Write From Your Heart

Writing from your heart as my friend DanIrene @ http://workthedream.wordpress.com/author/danlrene/ is an incredible poet. And I am not sure she knows it. No pun intended. Really. Her poetry is from her soul, deep, meaningful and very significant. I’m so touched by this piece she titles, “Written In Invisible Ink” left me with goose bumps. Wanting to be held.

In honor of my resolve to not Re-Blog I am sharing DanIrene’s link here so that you’ll know how sincere I am in knowing you’ll find her blog and this poem so worthy of your blog reading time

. It was so worth mine.

Thanks again DanIrene for sharing ~


12 thoughts on “Write From Your Heart

  1. The writings from the heart are the absolute best. The hardest part I think, is to just let it go onto paper or whichever medium someone is used to…

    And I haven’t forgotten about your award! I will write it up as soon as possible now that school is taking it’s brief reprieve from annihilating me haha.

    • Oh I so agree onwindysays. I work or should I say I try to work in multiple mediums. Almost everyday with words, and paper, scissors, and adhesive. But there are other mediums I wish to express myself in a more pleasing manner such a watercolors to be included on my collages.

      No worries ever on the award. I am in the same boat with you regarding you tagging me. Albeit no school work to keep me from it. I’m afraid just my own described priorities.

    • I so love your expression, ” soul and kindles the spirit.” Lovely! And yes she does. I am so pleased you found my blog and this amazing poetress. Thank you for visiting my blog. ~

      • thank you. again I am blown away. Now, my barefoot friend…what do I call you besides barefoot friend? LOL and you touch me with your words about me for writing is something that is so important to me…one of those cathartic things. People ask me how long it takes me to write. I tell them when it hits I write in a frenzy til it stops..sometimes minutes..sometimes days depending on what I write.

        • Please forgive me taking some time to respond to this. I just never was able to have any focused time today for blogging. I’d start, get distracted, I’d start, get interrupted.
          Please, you’re so welcome to call me my first name Toni. What about you?

          I love your process so much. I never thought about but no mater what I write have the same process.. Sometimes in a flash, sometimes days. Or in the case of my life story which I’m trying to write as a docu-drama fiction, its been a few years.

          • Hi Deb, gotta say I love that we have this in common. Its nice to know you’re never alone no matter what is it in your life. Writing for both of us is emotional based. On what we know. I can tell from your writing. Its as it should be.

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