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Share Your World Sunda 20012


MARCH 4, 2012

Good March to you all good people, and for those of you experiencing Spring, Then I say; “Lucky You!” I’d love to see those purple tiny heads of little crocus’ peeking out from the ground about now.

Here where I live, and garden.. the ground is sill not accepting of being tilled, and the night temperatures are still quite often so frozen that to put any new kind of starts  in the iced ground is a sure demise of those plantings. We have snow on the ground right now.

Happily, since I am unable to garden I am able to answer Cee’s “Share Your World Sunday’ 2012” questions of this weekend. It’s a very doable trade in my mind.

Thanks so much Cee!


  1. What is your favorite month of the year?

March. Not just because it’s a birth month for someone I know pretty well, and it’s also the gateway to Spring!

2 What is something you learned in the last week?

My Epiphany.  I even blogged about it this last week.

I learned that when I ignore the warning signs that are not subtle, but ones that I actually know well; that Spirit has a perfect way of getting the message to me;

“` Missy, you’re not listening. There for let me help you slow yourself down, let me show the way to take better care, let me show you exactly how to; “Whoa It Up Girl!”

(Finding a sprained ankle was not enough. Nope! Instead I was to keep pushing the shoe until I learn from the Orthopedic Doc. that an MRI resulted in pulled tendons and ligaments from the ankle to the Achilles only to be literally grounded for weeks has me listening.)

3. What color looks best on you?

Definitely blues. With blue eyes and being a natural brunette that was a natural blonde I like blue on me.

4. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Easy. The Superpower of an Empath.


See below for Cee’s answers & her link to this fun weekly challenge. below.

If you are interested in joining us and being part of this great way to get to know a fellow blogger or three, four, or you name it, than join us. See the Blog for Cee just above~ And Enjoy!



Reblogged Post Pulled

Good Saturday evening or Happy Sunday Bloggers~ Depending on where you.

Recently I re-blogged a post from a fellow blogger not thinking twice about what I was doing.I’ve done it maybe once or twice before but honestly have not made any sense of a routine out of it. I too have been re-blogged a few times and also never gave it a second thought, never even thinking about it in any way really. Just a part of blogging I thought.

But not so much!

If you think about it for a just a few minutes, or even seconds than you may have an AHA moment. Aha..I had that moment when I read the email I was sent by who I thought at first was a virtual stranger to me.

Why was she emailing me?

This Fellow Blogger;  eggton: @   

 I was taught a valuable lesson this week.

And a  timely and valuable lesson I think should be shared.

The next time your blog is re-blogged you may think to feel complimented and appreciated. There is no taking away any of these two points. It is a simple click away [almost] to share and express your favoritism regarding another person’s Blog or post. This why I re-blog. Why I re-blogged a certain post. And because of course in the first place I thought it worthy of sharing with those who tend to follow my blog. Good deal, right?

Think again. Think back to all the effort, work, part of yourself, that you put into your own Blog. Your own work.

All the photography, art, poems, as well as the written prose,  the fiction works, the non-fiction, the documentary style posts, etc… all of these posts unless you are copying and pasting are your own creations. They belong to no one else. No one else has put the parts of their souls into these pieces, they belong to just you.

And you should always have a say about where and who your work goes to. Not allowing others to be the master of dispensing your own work is vital to keeping the purity of what you do. It’s also vital to the art world. All arts including the written words.

Think of like quality control. Imagine if you had painted your latest masterpiece. Got it?

Now add to your imagination that you have created 25 lithos off that original canvas for your family and friends. They love your work and it feels good to know that your work finds its way into their homes. You have gifted them the lithos or charged for them. Either way you printed 25 copies so you had control. Of course the more printing from those printed lithos could cause a real detriment to the quality of your art and craftsmanship of that piece. The more printed, the grainier,  the colors fade, the loss of texture, etc…

Hence Copy Write Laws. I have a copy write on my blog copy. You should too. However; WordPress has offered up the Re blog App. It lends to the feeling that if WP is offering it is legal. Right?

Read on below. Remember that email from a fellow blogger I did not know? That showed up in my email box?

The message below: 

[ First note from Barefoot Baroness: I have left names off just out of a sense of privacy. It is not my place to give any personal information regardless of easy it may be found else where]

“I’ve been advised that reblogging violates copyright (and WordPress shouldn’t offer the option, but they do and they promise that they’ll take a reblogged post down off someone else’s blog if the original blogger complains.) Anyway, in order to protect my copyrighted material, I have to ask you to delete my post from your site. I would be so honored if you made a quick post of your own and included a link to my site, encouraging your readers to go check it out. But I can’t allow my copyrighted pictures and written material to remain on your site.”

“I’m sorry for the inconvenience, and really appreciate your support. Thank you again,. Let me know if you have any questions (and by the by, I don’t intend to contact WordPress at this point because I trust I’ll hear from you. I will have to ask them to take it down for you, unfortunately, if you don’t.)”

“Thanks, again, fellow blogger.”

This was an absolute shock to me and after replying back to my fellow blogger it was understood I had no intent of stealing her work, or benefiting from it any way. I don’t believe that was the concern. That being said I can say that I agree with my fellow blogger now that I have given it a great deal of thought. All though I’m certain there are those who would wish to disagree with me for whatever reasons I work too hard on my posts, my arts, my stories, my sharing of personal experiences, my everything to do with my blog. I even work hard on my comments. Preferring not to be slight and flippant with each I give.Like those who comment on my posts, thoughtful reflections are shared.

So…. out of respect for my fellow blogger(s I am no longer participating in Re blogs. I hope you will not be offended. Instead when I find a post that I’d like to share with those readers on my own blog I will link back to the original author. I trust that you will respect my view on this matter whether agreed or not and not re-blog any of my posts.

To be an open door I’d like you to know that my fellow blogger above did not find a reason to contact WordPress as was suggested. There is no longer an issue as I intend on sending my re-blog of the post in question right to my Trash. If you also re-blogged this post, or from my post it would be a most kind thing if you moved My Fellow bloggers Re-Blogged post to trash as well.

This post I re-blogged was a well worth post to read. I encourage you to visit this post, aND this blog. Again it can be found at:   



Concurrent Use Of Alcohol & Opiods Find

μ (Mu)-Opioid receptor. Based on OPM 2iql & 2i...

Concurrent Use of Alcohol and Sedatives Among Persons Prescribed Chronic Opioid Therapy: Prevalence and Risk Factors







Received 29 July 2011; received in revised form 14 November 2011; accepted 20 November 2011. published online 30 January 2012.


Taking opioids with other central nervous system (CNS) depressants can increase risk of oversedation and respiratory depression. We used telephone survey and electronic health care data to assess the prevalence of, and risk factors for, concurrent use of alcohol and/or sedatives among 1,848 integrated care plan members who were prescribed chronic opioid therapy (COT) for chronic noncancer pain. Concurrent sedative use was defined by receiving sedatives for 45+ days of the 90 days preceding the interview; concurrent alcohol use was defined by consuming 2+ drinks within 2 hours of taking an opioid in the prior 2 weeks. Some analyses were stratified by substance use disorder (SUD) history (alcohol or drug). Among subjects with no SUD history, 29% concurrently used sedatives versus 39% of those with an SUD history. Rates of concurrent alcohol use were similar (12 to 13%) in the 2 substance use disorder strata. Predictors of concurrent sedative use included SUD history, female gender, depression, and taking opioids at higher doses and for more than 1 pain condition. Male gender was the only predictor of concurrent alcohol use. Concurrent use of CNS depressants was common among this sample of COT users regardless of substance use disorder status.


Risks associated with concurrent use of CNS depressants are not restricted to COT users who abuse those substances. And, the increased risk of concurrently using CNS depressants is not restricted to opioid users with a prior SUD history. COT requires close monitoring, regardless of substance use disorder history.

Key words: Chronic opioid therapy, alcohol, sedatives, concurrent, substance use disorder