Times of Mine

One of the hardest things to do in story telling, scrap booking, memory keeping, and even as an archivist is telling your own story.

It is such an easy thing to just leave it out. Talking about, and telling your own story somehow initially seems self centered.We talk without a problem about our family, friends and critters. Saying anything about “ME” is not as forth coming.

But it’s so not that difficult. And it’s really important. If you think about being the one who for many years, if not decades, keep records, dates, and family history and not write about yourself feels right. But it’s so not right in leaving out the story-teller.

But are your future generations not going to wonder who you are/were?

Where is the author? Why no stories, no images, no thoughts even from the person who is doing the telling. Who is it that put those page layouts, story books, collages together? Who is it that created all these facts in this particular family in such fashions?

You know that leaving yourself out is the easy way. I get it. But take the road less traveled by yourself, do a few pages whether its writing about yourself in a journal, or creating visuals in the way and technique you love. Take photos of yourself and make certain that others are taking them of you as well. But if you do not have photos please do not let it stop you. The more important aspect of these kinds of projects is all in the telling. Just do what feels right and be creative. And because its your own story it will be just what we were looking for. Your story, told your way. 

If you’re stuck; May I suggest “5 Random Facts?”

Just Have Fun!

(When you have created something I’d love it if you’d share here with me)

The two page layouts are posted here in the spirit of what I was saying above. The idea of doing this at first felt really so silly I almost dd not do it. But one of the more well-known story tellers through photos and paper encouraged me and I am so grateful she did.

Remembering When ~ 1955

The Cemetery Club. 1955~****

©tjhelser 212

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