I’m seeing a great debate take place across WordPress. The subject of re-blogging has been a hot topic in bloggers posts and in the forums.

I thought I had started something that someone was not happy with and out of respect I complied with their wishes. But obviously it was not something starting out with me.

Bloggers on WP have not been happy about this socalled option at all.

 One of my blogging friends , Michael at Strange Trip Studios pondered if there was a way to disaable the Re-blogging feature. He got me to thinking there needs to be an anwser.

So, I’ve been researching for answers so that when I write a letter I too know a little bit about the topics.

 The answer to whether there is a way to opt out of having the Re-blog option in a nut shell is to only make your blog private. Which is absurd to me. I don’t get it. How does a fellow blogger re-blog something that cannot be seen why? Oh yeah, its private.

 Its been an interesting topic, people coming in on both sides of the fence. But if I was to take a head count I’m thinking that those who want their own work products protected are taking the lead.

Below find postings that should be of interest to you. If you happen to think re-blogging is an inoccent way to pay tribute or complimet their blog/post you really are not. Do it te better way, granted it takes a bit more time, but link or ping back to your chosen blogger. They’ll thank you for it.

And you know what? Now that I have come don off thatfence post I’ll thank you too.

Our truly adorable macmax who is one of WP engineer‘s explains that to disable re-blogging is not an option. (and much more to the discussion here:


Happiness Engineer

Jan 22, 2012, 3:54 PM

“If your blog is public, it’s subject to reblogging, just like it’s subject to the wholesale copying and pasting of your posts in their entirety.”

“It’s just one of those things that we all deal with as public bloggers, but we hope that the reblogging feature will lead to less fully copied “manually reblogged” posts and more properly credited posts reblogged via the new feature.”

“The only way to prevent a reblog in this case would be to make your blog private, and the only way to delete a reblog would be to delete the original post.”

Thanks MacMax!


Here is one blogger Raincoastermedia’s take on “Re-blogging WordPress versus Tumblr


On Copy write issues in WP here’s the conversations that took place and more on the subject of re-blogging.


My most favorite post regardng ths topic is at:

 This blogger also put a fire under me.


The Assoiated Press had some things to share too about these topics too:




In the forums again being discussed:


About copy write protection and re-blogging in WP’s forums.




Dec 5, 2011, 9:33 AM


“Do you have a copyright notice posted. I do. This is what I post in a text widget in my sidebar and it’s linked to my copyright notice.”

“Any content reblogged from this site must adhere to the terms of © Copyright”

“That page states in part:”

“A brief excerpt of content that does not exceed 75 words may be quoted as long as a link is provided back to the source page on this blog and authorship is properly attributed.”

More about re-blogging, copy write & plagiarism in the forums:


And lastly: Did you know there is a way to check for plagiarism of your page online.


Copying and pasting other work into a blog is up for plagiarism ~ All works must be original ~


Defend your site with a free plagiarism warning banner!




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  2. I guess I am funny. I think it is a great honor when someone reblogs my post. It says it is MY post. It is not like they are trying to steal my work and so I am not understanding all the debate. In fact, my following number has increased through some reblogging. Now, if someone took what I wrote and put it as their own work..that would be different. But, I guess we all have different views on this and maybe I am missing the point somewhere.

    • I get it too Deb, if someone should link my blog from their as I did your poem I’d also see it as a compliment. So I did not reblog your poem, I linked your blog, so anyone wanting to read your poem had to click on your link. There was none of your poem except the name maybe on my blog.

      That’s a key difference too I didn’t think about when writing this piece , that my reblogging you are showing the persons piece on your blog there by not requiring them to go to the authors blogs to read it.
      Since I linked your poem on my blog they went to your blog, hence increasing your readership How awesome is that?

      • See I am one that appreciates when someone thinks I am worthy enough to be reblogged. I got huge increases right after reblogging of my work. It is my work, it is copyright,It says right on the reblog it is my work…no one can go edit it when reblogged and if the small part that is shown on the reblogging is really good..the person will click on the link to finish it. I find this furor over reblogging like someone writing a good book and saying don’t you dare read my book unless you come to my house.
        In reality..not that I didn’t appreciate you putting my link cause I did and your words touched my heart to the core..I didn’t get one comment from anyone saying they saw my link on your page. I think that is cause many are like takes me time to read all the blogs I am following and if I have to click again to go see something…I usually bi-pass it and IF I have time..I might come back and look it up.I appreciate anyone that wants to reblog or link me but I am not caught up in the don’t reblog thing. I think some people forget that it is copyright for them the moment they click publish and to me the whole idea of writing is to get it out there…to reach people. But, I respect anyone’s right to not be reblogged. I seldom spend a lot of time on their blogs though because I read to share and enjoy and to give big notice to exceptional posts by reblogging. Writing a post
        ng a link takes more time. But, we each have our own feelings on the subject.

        • I really, realy like the way tou lend credence to your debate. I’d love to edit my post to Reblog, Or not and at the end of it use this comment as a guest commentator. What do you think/ you made some absolutely great aeguments for reblogging. I did not know you cannot edit some one’s work from a reblog.
          And the mere point that not one person mentioned coming there from a link also adds credence. I think it would be awesome.
          If you’d even like to write it over so you could add more if there are thoughts about left unsaid I’d love that too. Its just an idea and if you would rather not I would totaly get that too.
          You should have been a lawyer too.

  3. Hey Lady, I am not wild about the re-blog either. One can always call attention to a post that is blog worthy and wonderful by simply mentioning it on their site. It leaves to much room for error. If it is hardly used, like any other product, then perhaps word press will get rid of it like as i understand it was in the past. By the way, my email is bonkers, can’t get a thing. Perhaps I changed something I shouldn’t have. Good grief! I wrote a check for a bill and did it over a lightly printed used check. Luckily, they know me very well, and understood. This eye problem is driving me crazy! New contacts to arrive soon, after that I can only blame my fingers. 😉 I hope life is treating you WELL!

    • I am with you after much reflestion. I will not be re-blogging either.
      The cool thing is I met some neat people in the mean time.

      Sweetie, I wish I could blame my fat fingering on the keyboard on my glasses, sadly its just my fingers that leave me feeling like one is three fingers in one. Hence I call it fat fingering.

      Are your new contacts coming soon? I remember blosing my glasses at a store one day which will only happen when I change from sun glasses. I was lost, my heart sunk. Avid readers and writers like us depend are hard pressed when because our visions messed up. My Husband teases me, saying if I am looking to find my glasses I’m up a creek without a paddle. Even when they are on top of my own head I still cannot see them!

      Then I have the issue of missing T’s.~ ; )

  4. “I’ve copyrighted my material” is a meaningless statement; all content posted on blogs is copyrighted automatically at the time of creation. If you want people not to reblog you, I suggest you look at the solution in the comments on my post. Gabriel has come up with a clever way of protecting your work.

    • Thank you for this information. I will check out what Gabriel has come up with and no doubt share. Not by Re-blogging but by linking back. Thanks so much. Its been a real lesson for myself, and for a lot of my readers.

    • Hello again.
      I have looked on your blog for the post you mentioned. All to no avail. Admittidily I did not go through each post, each archived post, each category. Trying to think like someone I don’t know.
      Would you mind linking to the post you are refferring to? Thank you!

      • Oh, I’ll just post it here. Gabriel says that to thwart image rebloggers, just upload at the start of your post a 1 pixel sized image the same colour as your background. Then when they try to reblog it, all they get is that image. They still get text; there’s no way to disable reblogging of text, short of having a private blog, but this WILL prevent Reblog from grabbing your image.

          • Any time. I’m of two minds about reblogging; as anyone can see from my blog, it’s more a magazine about what other people have done than “my thoughts”. In fact, I’m about to reblog something, but from a blog that supports reblogging. And of course, I’m going to add my thoughts, because a blog that consists only of reblogs is nothing but a storage closet. It’s dead.

    • You are so welcome Judith. Yes, I have copy writed mine as well. Yet this does not stop people from copying and pasting without our permission if they are unscruplious.
      I’m going to do it the right way from now on. Linking back to the blogger. Its a few more steps but so worth it.

  5. Wow! This is fascinating – sorry, but I am enthralled. Obviously it’s a very good idea of yours to draw attention to what I think is a WP glitch?

    I’m just grateful I’ve only reblogged a couple of times. I think I asked permission first but that’s where the glitch is – ie. I didn’t have to ask permission – mmmmm.

    • Oh Jules trust me, I am enthralled too. Perfect word for my all night searching, wriitng, and absolutely being baffled. I have only reblogged a few times too, but had I given some thought to it rather than just click away I’d have thought better of it. Live & learn, yes?

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