Share Your World Sunda 20012


MARCH 4, 2012

Good March to you all good people, and for those of you experiencing Spring, Then I say; “Lucky You!” I’d love to see those purple tiny heads of little crocus’ peeking out from the ground about now.

Here where I live, and garden.. the ground is sill not accepting of being tilled, and the night temperatures are still quite often so frozen that to put any new kind of starts  in the iced ground is a sure demise of those plantings. We have snow on the ground right now.

Happily, since I am unable to garden I am able to answer Cee’s “Share Your World Sunday’ 2012” questions of this weekend. It’s a very doable trade in my mind.

Thanks so much Cee!


  1. What is your favorite month of the year?

March. Not just because it’s a birth month for someone I know pretty well, and it’s also the gateway to Spring!

2 What is something you learned in the last week?

My Epiphany.  I even blogged about it this last week.

I learned that when I ignore the warning signs that are not subtle, but ones that I actually know well; that Spirit has a perfect way of getting the message to me;

“` Missy, you’re not listening. There for let me help you slow yourself down, let me show the way to take better care, let me show you exactly how to; “Whoa It Up Girl!”

(Finding a sprained ankle was not enough. Nope! Instead I was to keep pushing the shoe until I learn from the Orthopedic Doc. that an MRI resulted in pulled tendons and ligaments from the ankle to the Achilles only to be literally grounded for weeks has me listening.)

3. What color looks best on you?

Definitely blues. With blue eyes and being a natural brunette that was a natural blonde I like blue on me.

4. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Easy. The Superpower of an Empath.


See below for Cee’s answers & her link to this fun weekly challenge. below.

If you are interested in joining us and being part of this great way to get to know a fellow blogger or three, four, or you name it, than join us. See the Blog for Cee just above~ And Enjoy!



11 thoughts on “Share Your World Sunda 20012

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    • Chris thank you! I agree that empath’s will come to be as common as you say vaccines and such. Sadly not many in today’s world even have a clue what an empath is.
      Funny thing, even my spell checker did not know the word. Archaic times.

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