I have been nominated for the ABC Award by Four Blue Hills @  who has some of the most amazing photography of our country. I, ironically have had a bug to travel to the great state of Wyoming for some time and her blog is full of enticing places and things to further draw me. I encourage you to visit her blog and see something really new and different. I love her camera’s eye perspective on life.

The protocol for this award is as follows.

1. You must thank the person that awarded you. Thank you so much Four Blue Hills, I am stingy with some things in life, but your blog is not one that should be kept to one’s self. So, I am sharing it and you with my small yet very humble world.

2. You are not limited to the number of blogs you may bestow this award upon.

In that case……..

This may seem as cop-out but some. Yet I cannot think of awarding this to just a few without wanting to award to all of you. You know who you are! This is a hard one for me to follow-up on,  as far as the ABC’s of me. I dislike writing about myself in self serving ways. So I have done the next best thing. Gone to the world of crossword puzzles.

I have always loved anything to do with words. I was never really good at Math, never getting the reason why, or where for. However words, and why they work together to spell words always has been my thing. My family refuses to play Wheel of Fortune in our home because I will walk into a room, see a puzzle, and rattle off the answer in 0.5. They do not think its cool. Well..well… a bit of self serving dialogue after all.

So my ABC’s are words that are typically found in crossword puzzle that I am able to relate somehow, some way to myself. This has taken me a couple of days to come up with all these words. So I hope you’ll enjoy the ride.

So, here goes. I warn you, a sense of humor will be required and oh yeah… there will be a test on this tomorrow.~ See you then.

A = abraid; to awaken or rouse

B = balletomania; abnormal fondness for ballet

C =caesura; natural breathing space in a line of verse

D = duteous; devoted to duty; obedient

E = eclat; to make notorious

F = fabulist; one who invents fables

G =Gallophile; one who loves France or the French

H = hark; to pay close attention; to listen

I =iamatology; study of remedies

J =jannock; outspoken; honest; outgoing

K =kalology; study of beauty

L =lampadephore; torchbearer

M =magirics; art of cookery

N =nemophilist; one who loves the woods

O =obambulate; to wander about

p =paciferous; peace-bringing

Q =quinquagenarian; person between the ages of 50 and 59

R =rachidian; of or concerning the spine rhematic of words or verbs; forming a word or words

S =sanguine; optimistic

T =tantivy; at full gallop; headlong

U =unbosom; to pour out; to tell freely

V =vadimony; bond or pledge given before a judge

And, lastly these few words. I had to try to find a way to summarize this excercise of self telling and sharing. I hope you get the fun intended here. I was absolutely grinding to halt for words. This explains it well..

W =wordbound; unable to find expression in words

X =xanthippe; ill-tempered woman

Y =yonderly; mentally or emotionally distant; absent-minded

Z =zanyism; buffoonery

©tjhelser 2012

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