Share Your World Sunday 2012~

If you have been following my Blog recently you may have noticed that I was invited to participate in this fun way to help your followers find fun and random things out about you. Its been an interesting read for me of many of the blogs I follow on Sunday’s.  This fun challenge was created and facilitated by an amazing photographer by the name of Cee. I want her to know I think this is a great fun way to get to know others. I don’t usually get involved with challenges like this, only because committment is not something I have favored giving. before. So, thank you Cee, for this. It’s nice to know even old baroness’s can learn new tricks too.

If this is something that peaks your interest please join Cee & the other bloggers that are playing along. The only thing that is required is to answer a few simple questions each Sunday, and post your link back to your Sunday blog to Cee. You’ll even be sent a nice gentle reminder when Sunday has rolled around again. And it does you know, about the end of every weekend.

Cee’s blog can be found at:

The questions, and my answers, for this Sunday are:

1. What’s your least favorite mode of transportation?  Automobile for sure. I think there is no better way to see this world and its glorious people in it. I dislike flying immensely, but train travel is another delight.

2.Are you a cat, dog, goat or prefer the zoo person?  hmmmm..a cat person. They are wonderfully mysterious creatures. Usually. With the exception of my cat Truman. Someone forgot to tell him that he is a cat.

3. What really makes my heart sing?  Creating anything with my hands. From crafts arts, folk art, even creating something in the kitchen.

4. What word or words are fun for you to say?  Argentina! Love the way it feels in the mouth.

Hope to see you all next Sunday!


©tjhelser 2012

18 thoughts on “SHARE YOUR WORLD SUNDAY 2012

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    • Thank you so much for spending the time checking my blog out and THANK YOU for this great award.
      What a fabulous way to let your readers know more about yourself. How creative! It will take a few days to pull my ABC’s answers together as I am trying to think words for some of those toughest letters. 🙂

      I am most grateful for your shout out and hope to return your kindness in some way soon~

  5. Terri, do you knot just love the way our gentlemen friends Ralph & Truman have US trained?
    Of course we being the “mom” can not ignore a cry. Thats our issue with Truman, he’s so verbal.

    Cracks me up that we both have such awesome tatse in men!

      • I have a cat that bosses us around. I am the only one that can stand him. Poor Ralph. Rescued him from the woods someone had abused him…IT took a month for me to heal him. Since he cried all the time when he was sick, he thinks that is the only way to get attention ……..what a loveable pest.

        • How awesome that you two found one another! And how awesome of you!
          I was gifted Truman by my husband, D. He brought hom to me during a time I was reallysick and maybe even could say lost. We’d just moved to a major large city (I’m a small town girl) and D was working of course, and I knew no one and could not even work. ruman became my constant companion and since he was just barely 6 weeks old he thinks of me as his mom. Just as I am sure your Ralph thinks of you.

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      • It is a holiday here — Presidents’ Day, although Lincoln’s birthday was the 12th, and Washington’s is the 22. For me, though, here I sit where I most want to be, writing. I am a very lucky woman!

        • A holiday for us here to Judith. And here I sit where is one of two places I love and need to be. I also have a desk in a room that I create in. I make collage, craete hand creafted cards, story books, scrapbook, paper being my most favored medium base.
          So let me have a iece a paper, that I can write, that I can change into something different.
          Enjoying the quietness of the day, listening to it rain (we don’t get a lot despite living in Oregon) and how happy the birds are bathing in the showers. Hope yours has been as mellow.~

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