Today (Not) Brought To you By The Letter *T*

Just seeing that I am missing the letter T on many words in last few works.

So where did they go?

Just saying. I wanted you all to know if you see words that seem illiterate it’s not the author. Its her keyboard.

Canned Air?

Where are you when I need you?

©tjhelser 2012

5 thoughts on “Today (Not) Brought To you By The Letter *T*

  1. I don’t know why this doesn’t have spell check….even when one is just leaving a comment. I just try to read what I’ve written before clicking to post….and then I still sometimes miss a word & letter or two. Good thing I just read this as I had not added the word “know”. It’s called Proof-Reading for a good reason…to give proof that we not perfect. They should offer the ability to go back and correct mistakes you catch after posting….now that would be awesome! Don’t think I’m too much of a perfectionist do ya…..LOL!?! Just for the record…I knew you were not illiterate…..just tired was my guess.

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