Ladies, Who Is In Charge Anyway?

As the Senate voted today to kill a measure to repeal President Obama’s birth control mandate, the top two leaders of the House of Representatives disagreed sharply over whether such a rule should be imposed on employers.

Earlier today, the Senate voted narrowly to table the Blunt amendment, which would have allowed employers to refuse to include contraception in health care coverage if it violated their religious or moral beliefs.

But moments before the vote, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., called the Senate GOP’s attempt “a blunt, sweeping overreach into women’s health” that is “disrespecting women’s health issues” by allowing employers to cut basic health services for women, such as contraception, mammograms, prenatal and cervical cancer screenings, and other preventive care.

“The Republicans are kicking off Women’s History Month by bringing the Blunt amendment to the floor in the United States Senate,” Pelosi said today at her weekly news conference. “They’re focused on the extreme Blunt amendment, rather than on a vigorous job creation.”

A short time later, across the aisle, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, called the mandate an “infringement on religious liberty” and said that the Senate amendment is just one legislative option, in addition to “a couple of ideas in the House.”

Our legislation is tossing back and forth with our governing body of  our country; and our churches,  they are stepping into restrictions regarding women’s health care & birth control

Now I am asking if the women in our nation are tired of having their choices made by men?

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For over a couple of months now my healthcare and even birth control have been the pillow talk of many couples. People who do not even know me are making choices and restrictions about my gender specific health care; and steps are being taken backwards 100 years for women. All the work that the women’s movement has done, all the strides made… all gone in one instance.


I believe that my health care, my choice to use a specific method of birth control is my business. Not another person on the earth has a right to keep me from what I believe to be the best choice for me. As long as it has no effect what so ever on another person’s health and welfare than I say: “Move on, this is a dead horse you are now beating over the head”

And what I find really, really, interesting is that if we should as women try to get up in men’s health care business we would be promptly put in our places with a statement made to the effect that we know nothing about men’s health.


The predominantly male Senate and House is reason enough to shake our heads in wonder when decisions about our welfare and choice are being put up for grabs. Really?  We are going to sit back, let all the good done by so many in our name in our gender, go right down the drain? Really?

I am just one woman, true. I have just one voice, true. Yet if I let my voice start creating some real noise about what I see as not only as problematic but as well dangerous, I can incite others to join in harmony and together we can raise a real fuss.


Not be happy to see us coming Honorable Congress & Senate?


10 thoughts on “Ladies, Who Is In Charge Anyway?

  1. Well, here’s the thing…… when the government makes it mandatory to do ANYTHING and remove choice and the ability to be a conscientious objector, that, imo, is FAR more damaging than the alternative. One of the foundations of this country is religious choice, and the issue of birth control or not is not so much about women’s rights as it is about religious choice.

    Yes, birth control should be covered by insurance, the same as Viagra. (Because I mean, let’s think about this- what is going to cost more for the insurance company- a monthly prescription, or health care for a pregnant mother which will then extend to birth care, etc etc? Babies cost money!)

    But. When you mandate any group of people to do anything, that’s when problems happen.

    You had better bet that if I was pregnant and had issues, I absolutely would NOT go to a Catholic hospital, because I know where they stand. As a woman, I would know that working for a Catholic anything- birth control of any kind is not covered (and fwiw, birth control pills have *never* been covered by our non-Catholic insurance). And that’s ok- it would be MY choice of whether or not to work for them.

    I know numerous Catholic women and they are not worried about the issue of birth control insurance or non-coverage of birth control pills- they ARE worried about religious choice being taken away, as should we all, imo.

    But I still don’t think that they- or any other religious group- should be forced by the government to do anything that is contradictory to their beliefs. When you remove choice; you remove what makes this country great and different from so many others, and I believe we are completely on the slippery slope.

    When you remove choice, free enterprise will go by the wayside, and health care overall will be compromised. Believe me- it scares the heck out of me to think that specialists will only be allowed to charge a certain set amount. If you take away incentive, the most you’ll get is mediocrity at best………

    This, imo, is NOT about women being “controlled” by men- this is about big government dictating and removing choice. This is just the first in what will a long line of destructive measures of what has made this country great…..

    As a country, we cannot afford to get stuck on the minutiae of this situation, because when we do, we ignore the REAL threat to all of our personal liberties. This isn’t a women’s issue- this is a CITIZEN’S issue.

    Just my .02; ymmv. 🙂

    • Your point are so all so valid and I appreciate your imput here. The problem is that the men involved in making our laws have no clue concerning the very issues you mention. And really, how could they? Are they not missing some important aspects of these arguements.

      • Well, ya! I think there needs to be a balance of representation, because instead of just accusing men for making detrimental decisions for women, there should have been a panel of people from the industries affected in addition to those who it’s actually going to affect. The more well-rounded the representation, one would hope the better the outcome.

        SOOO much stuff that gets suggested and turned into law is totally flawed because all sides weren’t presented, represented, or {dare I say} thought out? And they need to stop stuffing the bills with pork. We wonder why things move at a snail’s pace- but when you are tacking items into a bill that aren’t even remotely related {the pork} then it’s no wonder things can’t get done.

        Especially when we are talking about reproductive health, I think there needs to be choice and a lot of discussion- for example, it’s not just women who are involved in childbearing- there’s a father out there somewhere (and what about his rights?) and of course, the child, who has zero voice ………………… it would be nice if there was male oral contraception {past condoms, of course}……..

        • I too wish and have been for almost 40 yrs that there was a credible viable birth control for me. I mean seriously.

          Yet if the majority of men who have children while remaining single are not responsible when it comes to supporting these babes, and we expect that they will take the initiative before sex? Even married men who have out right court orders for child support bail 7 times out of 10, not paying 100% of what is also their child/s right.

          There is much that leaves a lot to be desired in our country when it comes to family circumstances of any kind.

          Great conversation by the way. One I appreciate.

  2. I have been reading the news about this, shaking my head, wondering what century we are in, for goodness sake! This has nothing to do with religious freedom at all. This has to do with a group of people who have developed God-like tendencies, who obviously think they are better, smarter than the rest of us. Who apparently believe women should be barefoot and pregnant. Who think women cannot think for themselves. So, no contraception – but no abortions – and who do you think you are, asking for assistance for your far-too-large-family? The family we forced you to have. I could go on – I could call names, I could mention that celibacy obviously doesn’t work, as indicated by headlines over the past few years. But this is your blog, not mine. Come election day, ladies, remember what these God-men are trying to do to us!!!

    • I know a lot of Catholic families, and not a single one of them are on public assistance. They may be getting assistance from the church, but I have no way of knowing that.

      If we want to affect change and not have large families leeching off the system, we have to change the system. We have to make it counter-productive to have numerous children on public assistance, instead of the way it is now where welfare gives money for each child. Where I live, having children = income because of this.

      And I will say- I don’t know a single Catholic family on welfare; nor are most of these welfare cases I have seen actual two parent families. I see a lot of women have babies by several different men, to get the money out of the system. Fix that part of it first.

      When you give absolute power to any prevailing “power,” the downward spiral has begun.

      I’m trying to think of another analogy, but it’s early and I’m not totally awake…….. 😆 The only one I can come up with is something like this……. what if it was reversed?

      What if other restrictions were imposed (because this is what this is- restriction of choice) and the Jehovah’s Witnesses were in control and mandated that blood products no longer be available? I, personally, would want an opt-out.

      I don’t think reproductive health is the real issue; it’s also not just about freedom of religion (and even if it was, why isn’t that enough? Do we no longer give people the option of have moral objection to something? As a private citizen, if you don’t agree- don’t put yourself in a position to have to participate!).

      The bottom line is that this is about free enterprise and choice. (imo, ymmv :))

    • You Go Girl! Seriously. I like your passion and the whole point of this post on my part was to get women & men talking. Tp light the fires.
      So, please, no aplogogy needed.
      I welcome your passionate views

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