Spirit, Mind & Body Say; ” Whoa it Up Girl!”

Knowing when to listen is just as important as knowing when to speak. I’ve been doing a lot of speaking through out my days of late, but little listening.

When Spirit, or mind, or body tells you its time to slow down one should listen closely. Very closely, and with intent to quiet yourself long enough to also absorb.

Not listening to my Spirit, my body and my mind is sometimes a problem I have. I get smug when feeling well and forget even just for a moment’s time how important it is to be mindful of each passing moment. I forget, get caught up in living life-like someone who is well and soon my body is telling me different.  To be running on ahead of my days whether in just my mind, or my plans, stops me from listening to what I should and need to hear.

And it stops me from listening to what my body, mind and spirit should be hearing.

Spirit, mind & Body have a funny way of getting my attention. The loud and firm; “Whoa it up Girl” was not enough.At least not enough on its own.


Not for not for this Baroness who sometimes forgets that she is no different from anyone else.

Apparently to get my attention, speaking loudly and firmly was not enough. My ego was not to have the last word this week. The painful swelling in my left ankle that I have ben putting up with is now diagnosed as a very severe sprain. Yep!

It appears despite not having any recognizable injury, meaning I do not recall injuring it I have a pretty messed ankle anyway. The doctor said that she was shocked I’d not been in earlier. I was promptly scolded for ignoring the pain and swelling. I get it. I did not know the symptoms mimicked PAD. Peripheral Artery Disease. Not that an ankle sprain when you are in your 5th decade of life is anything to be messed with, compared to a diagnosis of PAD I was on my knees thanking God for such huge favors.

I did sprain this same ankle, same spot 5 years ago. I went to sit in a deck chair on our split level deck. I had not even given it a thought as to whether or not all four legs of the deck chair were planted firmly on just one level. Preferably the same level.  BUT>>> you see it coming don’t you? Yep, you guessed it, down I went out of the chair. Falling from just the chair to the deck floor might not have been bad….. But the chair just happened to be seated at the top of 14 stairs and I headed head  down those 14 stairs the gymnasts in me jumped into action and instead of continuing to fall I broke it by rounding my body and tumbling down instead.

Once I started the motion of gravity my poor husband jumped literally out of his house slippers trying to catch my fall. Not in time. There was no time – it happened so fast. His slippers laid alone  right where his feet had jumped out them, leaving us laughing about that aspect much later. We just found that so funny.

Once I had stopped, the sudden shock had worn off, and the wind returned  to my lungs we saw my ankle. Already a bright angry purple bruising while continuing to swell right in front of our eyes. My husband who is my knight in shining armor always picked me up and laid me gently on the sofa -all the time seemingly to all in one bring ice to my screaming ankle.  The moments were surreal. The swelling despite an application of ice and elevation continued on until soon the entire outside of my ankle had disappeared no ankle bone showing any longer.

I know a sprained ankle when one happens. This is why when the diagnosis was a sprain yesterday and I knew that I have no clear memory of hurting it or re injuring it that there was some kind of Divine Intervention happening in my life. It was so unlike anything that ever goes on with me it got my attention. I became prayerful and mindful of what I was feeling. What I was experiencing.

I’m not claiming I now what it is. I am also not trying to convince anyone of anything.

I do know after some internal reflections in looking back over the last couple weeks that I have not been as tuned in as I normally am. that includes being tuned in with the people in my life who fill out and compliment my world. I have not been the devoted dedicated friend to myself or anyone who loves me. I then start feeling guilty, the guilt rapidly turns to shame, and I close up. Close off. And I all this time I’m feeling so smug because I got this done, m almost finished with that, and got “you know what” started. All the while forgetting to be mindful of each moment ticking by.

Yet I know what I know. And I know that somewhere. somehow, something is screaming at me loud and firm;

“Whoa it up Girl!”

“It’s time to slow ‘er down. Time for reflections, prayer, mediation, and even time for the soul to know what the soul knows. And high time that I stop and hear what is so important to be listened to.To be heard.

By the way; It should never have to take a sprained ankle to get my attention.

                                                                                      ©tjhelser 212

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16 thoughts on “Spirit, Mind & Body Say; ” Whoa it Up Girl!”

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  2. Oh doncha just hate it when that happens.

    I always get so mad at myself for getting so full of myself that I forget I am only what He gives me.

    Those amazing things about me are His gifts. When I forget to say thank you or give Him the credit, I get an equally random lesson. Not that I actually believe there is anything random about a sprained-but-not-injured ankle.

    When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and when I was still in that “why me” mode, I remember one of those last moments of self-pity when I clearly saw myself sitting in my counselor’s office and heard myself saying, “I don’t know how to find balance in my life. I am either too far one way or the other.” I snort at my own stupidity in not figuring out balance sooner. I can’t ask God with a straight face or heart if I “needed” fibromyalgia to figure this out because the answer I, regrettably know is yes, I did. God had to push me this far. I’m stubborn. It’s cool. I get it. And now that I’ve got it, I accept it.

    So now I ask, “Dear God what do I do now? What would you have me to do?”

    And it’s lovely He’s answered with a dear sister like you.

    Rest that ankle sweetheart!

    • I swear girl, that you make me tear up so often. In an awesome way that lets me get in touch with feelings I tend to slough off because the risk to allow is too much.

      You make it so easy to love you as if our relative likenesses was not enough. There is a special sisterhood kind of kinship that feels to exist here, I tend to shy from saying such a thing for fear of it coming across insincere..Yet not doing so would be an act of disservice to a growing friendship that needs nurtured, not blown off with a lack of love feeding it.

      I know that me getting smug should be enough to alert me. Unfortunately though in a weird ironic lesson learning way its the very aspects of this smugness that gets me in trouble every time. Remaining humble is the path for me.

      • Might I also suggest “cultivating a state of wonder” as in I wonder what caused me to be so smug? Or what lesson am I to learn? I have found that if I am open to the wonder of my own smug-i-tude and the lesson in it that not only do I have humility but joy in my lessons, my discovery.

    • Oh Noleen, I so think you are one of the most sincere persons I know. Thank you for that.
      Its funny how sometimes we can be praying and asking for… instead of listening and hearing Him saying the whole time, I’ve been here for you but you were focused else where.
      Oh sweetie, there is nothing random about my Fibromyalgia, nor yours. I believe everything is for some reason and I’ve finally accepted I need not always know why. It just is.

  3. oh my… i am truly grateful you weren’t hurt worse. If your dear husband had been able to suddenly sprout wings to catch your fall, he would have. may you heal quicly. god’s blessings to you….keep your feet up!

  4. So you just ignored the pain & swelling? No wonder the doc’s not happy!! Amazing. I hope you repair fully though – I mean, don’t get up until you do.

    I liked the picture of the ankle – it was interesting. I remember when I broke my 5th metatarsal, I took a photo of the xray which had the screw so prominently in my foot. The screw seemed so huge.

    So you have a fireplace? Oh, how lovely…. 🙂

    • I know! I really kept telling myself, “Not another Drs appt please???
      And saying this is getting better. Dumb I know.
      I would yell at you for waiting. : )

      I had to look and see where the 5th metatarsal at. I am sure the screw felt awkward at first too.
      Did it take long to heal?

      Yes, fireplace. Not wood though anymore. Gan now. Much cleaner and much less work. But I miss the smell and sound of wood.

      Thank you dear, kind and thoughtful friend. You are someone who just fills my heart. Maybe I can be Daniel’s proxy-Nana~

  5. Sorry to see that you’ll be laid up a bit…and I’m hoping you’ll take it easy and let yourself heal. I know Dear D will see to it, bless his heart. I could just see him jumping into action to save his sweet Baroness during your tumble down the stairs…leaving those slippers behind…LOL!!! Take Good Care Twin of mine~

    • Ahh my twin it was such a funny day. Thank you my Love for catching up with me. Its been a lovely weird week again.
      You’re right my knight did his very best to save me. You know he did.
      Just as your R is always watching out for you. We are blessed that we have such great guys.

  6. Thanks for coming by and taking the time to read my newest post. I am always so happy to find you’ve passed by and commented.

    I don’t know why I get so full of myself, Its a “when will I learn” kind of thing. It sometimes takes us to be shook up to get our attention. Life has a funny way of getting in the way and when it does we have to just ask it to kindly step aside for a moment. Or two.

  7. Wonderful post, Baroness. I can’t count how many times I become ever-so-proud of myself, and then do something to remind me …I’m not so clever. I like to think I am. Humility has been a life-lesson long in coming. Thank you for sharing your reflections. You remind me to tune in… Blessed Be.

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