that makes them capable of such evil?  Is there something I as a sister in my community can do? I feel so helpless.

Writing about it may be even adding energy to something I so don’t want any part of, yet I am part of it. So are all of us in some way. It’s been eating away at me for a few days. My staying quiet has not served me well. And possibly not served Spirit’s intentions well.

This makes me question who in this man’s family stayed quiet as well. Was there really no clue that something was a miss? No one knew this man was pushing?

People are going to say, have mercy, this man who so violently and with zero shame took 16 livs has a family.

So what?!! What about the families and friends who were left to see the massacere this one person was able to commit?

I’m really so sorry for them all.

What is wrong with him? Do I even care? Does it matter to me in the end?


I am just so angry, so dosappointed, and so so embarrassed for this country. Shame on this person!

This rage that has no where to go, how does God do it? How does He take the souls of such humans and forgive? I’m not able to yet. It’s all to much.

When will we realize that power of just a few is not the way?

Is it not enough?

God helps us.

20 thoughts on “I’m Just So Angry!

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  2. I have a strong instinct this man would have gone on a mass killing spree no matter where he was or the circumstances. Blessings – Maxi

  3. It is so very sad…..the soldier was beyond damaged….PTS (post traumatic stress) is, they say, every bit as tricky to diagnose, treat, recognize etc as schizophrenia. Some people can be successfully treated; other PTS victims can often behave in ways so unpredictable that no one saw it coming in that type of action….mental illness is such a difficult thing. I think it may be like some other autoimmune things (like my son’s lupus, or like chronic fatigue..) by that i mean that it’s expression and symptoms are unpredictable, and the treatment spotty. not trying to say that lupus makes you go kill innocent people. just saying there is a huge range of illness in each of those and in pts and schizophrenia.
    it is just so very sad.

    • I so magree Kate. Although I would not and could compare my traumatic exposures to violence to anything near what these soldiers go through I do understand.
      My reactions to stimuli that should be predictable still causes me extreme dysfunction. However I have not ever lost touch with who I am. Despite experiencing out of body senses.

      I don’t know who dropped the ball here, certainly as one of my friends said there is some explaining needing to be done.

    • I’m really sorry. I have no clue what happened to my orginial, you had commented before. But when I went to that post I got the friendly “Gee, we’re embarrassed..”
      I don’t know what happened to it. I’m so glad you said something because I was starting to question what I knew to be so.
      This post is a draft…??? NO clue!
      Again I’m so sorry. It feels rude I know.

    • Head injury and multiple tours. Is our mlititary that greedy they’ll use and abuse good soldiers until they snap? The base Ft Lewis where is from has an awful track record. Why? Whose at the helm?

      • I have absolutely no answers for that, except to say it would not surprise me to learn that the cost of training a soldier is such that they consider them to be “investments,” in which case, it’s easy to understand why they push the margins wrt keeping them. Either way, head injury should be automatic desk job and away from weapons until such time as mental fitness can be verified……….. *sigh*

  4. I felt the same way when I read the article, the general had to have known when he left base with THAT much firepower. A war is wrong, no matter what the reason behind it is 😦

  5. I suspect his actions have a good deal to do with two tours in Iraq and then being sent to Afghanistan. When you are trained to kill, and you spend that many years in the mddle of violence and death, you have to become immune to feeling bad about it if you are going to survive. We send men out to klll,, and then we are surprised when they do what they were trained to do. It is horrendous, yes. But truly, who is to fault?

    • Part of my frustration. Who, where, what do you blame.
      I know it’s not this person’s norm. However, unless under the point of another gun, where did free will go?
      Mental Illness aside. But prove it first before I;ll even begin to understand. My legal based mind is screaming NOOOOO!! My spiritual mind is screaming WHY??? What do children have to do with war?
      I’m certain well be hearing much more in days to come.

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