Giant Cell Reaction ~Searching To Find Others

Just what is Giant Cell Reaction?

A foreign-body giant cell is a collection of fused macrophages (giant cell) which are generated in response to the presence of a large foreign body. This is particularly evident with implants that cause the body chronic inflammation and foreign body response.[1]

The nuclei are arranged in a disorganized manner.[2] This is in contrast to a Langhans giant cell, where the nuclei are arranged on the border.

Bizarre request from your Barefoot Baroness. I know.

Thought I’d throw a weird wrench into the mix this quiet Sunday morning in my world.

This Giant Cell Reaction (GCR) is something I have been learning to live since the 1986. When the implants that had been surgically added between my upper and lower jaw bones from rubbing against one another they very soon fragmented, Unknowing to myself or my doctors at the time, the materials were flooding my body with toxic foreign materials that I unable to absorb or make waste of,

I am looking for others who have this disease – Giant Cell Reaction. I would like to talk and share information. I am just learning about details regarding living with GCR that I can possibly have some input on. For instance diet seems to be playing an important role in thriving with GCR.But after 26 yrs I am just learning because there is not much known about this mystery.And thriving with this is difficult at times….

Yet thriving is where I intend on being.

So my search begins for others who are contending with this weird disease. I am looking for people who are thriving, people who like me are searching, doctors and scientists, patient advocates, and of course specifically people like me who had the Vitek Proplat Temple Mandibular (TM) Implants for Arthoplasty of the TM joints.

Please leave a comment and I will be in touch immediately.


16 thoughts on “Giant Cell Reaction ~Searching To Find Others

  1. Can’t help you specifically with this, but it warms my heart to know that you are looking not just to get by, but to thrive. So often those of us with chronic illnesses settle into a mindset of “making due” or “just getting through today.” It shouldn’t ever have to be that way, and I am so happy you are not settling, dear Baroness!

    • No Ruby, this baroness is not settling. I’m searching and if science cannot figure it I’ll die trying. And happy that I was thriving.

      That you co here, take time to write, humbles me to my knees. I know in many ways what it costs us to get past the front door. You are an angel disguised as Ruby Tuesday, which every time I see your name I start singing the Stones…

      Ruby Tuesday.
      Still I’m gonna miss you

      Don’t question why she needs to be so free
      She’ll tell you it’s the only way to be
      She just can’t be chained
      To a life where nothing’s gained
      And nothing’s lost

      L Have always loved this song,… now when I hear it I’ll recall you – very special Ruby Tuesday.

      I have to say I have days. I certainly have ones that seem at the time they could break me. And I hate them. I hate the hangover from those really down times.
      Sometimes I just push harder to thrive. And some days I don’t.

      Waxing & Waning is chronic illness of any kind. ~

      Know you are cared for today.

    • Hi,
      I too am a former Vitek II patient who has been through the medical millstone. I was extremely ill for a long time. I had the joints in for 11 years and everyone kept telling me I was fine. No amount of medical tests could explain why I felt so horribly sick and was dealing with so much pain all over my body. I eventually found a surgeon who removed my Vitek joints. By this time the joints had broken down molecularly and I had giant cell syndrome. Soft tissue tumors and bone tumors were removed from my face and I was given new joints. After surgery it seemed like I was in a firestorm of symptoms. My GP thought I was a crack-pot because the symptoms I described didn’t make sense and involved extreme pain. Nobody would listen to me when I told them I thought my symptoms were due to the joints. I was told I had MS, then told I didn’t have MS. There was scaring on the brain that mimicked MS and multiple neurological symptoms. It has been 13 years since my new joints have been placed, but I am still experiencing pain that is much like fibromyalgia. I haven’t been to a doctor in three years because I lost insurance, and really, more to the point, gave up on going, or talking about what I was experiencing because I wasn’t getting anywhere with the medical community, except for sky high medical costs lost work and a lot of medical tests and medication. I am tired of the pain. I now have insurance again. I am having my medical info transferred to a new Dr, but I am afraid when she sees my old medical records (must be a very large book by now) she will dismiss me as some kind of hypochondriac. I wish I could get an answer and some relief of my symptoms, or just feel like someone understands what I am going through. I was glad to find your site and know I am not totally alone in this whole crazy Vitek II world.

      • My dear Darcy,
        You are not alone. I’m able to tell you that I know first hand what you are living. Aside from losing insurance temporarily you could be writing my story.
        The MS diagnosis and rechecking for Lupus has also been my journey. I don’t know how much you know about Giant Cell but it’s an auto-immune disease that mimics MS & Lupus. Even to the hotspots on our brains.
        For me I think acceptance helped. Then I mourned the life I no longer had and the dreams I would never realize.
        Changing my lifestyle helped. Disengaging from stresses where I could, and adequate pain management all help me live as much of a good life as I can. It’s different but I’m living and would even say today 28 yrs later from original implants I’m thriving. I made up my mind that I would fight the good fight even if it meant some days I would have to check out mentally.
        I was diagnosed in 1991 with Fibromyalgia as well as cervical spine disease. I’m convinced that although I may have been predisposed it was the implant reaction that has been the catalyst for the immune breakdown.
        Please don’t hesitate to stay in touch with me. My name is Toni and I would enjoy encouraging one another and sharing information.

    • Thank you Dear Kate. I could just hug you because I know sincere you are. Please do ~
      You’re an awesome kind friend, and I’m so grateful God guided our paths to cross. You have become a blessing in my life and I miss you when i don’t see your posts.

  2. Wishing you the best of luck finding others that deal with this. The rare diseases only seem to make us stronger I guess. I am sorry you are dealing with this but you have such a wonderful attitude.

    • Thanks so much danLrene! (Have I ever told you how much I love your name?)

      You are so right that these kinds of things make us much stronger. I hope never to allow myself to bring others down because of my stuff. I didn’t ask for this, but neither did anyone else.
      Its better for me to keep a stiff upper lip as my mom would say than to be crying in milk that was spilled because of someone else.
      You know what I mean?

  3. I’ve never heard of this and it sounds awful. But now that you’ve introduced me to the term I will probably hear about it and, if so, I will let you know!

    • Thanks Jules, you are such a love. Its a not a well known, and hardly nothing known disease that happened to me because of implants that fragmented inside my jaw joints. Bi-laterally. This was 26 yrs ago.
      The implants were made from Teflon & Silastic, two products that should never have been put in any humans let alone human weight loading joints.
      You are ever bored (Ha!) there are “pages” on my blog with materials and articles I’ve been slowly transferring from my hard copy records to files on my laptop and the WP cloud.

      Trust me compared to where I could be, and others are, I’m good.

    • Can I just say how much I adore you already?

      Judith your support is constant and with out I’d feel lost now. Thank you Lady friend for your loving kindness. Means the world and the moon.

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