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Giant Cell Reaction ~Searching To Find Others

Just what is Giant Cell Reaction?

A foreign-body giant cell is a collection of fused macrophages (giant cell) which are generated in response to the presence of a large foreign body. This is particularly evident with implants that cause the body chronic inflammation and foreign body response.[1]

The nuclei are arranged in a disorganized manner.[2] This is in contrast to a Langhans giant cell, where the nuclei are arranged on the border.

Bizarre request from your Barefoot Baroness. I know.

Thought I’d throw a weird wrench into the mix this quiet Sunday morning in my world.

This Giant Cell Reaction (GCR) is something I have been learning to live since the 1986. When the implants that had been surgically added between my upper and lower jaw bones from rubbing against one another they very soon fragmented, Unknowing to myself or my doctors at the time, the materials were flooding my body with toxic foreign materials that I unable to absorb or make waste of,

I am looking for others who have this disease – Giant Cell Reaction. I would like to talk and share information. I am just learning about details regarding living with GCR that I can possibly have some input on. For instance diet seems to be playing an important role in thriving with GCR.But after 26 yrs I am just learning because there is not much known about this mystery.And thriving with this is difficult at times….

Yet thriving is where I intend on being.

So my search begins for others who are contending with this weird disease. I am looking for people who are thriving, people who like me are searching, doctors and scientists, patient advocates, and of course specifically people like me who had the Vitek Proplat Temple Mandibular (TM) Implants for Arthoplasty of the TM joints.

Please leave a comment and I will be in touch immediately.